The Laptop to Buy Right Now – LG Gram 2018 Review

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The LG Gram is full of compromises, has LG been able to tweak the 2018 model enough to make all the RIGHT compromises?

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Aaron Chris says:

Great video.

BestSauce - Funny Moments says:

so the conclusion is to buy external gpu

Ron Laws says:

it’s currently retailing for 2 grand! WTF LG.

Linus Tech Tips says:

Download Fortnite here:
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1Energine1 says:

@4:28 when they sat down with the gram and the surface the gram was just wiggling like crazy that looks so annoying :/ still a great laptop light

Alan Thomas says:

Says Macs require a loan to purchase. LG gram is $1200. Ok

p5rawQ says:

LG does not sell Laptops in Germany 🙁

Ceynoo XD says:

Where is my tunnelbear?

xshelwynx says:

The new sets are really nice lol

PabloDaBoss says:

Could you please build me a gaming pc

Brooks D says:

Did not expect a fortnite ad- not mad, but unexpected

Karatekid1 says:

bruh sponsored by fortnite

Brotacular says:

Well I was thinking about buying it and then you said 1,199 dollars XD

morbital says:

Not using Canadian money? lol

MorgoyTV says:

are you kidding me? fortnite? unfollowed, sunsubbed, butthole unlicked.

Lutyano Alves says:

2:50 Dennis having some fun with the person under the table.

M. Molli says:

What PC case is that @ 1:47 ?

rickyt1818 says:

So Linus. Gram or xps? (with rain sometimes 🙂 )

EQOAnostalgia says:

$760 for my inspiron gaming 7567. 1050ti isnt too shabby. i5 is good enough for what i need. Shitty driver problems though, sorted it out, but a pain in the balls out of the box but i got over it.

Senti says:

Or you can be me and have 4 batteries for your ThinkPad…..

Raheem Abdul says:

If your’e asking people if this video sucked why would you upload it?


Lol I love how epic think they need a sponsee to promote fortnight when it bangs like 10 million views à day

YouTube Addicted says:

Can someone comment about LG GRAM rather than fortnite ad…

MrJohn Gaming says:

Why is Tunnelbear??? Idw Fornite

Robbie Gallagher says:

Could you guys do a video of best laptops for engineering students, cheers!!

SeleezSE says:

“This video of LTT must be sponsored by Fortnite AND LG!!!!

Buy LG GRAM now!!!!!”

This is the hidden message in this video!

Hyrizon says:

Fortnite? Really? Get tf out

Timothy Kolbe says:

C jiii


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