The best laptops of 2018

Dan Ackerman shows off some of his favorite gaming, two-in-one and MacBook laptops of the year, just in time for holiday shopping.

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aribbonatatime says:

Pretty poor choices. I hope people don’t take your advice

5pecialist says:

This goy knows nothing about laptops.

P//MBECH says:

And we are innnn….!

Mitul Shetty says:

No Huawei Matebook X pro?

Jah Friend says:

No matebook x pro?

Abhishek Khampariya says:

Xps 15? 13? Matebook x pro? Wow I want my minutes back

Sheriff Buford T Gainzz says:

Just get a smart phone

Jim Long says:

Very little thought put into this. Pure filler.

Youtube Channel says:

I’ve used the MacBook Air 2018 and I just can’t recommend it. Terrible value, MacBook Pros are so much better. The Air has a putrid processor which is barely better than the old MacBook Air. The 13” MacBook Pros with touchbar got a quad core update this year and I’d whole heartedly recommend that instead. The Air won’t last well over a couple years

Farhan Ilyas says:

The new Spectre x360 really needs a shout, looks amazing and is a powerhouse

Chris Wesley says:

I don’t care about the laptops. can i take that Iron man Picture.?

peaceroshan says:

This guy is off of his med or something? Ha

BobHO says:

All expensive trash. I prefer dell xps

meehhhe Of You says:

Problems with this list:

1. Suggesting MacBook Air

2. No Ryzen APU based laptops

3. No XPS laptops

4. No dedicated graphics

5. Fairly weak internal parts.

6. Obviously sponsored piece because everything is either shit or over priced.

Sey_nsational says:

No Huawei MateBook X Pro!!!!!??? What a joke!

Marty says:

Clueless people in these media roles.

helicopter tip janat says:

How much in iraq

amirbahalegharn365 says:

it’s ridiculous for any best laptop 2018 to not include clevo p750tm/p870tm/p775tm with its upgradability and best number of ports:
p870tm for example has 2 thunderbolt,2 mini display,2 ethernet port, 5usb 3.0, 5 display option, up to 5 data storage(3 of m.2+2 of sata)+dual graphic up to gtx1080sli and not to mention ability to house 9900K in it.cinebecnh of this cpu is ~2050,but i9 8590hk the top line laptop cpu only scores ~1400-1500, it have the ability to house 64gb ram up to 3200mhz supported. and many more
how could this beast (although from 2017 but upgradabilty by bios to support 9th gen for this year 2018) won’t be in lists?? only because it’s heavy,it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included.. you can repaste/delid/undervolt/overclocked cpu/gpu to get the best temps/highest freq by’s truely the best desktop replacement.the only thing comes near is msi barebone chasis msi 16L3(in china, the model called : s5/s6) which nearly has the same feaure. eurocom has upgraded it in 17″ chasis with upgradibility of ram up to 128GB and this device like those 3 top-line clevo desktop replacement has the option for quadro graphics too.(eurocom tornado in general,but latest:tornado f7w)

Febin skaria jacob says:

I stopped watching this shit after finding the MacBook Air on this list. come on we have brain.

zord general98 says:

Razer blade 15
Thinkpad x1 extreme
Xps 15
Surface laptop 2
Matebook x pro
MacBook air

The c930 yoga is shit
So are the premium Android running things

Greg Anthony says:


Nishant Soni says:

You have to be a total idiot to buy an Apple Product. This loser is a sheep like most iNet reviewers.

Chloe Mcholoe says:

I won’t go near a macbook with their current keyboards and designs.

Only 2 ports, extremely expensive, easily broken keyboard, basically nothing is changeable and battery replacements are a huge pain unlike how you just unscrew a few screes and replace it yourself on a lot of others

Jim John says:

Stop watching no Surface.

Michael Lee says:

I know the goal here was supposed to be a less-than-3 minute video, but at least give us a rundown that includes something like ASUS, Dell, Microsoft, instead of just 4 where MacBook Air is one of them.

arinpunk says:

stupid video

BadManOhBadMan says:

Lolol what a joke…

Juan Lopez says:

These all all PAID advertising, Best doesnt not mean the latest. Make a list of all Best for the $$ laptop, regarless of production date. That would be very helpful to budget individuals.

Nero Wolfe says:

You lost me at Macbook Air (and I’ve been a Mac user since the 80’s).

Andres Corzo says:

Where is my favorite laptop?

Angelo Villones says:

People are saying that the MacBook Air should not be thrown into this list because of it’s price and specs. The Air is the cheapest option for a MacOS laptop. A lot of people want MacOS and the Air is decent value for what you and what you can do compared to other MacOS laptops.

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