The Cheapest RTX Laptop on Amazon

My review of the RTX gaming laptop Mech 17 from Eluktronics. This is the best gaming laptop for the price on Amazon right now.
Build Here:

With RTX 2060 and an RTX 2070 laptop GPU, these gaming laptops rival the performance of even the 2080 MaxQ. They are much cheaper than most other RTX gaming laptops on the market and deliver awesome performance.

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lokiwe says:


Sam Goodman says:

After trying the Asus scar rtx laptop and not liking it (94C on CPU) I’m going for this one.

moidi Z says:


peh hong huat says:

that laptop desgin is orignal is clevo

Partha Sarathi Sarma says:

I saw an ad after a D2D video. I clicked on it just to generate revenue for him. Now I will feel good for the day. Thank you Dave, for everything.

Harsha ganesh pspk says:



Kindly do a latest video on best laptop under 1000$.

God Potato says:

Who cares about RTX when I can get a New GT63 for $1500

daaper says:

I bought an Eluktronics laptop (N850HP6) last year and love it. It’s functioned flawlessly and the value was tough to beat when shopping. No regrets.

Dom Jones says:

@Dave Lee What is your daily gaming laptop ?

piet pompies says:

Thanks Dave. We have a local distributor that sell these rebranded and I have been looking all over for a decent review.

Salaka Adi says:

Hi dave, please review MSI GL63-8SE with rtx 2060

Meng Thao says:

What about benchmarks?

Kirill Sokur says:

Great video Dave! I saw a brilliant article about it on highly recommended

LEARN with Ebadur Rahman says:

can you review the best laptop for web designer? if possible thin bezel looks cool to me! thank you in advance! i do watch every video you post 🙂

Noob Gamer says:

Seems it’s a bit tricky.
The one that priced at 1299 are the 1060 model.
While the 2060 model are 1399…
But indeed it’s still the cheapest rtx laptop, right?

th1e_f says:

we need more 14 inch gaming laptops y’all.

Nathanael says:

Gaming PC’s have been a lot more expensive in the last few years. You used to be able to by them with the latest graphics for < $1000

Jose Luis Vargas Vaca says:

could you please make a review of the new ROG strix scar II 17.3″ with rtx 2070, and the MSI GE75 with rtx 2070? i would appreciate it a lot!

Pravin Kumar says:

Please review latest dell g series laptops!

Jose Cruz says:

Did he really just kill a squad in Apex Legends punching and kicking?

Adulting 101 says:

Do they actually repaste?

bipin gosain says:

I also play with Wraith!!! 😀
Great Video, Dave.

Dave Lee says:

One of the best options right now for barebones builds. Good pricing combined with Amazon’s return policy.

Perfectly Balanced says:

Did a 2070 setup and it came around $1900 with those shitty ass hard drives. Cheap my ass.

You can get a Zephryus S 2070 for $2099 right now and it’ll shit all over it cooling performance and SSD wise.

gorgborg says:

I have an Eluktronics laptop for almost a year now. Works good. It’s just a rebranded Clevo (the Taiwanese manufacturer).

Larry Taylor says:

That’s the same case from the op Walmart laptops

Sam Goodman says:

Gotta say I’m impressed with eluktronics sales… I called and they were so helpful. Walked through the when build process with me for 20 minutes, offered me some free extras. These guys are very nice.

TheRiseofdaBeastTony says:

That is not cheap lol

Sandesh Tonde says:

where is Dell XPS 13 2019 review…?

PC Master Race says:

0:23 wrong. It’s showing that rtx 2060 is +100$ from 1299$. 1299$ is for gtx 1060. 1399$ is for rtx 2060.

Sujith Ishtar says:

There’s a laptop in 2019 that still has the Context key(Menu key) on its keyboard? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Karan Goyal says:

Which is best laptop between lenovo ideapad 330 with 2Tb hard disk with AMD radeon 530 vs Asus x507 8 GB Ram with Nvidia geforce ??
I am looking both for good performance and looks.

Fu CK says:

I have heard of the word “ghosting” a lot and I dont know what it means. Can anyone tell me what it is??

Aldrin Samson says:

bro! where can i get that wallpaper???

Mock Nugget says:

Better than buying an expensive phone

k kade says:

Dang some of the most useless reviews I have seen for the Tech Community. Not enough focus on performance.

joseph rosenberg says:

Where do you get your backgrounds?

Harsha ganesh pspk says:


gamepro94z says:

If you use shift to run this laptop is not for you.

Hiếu Đức Vũ says:

Dave Lee, do you have any information about asus zephyrus gx703 rtx 2070 or 2060? I only see rtx2080 max q only :(.

Ian Leurs says:

Do you know if you can access the 2.5″ hdd?

in Valhalla神様 says:

What movie was that that he played a snippet of at 2:20 ?

Paurav Joshi says:

Can you gift me this one please

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