Surface Laptop Review

The Surface Laptop is a lower-profile machine than its kickstand-packing, tablet-converting predecessors, yet it still carries the price tag of a super-premium product. Those factors together made me largely dismiss the device when it first debuted – but two weeks of real-world usage later, it’s become my favorite Surface to date. To see why, click on through to MrMobile’s Surface Laptop Review!



Microsoft Surface Laptop:

Microsoft Arc Mouse:

mStand by Rain Design:

LCARS Interface app:


Light Cube:

Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker:

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Schematic Illuminated Display:


MrMobile’s Surface Laptop Review was produced following two weeks with a review device (Cobalt Blue, Core i5 model) on loan from Microsoft. The laptop was operated primarily on Windows 10 S, with two days of Windows 10 Pro use at the end of the initial review period.


Windows Central’s Surface Laptop Review:


“Sensational” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:

“Dubday” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:



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AppleTech AU says:

Not bad

Ajay Poudel says:

Why has this channel has so less subscribers? Please share his video and help him grow.

An xD meme says:

I disagree that the low end model is overpriced. Unlike any other laptops at that price you get a high res touch screen. On some laptops you may get a touch screen or a high res display but not both.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Best surface ever is a pretty low bar. Plus a back to college computer is 500 bucks. This is just a rip off of a MacBook everything bad about a MacBook with none of the good

darrylkid says:

It isn’t a laptop designed for microsoft’s branding. You forgot the key point that this laptop is designed for: surface pen. The surface pen is a key selling point for most people because the pen has over 1000 pressure points, which is made to replace wacom digitizer tablets, whilst also having the ability to perform as a full blown PC. So much productivity can be done with his tablet. That’s why it’s perfect for high school/college students and artists. This is not some high priced, undervalued laptop that Microsoft copies from Apple, it’s a All in One media consumption productivity tablet.

Ted Wu says:

Where can we get the L-Cars Live Screensaver? Oh and another awesome review!

Manuel Fontanilla says:

Great review. However with the lack of Cortana (in New Zealand), the app gap, the app incompatibility if the USA Cortana is used, I will NEVER use a Windows 10 machine for personal… NEVER!


Ted Wu says:

I apologize…LCARS

Rickbearcat says:

This has one of the best web cameras I’ve seen in a while.

Mihin Waidyasekere says:

you guys don’t belive we are still using 1GB (RAM) dekstop computers

Saeed Okoroji says:


Joshua D. says:

Do you think the Surface Book Pro is a better buy though just for the flexibility of tablet capabilities?

Bruno Techera says:

The IronMan quote. I loled. Hard. You’re awesome, man.

Matt Kurkowski says:

This laptop is going to sell a ton of Macs.

Junaid Hasan says:

You call it a precision design? Does that include the backlighting??

KING 8 says:

MrMobil does the s8 have the vulkan api like the s7??

Juan Morales says:

Another great review Mr. Mobile

Emad Ahmed says:

God, I truly resent how commonplace MacBooks (all Apple products in fact) are, that owning one isn’t cool anymore. And the same look and feel of one model is dragged on for years, which further reduces any distinction with other MacBook owners if you choose to stick with Apple. This is why I’m feeling more inclined to the premium Windows offerings like the Surface line, but I’ve some curricular compulsions for owning a Mac being a computer science student, so that’s too bad.

max steel says:

It’s not laptop hardware, but Windows OS is pure shit OS. I always choose MacOS over Windows, and Linux (Debian, Arch, Gentoo, Parrot Security and Fedora) over MacOS any fucking day.

LokiDaFerret says:

You are grossly underestimating search ad revenue and overestimating Microsoft’s morality! Their list of unscrupulous activity rivals that of POTUS.

MrB16Nick says:

Michael, what is the name of the track you’ve laid over this highly competent humorous and entertaining review?

Shaun Roselt says:

Good review!

Yazen Zaghameem says:

Let’s not forget Google’s pettiness with regards to app support for WP ;)))

SJTechHd _ says:

please do a ipad pro 10.5 inch review

Ahmed Samir says:

& there’s the Keyone again.

qtyqty4 says:

4:02 windows 10 Pro is FREE to upgrade.

Luis Andres Guevara Ramirez says:

Now the Huawei Matebook X vs the Surface Laptop

jasbach1997 says:

Where can I find these awsome galaxy wallpapers?

MN - Tech says:

You are by far my favorite tech YouTuber, used to watch videos on Pocketnow only because of you.. I aspire to be like you one day.
Keep up the good work!

RoboBobo says:

what was that star trek interface? some sort of media player or something?

Remus Evu says:

In Edge, you first have to visit and then you can choose to have it as the default search engine in settings. If you don’t visit it first then it won’t show up in the default search engine option.

fersunk says:

The XPS 13 looks better for me.
Extraordinary battery life, USB C, and the SSD is better and user upgradeable

TheIrateSPider says:

What is the bag at 6:31?

Ali Jabri says:

where did u get ur ring which is in ur right hand

Alex H Yong says:

edge, ick

Zachary Mass says:

How does it compare to the Surface Book as far as performance goes?

Maxim Jonson says:

Laptop so good looking Dbrand doesnt even make a skin for it

Ankush Suryavanshi says:

Fisher is the Granddaddy of Tech reviewer.

matty J says:

Anyone else notice the “American Pie” – Movie clip? Think it was Beta House. ^_^ That brought back memories lol

Review Arena says:

MrMobile Nice Review

Usman Anwar says:

what was the point in ranting about windows 10 s when upgrading it is free???

Sushil Kumar says:

hahaha! That Iron Man reference was awesome 😀

Mac Guy3135 says:

Wait, edge still doesn’t have tab muting?

RaZen mazen says:

3:50 german tv…

LuckieAsJunk says:

So I visited my local Microsoft store to finally upgrade from my beloved Lumia 1520 and take a look at this new surface book but to my dismay I was informed that Microsoft no longer sells or even honors the warranty on Lumia phones period, even the Microsoft made devices. Is this just an Oklahoma thing or has Microsoft actually cut ties completely with windows phone? Could you give us an update on what’s going on?

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