The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop is Now $600!

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop was around $900 dollars at the end of 2018 but you can now pick it up for $600! Here’s my thoughts and review. Link to my original review and to buy below.

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Charles Simons says:

Just to hear the goat was worth it lmao

Akshay Verma says:

So you are from Canada .. Glad to know buddy. I am from Ontario too.

Nishant Tilve says:

“Goat” video.

Yazeed Alateeq says:

2:00 savage lol

Rishabh Jaiswal says:

How much undervolt I should do in my Legiom Y530 i58300H and 1050Ti 8GB ?

Junayd A.A says:

How’s it going guys mathew monez here you forgot your intro mat

Junayd A.A says:

Thanks Mat I was thinking of buying the lenovo e580 i5-8250u with a 2gb rx 550 I might reconsider if it’s available here

Banana Joe says:

I died at the Indian accent lol

Jazebzizu says:

nice… any deal on ps63 modern…

Dude says:

Now I know what to use some of my tax return on. Thanks man

Fernando Méndez says:


Chilongqua says:

1050 doesnt qualify for gaming

Mohican Star says:

60 hz and 1050 are garbage! Dude just save more money for better ! Or built desktop! I myself only play cs 1.6 or cs go and wanst playable on 60hz 1050 laptops !

Mr. Wanjay says:

I’m from Pluto, how much shipping cost to take?

Jesus Budhha says:

It’s $1100 here in India. Damn.

8ightcolorless says:

I bought it last December on Amazon around $617, got the i5 8300h with 1050ti..had it upgraded (both ram and an m.2).. undervolted it for better temp management and now happily playing games with it.

Cassius says:

600 dollars in us 1060 dollars in India

Robyne U says:

Dont buy a 1050 laptop you’ll regret it they’re so bad

Sam Alegria says:

why are you being silenced in Overwatch? who have you been trolling? lol

Fernando Méndez says:

Love that pink laptop!

Mohammadsaid Abdelhadi says:

Visit me in southern Lebanon in the Shebeh Farms area. My family seriously has more than 4,000 goats, chickens, and horses. I wouldn’t trade one of my goats for that shit laptop. In fact a weeks worth of goats milk from two of my goats got me an Aero 15x with a 1070 Max- q and an 8750h w/16gb of ram. Farming here is more lucrative than you think.

I’m dong this for the comments

Jose A Nieto says:

4k ?? More like 8k man! No joke.

By the way, do you think the laptops with GTX 1060 or 1070 will drop their price this year?

Fortune Fiderikumo says:

Dude pls look for Canadian deals

Dennis Vivanco says:

4,000 GOATS!! LOL

Lil Boi C says:

yeah that ending was racist as fuck

Sangjun Park says:

Hey Matthew, please don’t let any video title or description to be automatically translated… I cannot understand anything from this awful translation. If I translate the automatically translated korean title of this video into english, it would be “The cheapest gamble mobile personal computer is now $600!”.

Apekshik Panigrahi says:

This comment is written from one of these! It’s really cool!

It was only 200 goats for me.

Alfred Kaitoo says:

I got one and damn! It’s good


Whats the graphics card?

AB says:

AMD uSeries??? @1:35 what?

Juuhazan says:

No one gonna point out how Matt got muted for 3 days in Overwatch over abusive chat?

John Le says:

It’ll stick out like a sore thumb because you’ll be sitting in a sea of spoiled MacBook kids

nash3d potatoes says:

0:34 “You have been silenced for 3 days due to multiple reports of abusive chat from other players” LOL

Uncle Bruce says:

It’s still between £780 – £850 here in the UK.

Garydean Bell says:

The sale must be over because it’s $1,000 on

Olly James Stevens says:

Here’s the UK equivalent. It’s currently £599.

Alvin Chan says:

fuck that ain’t budget at all! $2000= a 1080ti pc or a hp laptop. i’d take the other one thx!

Silviu says:

820 USD in my country and the 1050 version is 650 USD

Kimali Bennett says:

lol 00:36 silenced for abusive language

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