The BEST 15” Gaming Laptop? Asus Strix GL502VS Review

For gaming and productivity how good is the Asus Strix GL502VS?

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Murat Alkeev says:

Have one with gtx 1060, 17 inches , love it

Nader says:

what is the program that he is using to measure the color accuracy?

Shashank Setty says:

wait What’s with the title and the thumbnail? I’ve seen Linus bash the crap out of way better laptops and 90% of this video is the disadvantages how is this a good laptop then?

Chris says:

Fuck MS Word. I’ll stick with Pages.

Nigga says:

i like this laptop idea but i need a gtx 1050 ti or 1060 budget gaming laptop

Cheeto theWicked says:

Linus please do a video about the Gskill SPD issue maybe with safety guide or something

Natsheh Gaming says:

Isn’t anyone going to talk about 5:22 #OUTOFIDEAS

hen nope says:

I like laptops more thick then thin

JoshMiF says:

link to buy the rgb led pixel glasses? please

Sumit Shrivastava says:

Will you guys finally review the New HP Omen lineup that they refreshed yesterday? I am looking on to buying one and now i am torn between ASUS and HP

I am confused between this and the 17T Gaming BV. The 1070 version is selling at 1599 right now.

Saad Abrar says:

an amazing laptop with affordable price.

Eazy-D says:

SHOES?!?! ON A SOFA?!?!? 4:06

Giant Asian Sticker says:

is that sodapoppin?

sarcasm guys chill out

thundernugget3 says:

Why bother with a laptop review when you don’t even put in fan noise. Makes the whole video review aspect Vs text pointless

Alex Johnson says:

He keeps showing Asians putting their shoes on the couch…

Vyuken says:

hey linus. why cant i find rx 580 anywhere? like literally now where.

Classified says:

4:55 wtf Linus she did nothing to you why you killed her

Gerd L. Plüü says:

The old formula is the only one acceptable to me. Why would I spend 600 bucks extra just for a fancy slim case? A laptop needs to work, it needs to last and it needs to not overheat. It does not need to fit between the pages of a book.

Whatever Studios says:

To all the people joking about painting there PC black to make it run faster that increases the chance it will get ebola!

RiPCORD says:

even that chick has RGB hair

Hezekiah Domowski says:

Okay, I’m just going to say it. her hair is RBG!
no, not really, but that would be cool

Explore Victoria says:

but does it still suffer battery drain issues that the skylake modles had

FerickAndrew says:


Spencerwalker21 says:

I wonder what it would take to get 6 or so hours of battery life like this machine but a 1050ti a i5 and 6.5 pounds the extra 1.3 pounds mostly for battery

Bruce Ginkel says:

TL;DW Bottom line, recommended

BlazingApple says:

4:28 Jumpscare! Lol

Sakumo Hatake says:

6:22, Denis is the beetch and shes the butch

Kevin Machi says:

What about the Razer Blade?

tadhg says:

why do people need a numpad? what does it do differently from the built in number row?

coolpietpizza says:

5:23 #Outofideas your welcome

WhosScaredOfDentists says:

The keyboard flex test was a bit off; the whole table pushed down with it

Ibrahim Al Shikh says:

whats the best note book / 2 in 1 ?

eMDe says:

Gaming Laptop – oxymoron

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