The Most Requested Laptop Review – Dell XPS 9570 ​

The Dell XPS 9570! My new everyday laptop??
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Lefteris Theodossiadis says:

Did you remember to install a good antivirus?

varun jain says:

I just love her…

Wout Ampe says:

Maybe try the thinkpad x1 extreme

Ellie May says:

If they made the XPS 15 with a 3:2 display, I would get it!

Trey Dobbs says:

The XPS 15 9570 has serious WiFi issues and battery swelling problems under the touchpad that cause it to malfunction. If you want that laptop you’ll definitely have to replace the WiFi card. There’s no quick-fix for the battery issue though. I went with the Razer Blade 15 over the XPS 15, MSI GS65, and Gigabyte Aero 15X recently.

Beholder Media says:

Lenovo X1 Extreme is the way to go!

Roberto Blake says:

I’m still debating between this and the Surface Book 2

Gummy Lobster says:

Damn it Sara silverman why did you not mention thee battery lifee UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH , btw review the Razer blade stealth as well. Yea goodbye

Abe TT says:

death to you intel.. 🙂

Chris Collins says:

I love your channel, but I don’t care much for the idea of Intel sponsored PC videos. A huge conflict of interest in my opinion.

Deshawn Saunders says:

2:20 *Bring back the barracuda.* ( In a deep, deep rusty old man voice. )

Happy Hands says:

Come on, gaming laptops are not that bad.. I think.. It’s just that.. In terms of peformance.. Ah… hmm.. On a second thought, i think your right. 🙁

MKS 13EAST says:

I wish someone could sponsor my life lol

Chris Hu says:

Intel Tick, Tock, Tick, Tick, Tick

K B says:

consider the msi gs65 it’s pretty good looking, even the razer blade looks quite good

Zaid Baig says:

Hey you should also check lenovo’s thinkpad x1 extreme!!

drive7 says:

DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP, it is absolutely and irrevocably broken. Dell is unable to fix an issue with the on-board audio on the XPS 15 9570 which causes the machine to hang and crash. I bought this machine with my own money, and have since found the Dell forums are flooded with people reporting the same issue. I have also learned that Dell has no interest in fixing it. Take your money elsewhere – I am demanding a full refund.

Manu Stoia says:

Wow. You have really good content and I like the way you put things in order when it comes to a PC laptop. Great job!

Reinaldo Fanuel says:

You are beautiful Sara

NightSpeed says:

Review the Razer Blade

Kiran Varma says:

Hey Sara nice video, Dell or Macbook everything is way too expensive when compared to the cloud. Try the AWS cloud, you can get 30 Macbook pro processor power for just 20$ a month. Easy to edit and upload from AWS. P.S: i do not work for Amazon :D. You can just buy a 500$ laptop. 😀

Tigerex966 says:

great review

Fsology says:

is she drunk?

Wan Soo kim says:

Hope xps9570 has no issues with mother board. i had xps 13 9530 and mother board died just in 1.2 years without no reasons. i saw tons of ppl had same with similar issues but dell didn’t explained anything about these problem.

anurag meshram says:

Is fan noise really that annoying?

David Huotkeo says:

Please do the thinkpad x1 extreme!!

satish8299 says:

Lenovo Ultrabook, slight less powerfull then this Dell

David Patrick says:

Is it easy to hackintosh?

IA Aljabary says:

I have one of those. Its freaking awesome

zeus1117 says:

So good!

Algo Basket says:

She look like BabyAriel 🙂

DynamicSines GaborBalintKovacs says: that price you could have got something way more powerful.

anishkumar1987 says:

Ur Camera Shakes a lot.. improve ur irritates me to focus on ur review

Insan Arafat says:

what is this lol.

Kingsley Foncham says:

please review the Lenovo ideapad 330s 15.6″ Laptop, Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core processor i don’t know if i should buy or not for gamin and school work @t

Jim Sawyer says:

lots of design and hardware flows not to buy.

riopato2009 says:

Are you testing the Surface Book 2?

Haseeb Kahn says:

Awesome Video! I have subscribed!

Christian Lederer says:

Can you Review the Zenbook 14 UX433?

Spike Spiegel says:

Get a PC
You will get your task done in 15mins any video 4k or any k shit

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