The best laptops you can buy for 2017

The latest generation of laptop computers provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality, and outstanding performance. So how do you decide between all the laptops out there?

Our list of the best laptop computers for 2017 features Chromebooks, 2-in-1 machines, Macbooks, and of course laptop PC’s.



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Boxer Boxer says:

Sir please give me this laptop I’m a poor boy

Tomasz Szymanski says:

#1 is Lenovo Yoga 910/920.

Hannah Molano says:

My high school requires a laptop and I don’t really know what kind to buy. Minimum requirements: 4gb of RAM 128gb of storage and I have a limited price range only 200-400USD can you guys, mainly those who are regular laptop users, suggest what to buy? It would mean a lot ☺

TheGrandTem says:

Xiaomi Notebook Air 12 or 13.3

Chad Snow says:

My 8 year old ultra low cost Chromebook still feels faster online to me than any new $1000 laptop.

Jim Morrison says:

The first one starts at “just” $800

Abdo ak says:

i dont even know shit about laptops so I’m just looking through the comments for the best laptop

shareen curry says:

tbh non-mac users are bitter cuz they dont have a mac vvvv

ThyBrooklynGamez says:

Dang, does he own these???

Ann Hogg says:

Apple might be more expensive but at least it works this is the worst I have ever bought,and trying to get help from Dell is like running a marathon leg less

lil PrestonP says:

If anyone wants a pretty good budget laptop, I have a used one that’s a little over a year old. Here’s the listing on eBay if you’re interested.

Friendlies Plays says:


D!LYARA I says:

This is the best review I have even seen. After watching this I don’t need to read or watch any other reviews to understand what I need! Thank you very much!!!

GwolfGamer L says:

I will buy a laptop soon , i want it for games with big screen and light weighted. Any tips for what laptop i should buy ?

kuwait85 says:

What would be a solid affordable laptop to learn to code on ? Suggestions ?

Lotte Maes says:

tiny defeat season holy true concentrate reject mexican soldier.

Animated Labotaries says:

Guys wonder why there is no ZTE laptop I was thinking about that

Kapil Bodha says:

dell is shit

Mr. Two says:

I didnt know buget was 600$

Sujan Pandey says:

I am trying to buy a laptop . Which do you think is the best among dell xps 13 samsung notebook 9 2017 and hp spectre 360

AdrielTheDooper says:

I need help. I’m going into high school soon and I need a new laptop cause the one I have is pretty bad. I need pointers on what to look for. Also pointers on what to look for in gaming aspects cause I like to game.

YouTube 88 says:

What is this? Dell plastic thing is the “best looking laptop”? 2 Core play toy entry level MacBook Pro 13 without touchbar the best MacBook? What’s wrong with you?

Antariel says:

Sorry to say but these guys have no idea what they are talking about. “Best laptops” you mean “overpriced business modles” that an end-user has nothing to do with. These are office laptops that are small, portable and semi-powerful. You didnt mention they are all undervolted and lose a lot of processing power or that the memory is sodered to the MB. Compare a 2000$ business ultrabook to a 2000$gaming laptop. Se who gets the cookie. So edit your title please so you dont trick someone into buying a usless laptop that he wants to game on or do photo/video editing.

Jan Pierre Luckmann says:

Sorry DELL?!? The Start from DELL was verry boring! So I must say: I don´t buy it again! I know 10 Guys that buy from 2006-2008 an Tower-Computer from DELL and the Need a NEW after a Half year! Sorry, is DELL yet better? I don´t know! Then the ASUS?!? Watch min. 3.33 >>> That say every Thing abaut it?!? ASUS ist the best for littel Money. BUT the do every thing(Or the don´t see it?1?) that we must buy us faster a NEW as we like? When i look on this and my First Notebook I must say Yes!!! But when I look on the 10 Years old Notebook from my Brother from ASUS I thing you, ASUS and I WE ALL we don´t see it and buy or sell it! Because as my Laptop was broken after 3 Years it was the first time I have a Problem with the ASUS and the ASUS from my Brother is half so goot then Laptops from yet and that after 10 Years! WOW! And from the material: Okay the cat Play with the Keybort and some Keys are lose but the rest look since the first day! At my Acer I Need a KEYbort, it was too hot,, dadurch oder schon vorher war das material sehr Porös! ende vom Lied ich kann ihn nicht mehr bewegen weil er endlich so steht das ich ihn noch geladen kriege! das material um den Teil wo der Stecker reinkommt war gebrochen! Um wieder ranzukommen musste ich noch ein bisschen mehr abbrechen was am ende leichter ging wie ein Stück von einer Tafel Schokolade abzubrechen! OMG! Die Schlimmste Entdeckung waren 3 Schrauben die ich in den Karton vom Notebook vor kurzen gefunden habe! Dann ist mir auch noch aufgefallen das vom Lüfter schon von an was abgebrochen ist! Stück für stück immer mehr! und ratet mal was ich morgen mache! Ich kaufe mir genau den selben nochmal! oder fasst! Wenn es keinen besseren für den preis gibt! Und wenn das alle unter die 3 Jahre Garantie läuft muss schon ein viel besserer kommen das ich mir die 3 Jahre Spaß mit ersten Hintergedanken nicht antue! Ist halt die Frage ob bewusst eingegangener Materialbedingter verschleiß auch noch unter verschleiß fällt! Glaube schon hoffe aber mal nicht, denn dann werde ich damit vielleicht ja was bewegen! Nach den Ärger ein MUSS!

Douglas Dishman says:

SO biased. Only thing he didn’t dis once was the Dell stuff.

Lubomir Savev says:

I’ve stopped watching, when I saw “Chromebook”. Simply you CAN’T put “Chromebook” and “Best laptop you can buy for 2017” in one sentence. Period.

Gentin White says:

I found a page that provide genuine windows 10 And quality assurance.

Javier Lopez says:

What’s the best laptop for me? I wanna record 60HD gaming videos and add after effects to it for montage videos. I also Have el gato gamecaptured 60HD and looking to buy Yeti Microphone for commentary. Thanks!

ubivaka says:

Windows 10 better than MacOS. LOL. What a joke.

Lucian Chan says:

“but we think window 10 is even better”
why dont skip the macbook ,The best window laptops you can buy for 2017~

Synthusiast says:

Xiaomi Air 13 2017 *cough

Jameelsa Silva says:

I need help picking a laptop still (comment below)
I had a laptop and I loved it! It was an Hp laptop that had beats audio, I bought it going into my freshman year of high school and now I’m in college. The cons of the laptop is that it was pretty big and heavy so lugging that thing around with me was definitely a bit of a pain and the sides of the laptop cracked (and I never even dropped it) I like PC the same way I used to like androids but I got an I phone and I love my I phone. I was contemplating buying a MacBook Air because it’s small, lightweight. I know nothing about computers I use it for school, writing a ton of papers for school, the internet and Netflix. So I’m not sure if I should get another hp because I’m scared the same thing will happen and the laptop will just deteriorate and the side of the laptop will crack and come off. Or if I should try a Mac . Also there’s a deal with the MacBooks right now that if you buy one for college you get free beats headphones as well. I’ve never had a Mac so and this would be my second laptop, and I want something that will last longer. Please help.

LanceWong545465 says:

Fk xps poor design

Milos Djeric says:

Cpu ram storage fine but what about the GRAPHICS CHIPS?Cmon you should include that in your videos.

AQILLA says:

I really like how the macbook looks and the build but the io, specs and price??? fuck off apple

Prateek Mogha says:

tell me laptops under 50k INR pls

It'sJustMe says:

but … does those things can work 100% properly on FreeBSD???

Neuromance27 says:

Damn, people still shilling Dells.

Theodor Michailow says:

i hate 16:9 aspect ratio….. MAKE A 16:10 or 4:3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hi there says:

a big laptop is 17 inch u dumb people

nadim hage says:

what do you think about the lenovo yoga 910?

should i buy that one or the hp spectre x360?

God says:

why tf did you add a macbook as one of the best laptops of 2017

Thomas Failor says:

Why no Lenovo models mentioned? If you can talk about budget bin crap like an ASUS surely you could talk about ANY Lenovo machines considering their market share.

Paulina Jundulaitė says:

Hey, guys! I am thinking about buying a laptop and I will probably be studying multimedia where’s a lot of rendering and other difficult stuff.. Can you recommend the best and not the most expensive choice?

ph1sts says:

Apple’s OS is just based upon a Linux kernel and made proprietary.

RobloxGamez says:

is the asus zenbook UX305CA windows 10?Because I have been looking for a laptop that is quite powerfull and good that is windows 10!

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