T-Bao Tbook4 Full Review – 14.1″ N3450 6GB Laptop For $239

Tbook4 review. Celeron n3450 quad core, 6GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC with M.2 SSD slot. Where to buy: https://goo.gl/RGZvVT
GKBTBOOK4 lowers the price to $236.99


00:49 – Specs
01:47 – Design
05:30 – Bios
06:20 – Screen
08:16 – Benchmarks
10:47 – Battery & charge times
11:43 – Audio & test
12:34 – Performance
14:13 – Gaming FPS test
15:22 – Thermals
16:08 – Final words
16:56 – Pros & Cons

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marty mitch says:

Sorry if I’m being Off topic, but I have a quick question regarding the Xiaomi Air 13: does the overheating apply only to gaming and editing? Does it happen also while watching videos, with Netflix and the like? Sorry if this is not the right place to post this question!

Mahmud Mazed says:

Which Apollo Lake will you suggest me if my budget is $250?

Deadlines Over says:

who the heck wud buy this laptop after seeing this review??

Evan MEZ says:

Hi TechTablet..!! :). May I give you a suggestion.? Why you don’t make a review video for 8-12 minutes.? Like another reviewer…. Why.? Because we’re in the eastern don’t really have that much data to fully watch it. It’s a good review though.. but if it can be little short would be nice. :). #sorry for bad English though

Jerin Mathew says:

Please finish up on Mi 12.5 8/256. Need to know about temps. Linux/safeboot. Battery.

Metehan Mete says:

Which is the best; T-Bao tbook4(cheapest), Jumper Ezbook 3 pro, Cube iwork 5x(most expensive)? My choice in most important things are 1.Screen Quality 2.Material Quality 3.Sound Quality, please help.

Chaslasher H says:

I’m alright with unactivated winows

Floppy Bird says:

another PRO: nice colour, is it the same as used on the new MacBooks?
lid not closing properly is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge CON, thats just stupid

NaxitoForever :3 says:

Friend who is better mx150 or 940mx?

David Alejandro González Tapia says:

I would consider the laptop but that logo is really horrible, looks like a cheap toy logo imo. Such potential wasted haha.

Rajat Gattani says:

hey Chris, please do a review of the Acer aspire e15 (350 dollar) with core i3. It’s taking the heat up with budget laptops and we just love your reviewing style. Pleasee!!

Tauchid Harnowo says:

Can i run adobe series?

menzáč says:

geekbuying is terrible shop…

marius popa says:

My Tbook 4 does not have the lid closing issue. It actually snaps closed just like my macbook, zero issues. Quality control must be pretty bad, if they let yours off the door. At least it is not a systematic issue.
HDMI out not working is a big let down – and a design flow apparently (I tried all possible drivers and stuff – couldn’t get it to work for the life of me)… Wifi is type N, but I agree, the range is pretty phenomenal, so not a massive issue (I use a high quality AC usb dongle when I need high data rate or super long range).
Color is awesome, and the logo is horrific (am buying a sticker to cover it up).

Simon Inga says:

Would you consider opening it up to see how they have routed the antennas to get such good wifi reception?

Daniél Lecoq says:

No Manjaro test?

Gavla Tennis says:

Good thorough review again. Top quality channel.

Wayne Ramsden says:

way too many deal breakers on this one.

Blood Bath says:

OC refresh rate

Ademir Martins says:


Hughesy Tech says:

What a shame cos it looked so promising. No magnet is just silly which i don’t get. Slate grey colour is awesome. 48hz be a deal-breaker

Cojoc MC says:

As nice as that color is, I would rather go for the a Jumper laptop for the quality

4ge 3ge says:

Thanks Chris. I really appreciate this review and checking issues. So helpful!

Андрей Ищенко says:

Good review! When will you review jumper ezbook 3 plus?

Wire Rubbish Bin says:

“silver” is grey and “battle ship grey” is grey so what’s to worry about in that?

Fábio Bertelli says:

Guys, this laptop type (Apollo lake) is good enough for work + internet surfing?

Damir Franc says:

Edge actually doesn’t offer better battery life. LTT did a detailed comparison to find that out, and who actually uses edge on their free mind.

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