The BEST Affordable Gaming Laptop – Predator Helios 300

With an i7 and a GTX 1060, what sacrifices have Acer made to deliver that much performance for $1100?

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BigDippas says:

Hey i just wanted to thank you for this video. I havent had a computer that i could game on in abiut ten years. I finally decided to bite the bullet back into pc gaming after all this time and with the deal that amazon had for prime day this year and this video (along with a few other videos) i made the purchase. I got this bad boy for around $955 usd after tax, i just checked and the deal isnt active any longer on amazon but i feel like i got a good deal on a good product.

NOCH says:

Why do almost all gaming laptops have such a horrific design? Who the hell wants that design?

-Aj- says:

Can you do a review of the 2018 version?

The Antagonist says:

$2,000 in Australia.

Tycoon says:

Is this laptop loud?

Julian says:

899 right now on Amazon

Lelouch Gamer says:

I already ordered this laptop, waiting for it:)

bonyfinger says:

I bought the 2018 version for the same price with the i7 8750h and a GTX 1060, the screen is now so much brighter and is 99 percent srgb, which is freakin awesome! Its also 144 hz. I was shocked to see it at this price point.

Limiter586 says:

Can you review the HP omen 17 with the i7-8750h and GTX 1060 6gb? There are barely any reviews and it looks pretty good for the money

Ed JF says:

Does the 17″ version of this type have brighter screen the this (15″)??

danwat1234 says:

NO thunderbolt, pass. And why aren’t all the USB ports USB 3? The USB controller is in the CPU, no? So why not?

xapim1 says:

I have bought a brand new Predator G3-572-56as really like it really beautifull machine with a awesome screen just a shame the only upgradable parts are the ssd, hdd and memory by the way i’m thinking in upgrading the memory and the liteon 128gb ssd m.2 to an nvme was thinking in a wd nvme either 512 or 1tb beacuse the samsung 960 are a bit more expensive 🙂 about the ram i have no idea of which brand to use any recomendations ?

Yashvit Kumar says:

in 2018 its a better option to get dell g7 as you can get 6 core cpu with a 1060 for cheaper than this, plus you can overclock its screen to a 100 hz

The Heerobrine says:

review the new version with a better screen and 8th gen

Crown & Coke says:

I like how $1100 is cheap. After tax and a warranty you might leave paying $1400

The Hacker says:

Why so expensive in the uk???

gixxerboy555 says:

Yeah cheap but it’s no 17″ but only 15,6″ screen?

Meltoss says:

It’s like the Sager NP7851, they have the same specs and are around the same price, but the Sager is a bit cheaper

qniklasOG says:

Lil linus lol

Sup o_0 says:

It 900 dollars

John Pascua says:

Does this have Nvidia optimus?

Fury Grebe says:

What FPS does this run on Fortnite

vikingraider58 says:

Good laptop but it looks like such shit

Todt`s lprev says:

pls don`t produce youtube videos with china-import like tec and support!
its not good for your reputation there is more than the performance and price!
btw I`m a big fan of your Tec. Cannels!

Master of gaming says:

You suck its not even affordable you bitch

Joshan Shrestha says:

does the helios 300 have 1060 max-q or just the 1060?? really confused.. HELP

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