The Cheapest Gaming Laptop from Dell – G3

Dave2D review of the 15″ Dell G3 (3579). The cheapest gaming laptop from Dell. Starting from $750
Dell G3 –

The Dell G3 is their cheapest gaming laptop as well as the thinnest gaming laptop they’ve made. With a reasonable starting price point Dell is offering an appealing product but should you get it over the G5 or G7?

This model here is the 15″ unit with a i5-8300H / GTX 1050 Ti / 8 GB Ram. There is also a 17″ version available.

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Dave Lee says:

The G3 is the thinnest gaming laptop that Dell has made to date but thin laptops are hard to cool. The G7 is still my fav from the Dell lineup this year. Thanks for watching!

suDz says:

Hi Lave Dee

Yudho Saputro says:

Hi dave, can you make video compilation of all your intro XD

Barwin says:

Dave, I know you’re in Canada and so am I, but every time you quote a price for a product you review, when I go and look it up it’s always quite a bit more expensive than what you say it is. Do you quote prices in USD? Would you consider in your videos, instead of saying “Dollars”, specifying which Dollars you mean? It’s just a thought. Thank you.

Trần Minh Vương says:

Hansung X57K Bossmonster Lv77.S2 ❤

Minh Tri Doan says:

Since you’ve gotten this far. Why not view the G5 already:vv

plong says:

Could you tell us the exact name/model of the ddr4 sodimms that come with this device?
Thanks 🙂

Edel Tomines says:

Also make a review on other G-series laptops.

ich ich says:

Thermals ruined it not even putting metal compound on it would help

bechulal gupta says:

Please do reply to me Dave bro !

Keval Palgamkar says:

Dave can you please make a video on the latest laptop Acer predator Helios 500 please

Diss God says:

Can you please review ASUS GL703GS SCAR 144HZ display? It’s a 17.3” with actual Gtx 1070 and stuff. I was wondering if you could compare it to other laptops in market, especially the ones you recommend. On the paper, it’s same laptop with a beefier graphics card. I need to buy one soon, and they’re around same price. I will use the laptop for 5 ish years and need that power as I’m going to be building games and stuff. What you think?

Chintz says:

the pc’s wallpaper in the thumbnail is the same as in my profile picture

Dave Rahn says:

Agreed.. the pin-striping looks like a pair of pajamas.

Glorious 60fps says:

If 3DMark shows temperature of 60-70 degree,then you will get 90-95 degree while playing heavy games. This laptop is already getting 90+ degree on 3DMark, so it will start hitting 99 degree just after 5 minutes of gaming and cause huge thermal throttling and performance drop.

Yvan Manabat says:


Daniel A says:

Hey Dave, the content on your channel and its quality is incredible man!!!!

Have you heard of the Lenovo Ideapad X1 Carbon by any chance? What do you think of it?

thehunk 07 says:

Can you please review Msi GP63 8RE

Just Clash it says:

Can u do a review on MI gaming laptop plz!!

Danny F. S. says:

Do a review of the new Alienware 15 R5 or the R4 please!!

Aidan S says:

I like my Dell g3

Baker Mhagna says:

Please review the Lenovo yoga 730 15″

Ha mi lig says:

Man… that awkward hand gestures…

Владимир Леонгард says:

1050 ti for 750$¿¿¿why so cheap¿

John Carlo says:

Link for that wallpaper at the back PLS

GoFool says:

Do a review for AORUS X5 V8.

hans llaguno says:

Anyone here can help me look for a cheap laptop with the following specs?
1. Processor: Intel core i5-6200U Processore 2.3 GHZ (BETTER OR ITS EQUIVALENT)

Nelson Jong says:

Can you review hp omen15 2018 ? Pls

Carlos Motta says:

One more sub, Dave. Excellent channel! Amazed to see how gaming laptops grew from 2010, when I bought a MSI GX 660R-060 for 1,450, and It was a heck of a deal, to 2018, when I could buy this for half the price, if I was still living in the US. Btw, my old MSI is still working flawlessly, and never had a single issue, no BSOD, no thermal issues, nothing. Only 3 repaste jobs, and 8 years of hard work.

Ajith Kumar says:

please review new xps 15 (9570) laptop

Nahiro Wagen says:

Hey Dave, I don’t know much about laptops but I need one for doing animation for my college work. The sales assistant gave me a choice of two laptops that she think may fit the specs for it with the budget I have. It’s the DELL G3 and Acer Predator Helios 300. May I have your thoughts on which one would be a better choice? Thank you!

crazy dooms says:

Please do asus s 14 and s15

Sunrise Sunset says:

Keyboards without a full sized up and down button are terrible for casual gamers. When will people learn?

Rudra Kireeti says:

Plz make video on latest best laptop for students…

Eric Wiken says:

Thanks for the vid. I was going to buy this with the i7 and the 1060 for next year for college but now I think I’m going to look somewhere else because of the thermal issue. Do you have any suggestions for a gaming laptop with an i7 and a decent graphics card for me less then 1500$. Thanks

CharmingHomer says:

1:30. What a cheap plastic shit! Do you see what I see? Cover is bent. There is no straight line between cover hinge and bottom.


This is probably the saddest review I have ever seen. There seems nothing good about the device. Instead buy a good smartphone for 750$.

Kevin Pervataj says:

ca u make a video for best wirless cards for laptops it will be very helpfull

Shreyansh Abhiraj says:

Hey plz can u review the new hp omen

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