The BEST Laptops of 2018!

The Best Laptops You Can Buy in 2018. Out of all the ultrabooks, laptops and gaming laptops I’ve reviewed, these are my top picks! The Razer Blade 15, Acer Predator, Microsoft Surface Laptop, SurfaceBook, MacBook Pro, acer predator helios 300, hp spectre x360 to the Huawei MateBook X Pro the list goes on! Watch for the full review.

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Acer Predator Helios 300 –
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Mtb QC says:

where is rog zepherus s or m

suhas kelkar says:


Hanan Shah says:

Where can i buy a Lenojo laptop?

Small Santa says:

Can you recommend a gaming laptop to me that’s very good build quality, good thermals and can play gta 5, just cause 4 and more high graphical games extremely well with like a gtx 1060 or 2060

Youtube Life says:

Razer blade 15

Puggles Pugson says:

So which one is the absolute best?

WhiteOutGaming 9 says:

On ibuypower u can get a laptop with a 1070 and it only 2 in thiccccc

stockjonebills says:

Lenovo Legion Y530 is nice, but I will no longer buy Lenovo. I do prefer Dell’s infinity edge to make me like it over the X1

Sharafath Hussain says:

How is the envy X2.?

NinjaaBrian21 says:

Will all these laptops be good for going to work and study

Nathan Chen says:

Top pick : Dell XPS 15 9670!

Michael Martin says:

I generally stay away from HP products, due to a number of reasons, that’s why I bought the Helios 300.

The only points of regret I have are in regards to the Helios 500 and the new RTX laptops, the latter of which lasted until I actually saw the new laptops and I was massively turned off of them.

The 500 was nice, but it didn’t have an SD card reader, which the 300 has.

I have NO regrets now about the 300. I upgraded the storage to a TB M.2 NVMe drive and a TB 2.5″ SSD, the latter of which I already owned.

LittleGuy says:

so this is what ryan from the office ended up doing after corporate

Dalton Presley says:

What is the best gaming laptop in a price range between $1,000-$1,300. Thanks!

Cheeken says:

bruh you can get a nice XPS 15 with a 4k screen for 1700. leave your biases aside please.

Hoople57 says:

Prices or price ranges are not discussed. I get that prices may vary, but a MSRP would have been helpful. Thanks.

clash royale - Tips and tricks says:

To me Matthew looks like Bradley Martin

Phone Tech says:

Yoou forgot asus rog zephyrus

ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7 says:

I didn’t like any of does laptops

metallpt147 says:

Has anyone that has the RazerBlade dealt with any issues or with customer service? considering getting this but I’ve heard when things go wrong with the laptop that it’s a nightmare dealing with their customer service? Thinking about getting this in about a month so please lmk! Thanks!

Light ForMind says:

I dont know how you consider a laptop that costs 1000$ a budget one.

kingfreezy says:

I didn’t know the laptop my school uses was one of the popular ones xD 5:42

Gitanjali Ghumare says:

Please suggest me laptop under 99k in India.
Use- 3D softwares like Vray, Lumion , 3d max.
Need- I want to save rendering time.

Claude Dickson says:

For even money, I agree that the Lenovo X1 Extreme is better than the Dell XPS
15. However, at this time, the XPS is available for $1500 with 16 GB of RAM and a 512k SSD. The seller I used also doubled the manufacturer warranty and threw in MS Office. The same vendor sells the X1 Extreme for around $700 more and Office is not included. I’ve seen this laptop at Amazon for $400 more with no Office. So if money is no object, I agree with you. But for the money, the XPS still gets the nod.

Basel TheLeaf says:

Why does half a pound matter?

Solange says:

So, the best laptop to edit 4k vids is…

lol3726 Gaming says:

Wow, epic as.

Chino Gambino says:

Wish u went more in detail on specs just a lil

bring home the beat says:

trust lenovo legion is as good as crap with the price point as compared to MSI

Mona Li says:

Is a NVIDIA GeForce 1050 grafic card better than a MX150?

Jin Lao says:

What’s are your top picks for 4K editing

Adam Ghosh says:

If anyone is thinking about the mid-range gaming laptops I can highly recommend the Hp Omen 15 (144hz) as the only problem I can give you that it has is that the fans can get pretty loud if you’re doing any intense gaming and the fans on idle are somewhat noticeable but all this could potentially be fixed with an update.

Atze Amon says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah when gaming laptops get too heavy it makes them troublesome to carry around. Noooow i see. Ur a genius.

Mona Li says:

What laptop would u recommend for Sims4 or what category? Btw this is a Really good video!

iCntThnk says:

Asus Scar 2???

Trust Core says:

It is a really great review for a laptop. I had also made a review of one budget gaming laptop also.

Shantanu Mishra says:

For content creation get an imac 5k 2017. It comes around the same price as dell xps 15. Plus you just have to upgrade ram which you can do yourself later. Its highly upgradable. And provides even more power than macbook pro 15

Elizzybeth kitten says:

Windows laptops still take the lead

Matthew Moniz says:

Here it is my top Laptop picks of 2018! For those of you saying where is “X” manufacturer most likely I didn’t review the laptop hence why it’s not in here. This goes for Gigabyte and most Asus Laptops! What are your top picks? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

Dalton Presley says:

I’m trying to ask Matt some questions about what laptop I should get but on his discord it’s not letting me chat. Can anyone help me?

Nimish Tailor says:

What is better to buy? Surface book 2 or Surface pro 6?

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