Surface Laptop review: Microsoft takes on the Air

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop is thin, beautiful, and pretty powerful. Will the fabric on the laptop deck hold up? Does Windows 10 S really have all the apps you need? Subscribe:

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5toes says:

Dieter Bohn is in love!

TeshTube says:

Great review!

Peter Jones says:

Why did they remove the floppy disk reader?

Angelo Gopaul says:

App desert: over 700,000 apps, the most available on a desktop OS… okay.

Arjun Gandhi says:

This looks like a really nice laptop, but I’m not crazy about Windows 10S. Glad there is an upgrade path

HowToCompute101 says:


deRAPAcost says:

Really love the architecture of the set. There is a way to see more of it?

Adrian G says:

XPS 13 starts with 8gb of ram and i5 by default, why would I buy this…? Meh…

Jeejo Pallayi says:

Microsoft has been “taking on the Air” for the last several years… it hasn’t left the ground yet…

Nizar El-Zarif says:

The price and ports on this device is horrible. The best ultrabook in my opinion are the XPS 13 (great and portable design) and the lg gram (very lighweight, and great battery life)

Foxtrot Oscar says:


jthugz001 says:

I closed the video as soon as he pulled out that apple device.

Died 93 says:

Lamborghini are known for their strong angles, while Porsches are more about smooth curves. So that comparison doesn’t make any sense!

Error 404 channel not found says:

I see this as basically the Pixel of laptops.

Luis Felipe says:

Check out Windows Central for a much more comprehensive review.

HowToCompute101 says:

2:55 Why are you saying Macbook Air, that’s a Macbook Pro..

caTpuccino says:

Any suggestions: Surface Pro OR Surface Laptop ?

Le_Toasty says:

i’m just going to coat my surface book with the fabric cover.

TheDeltaPlayers says:

This review is a joke like the product itself. With a price tag of 1300$ you should compare it to the new 2017 MacBook Pro 13″ (without touchbar), Dell XPS 13 or LG Gram 13. In the MacBook Pro you get for 1500$ a better i5 (higher Turbo Boost) with a much better IGP (Iris Pro 640), also 8GB of RAM, a faster SSD, better or similar build quality, a much better trackpad, a brighter screen (but with similar sRGB range), better speakers and an all aluminium surface. With the Surface Laptop you get a (in my opinion) useless Touchscreen (who the f**k wants to touch his laptop display the whole time!?) with its wobbling display (so you can’t use the Surface Pen for some graphic work) and they both lack on connectivity. Windows 10 S is stupid af and on the MacBook you can run Windows and MacOS… Nevertheless, there are some points for the Surface Laptop such as the battery runtime and the keyboard. But on top of this, there isn’t any Typ-C port on a 2017 product -.-‘ The alcantara arround the keyboard is a bad point too, when you look at the Surface Pro Keyboards after 6 months and there you can a new keyboard, but here…. good luck with your warranty or just buy a new one. Actually I really want to like Microsofts products, but their prices are high like apple ones, no one of them has a single Typ-C port and the hardware isn’t the best as well.

iamAX 830 says:

You think 10S isn’t working.. It actually is, kind of a slow build.. But the bridging takes time.. Already Apple has released iTunes on the Windows Store, Microsoft Office packs are also coming there, and few other devs are coming..

Techno GI says:

Excellent video, Good job Verge!

nickthaskater says:

Or you could get an LG Gram and have a much better device.

Raimundo Castro says:

Didn’t Microsoft announced it with almost 14 hours of battery life?

will s says:

I just got a Dell XPS 15 lmao its great

iixerneasii says:

so the surface laptop is just the surface rt but with steroids

Yousef Saber says:

good review

Milton Pessa says:

Is it just me or this review feels a little bias?

Marshall Doan says:

It’s terrible. I’ve used one in person, and comparing it to the 12-inch MacBook, it’s utter crap. There’s no apple best speakers, no apple best display, no apple best trackpad, no usb-c, no software optimization. & not to mention, the fabric on the keyboard may feel nice at first but gets dirty very quickly. Sad.

Jay B says:

I don’t know why the reviewer keeps talking about the MBA as the laptop to beat. There have been PC and MAC laptops that have surpassed the Air for years! The MBA still has a 720p display, for goodness sake! And it’s certainly not the world’s thinnest laptop anymore.

James Thomas says:

Love Dieter so much! Keep it up man! #MN

Stian Berg says:

few compromises? Isn’t this computer nothing but compromises? No TB, few ports, Windows 10 S – Locked to app store, weak specs (of course, that is a compromise for the size), yes, should do the job needed for basic use, but has the price of a much better computer

Zara Colindrez says:

Curious, could this play gta 5 lol? If it can I might pick it up for college in the fall

Bryan Todorovic says:

Good to see Microsoft competing as hard as they can. Still gonna use my 2012 MBP Retina till it dies… Then it’ll be whatever Surface Pro is out or if iOS 11 (or whatever they’re running by then) totally transforms the iPad experience. Also depends on if mobile Apps evolve to be more “pro” on an iPad faster than Microsoft can bring more mobile apps to the desktop Windows 10.

In regards to tablets, Apple and Microsoft are in this funny race to meet each other in the middle, originally starting at opposite ends.

dgmojojojo says:

dear Dieter Bohn, put your lower right painting 3cm lower, so the gap between the two match the left painting. my OCD is slightly tingling.

Wave Razor says:

mac products are a waste of money.

VenomousGamerYT says:

Please review the Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe

Lars Kraus says:

looks to me like it’s basically the same as last generation but with less operating system. It looks like a Review but sounds like a commercial. I dont trust that. Now here is what I see when I look at this laptop. Microsoft doesnt state on their website what kind of cpu theyre using other than i5 or i7. I’m assuming theyre using the 2 core versions of those chips and integrated graphics with a 256GB SSD for storage. Now for 1300$ I could get an Acer Aspire VX15 for example. That will get you a 7700hq with 4 cores and HT. A dedicated GTX 1050ti Graphics card and 16 GB of DDR4 Ram. For storage you get a 512 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Youll get a regular 1080p display at 15,4 inches but with an ips panel. That would basically be the only thing worse than on the surface. The Acer is of course bigger and heavier but with a shitton more performance for the same money.

Erfaun Atabakhsh says:

The surface laptops only run Windows 10 S and pro, which is free now, will later become a paid upgrade. The problem with that is that the Windows 10 S OS only runs edge and windows store apps. No chrome, no VLC, and no Steam.

Jay McA.Projects says:

hey Verge, quick question. HP or Surface?

Martynas Gruodis says:

Wow! I am windows fan, but this video is so bios.. Disappointed with the Verge

MOI 摩衣車體彩研 says:

you’re dumb, a gun recoils hence the rebound action of one’s fingers, not forward…

Enrico Maria Dal Compare says:

I got an xps 15 that just blow away this thing and it’s thin enough

Outofthebox says:

sounds like a Chromebook pro

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