Surface Laptop Review – Is 4 GB RAM Enough??

Dave2D Surface Laptop Review – At $900, is this the best laptop for students?
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d3stroyah says:

i’m a software developer. Chrome alone takes up 3gb ram with 10 tabs open. So NO, 4gb is not enough!!!

Khan says:

Love your work. Simple and straight to the point reviews. What software do you use for your animation. Its simple and classy.

Hugo Paredes says:

In a day and age where mobile phones come with 4/6 GB or RAM, 4GB on a premium laptop seems ridiculous. Even the overpriced Mac’s come with a minimum of 8GB.

Sy7ygy says:

So is Dave on a anti-Microsoft march right now? Despite the fact they are doing EVERYTHING right?

Apple products however are being praised!?

I hope he isn’t turning into every faceless spec reader.

Up until recently my gaming rig ran 4GB of RAM which was plentiful – with the only exception and push to upgrade being Planetary Annihilation.

4GB is fine for basic tasks & light photo editing. It is NOT meant to be a NLE suite!!!

Nick Adams says:

hey Dave can you do a video on the new Razer blade stealth with the smaller bezels and new track pad?

Gilberto Fernandes Junior says:

Thank you for your videos, Dave!! They’re all well-done and very helpful! A ‘surface laptop vs macbook pro 2017’ video would be very nice 🙂 I think a lot of people are undecided about that, like me as well.

Yoel Flores says:

Could you compare different external gpu for a video?

Bailey May says:

“has the best build quality…

…better than the XPS 13, …”

since when fabric became a “better build” than freakin Carbon Fiber?

You do realize carbon fiber is tougher than aluminum right?

Apple sheep.

zhen zhang says:

hi where can I download your background desktop wallpaper?I remember there was has link in previous videos

OwenMo says:

I really hope that you can share more details about this laptop. This video is too short and almost says nothing new comparing to other reviews.

Learn Basics says:

You may check out Huawei Matebook X, It’s a pretty good thin and Lightweight laptop, and Smaller than a A4 paper, It has Nice Build quality, and 8 Gig Ram in basemodel.

cafer12098 says:

I am going to start studying computer science this year and plan to specialise in game programming after 2nd year. What do you think would be the best option under 1100$?

Marius Mircea says:

my desktop has 6GB RAM and Chrome with like 20 tabs uses 4GB RAM… pretty sure 4GB RAM is enough for business & students

Weike Chen says:

Could you please do a comparison of surface laptop, XPS 13 and Mac Book Pro?

sary tang says:

4 gb of ram is a joke for 2017

Punith k.m Puni says:

y’s… it’s nice!

Cristian Cuevas says:

dave do you have a tutorial for do a hackintohs machine i see all your videos i like how you explain things. if you can reply thank you

Giulio Bennati says:

d2d what is your favourit laptop?

ccotunai says:

i was expecting a more detailed comparison ….

whattpoh45 says:

If is not Apple trash it, getting sick and tire of watching people trashing something just becasue is not made by Apple ….. Very good laptop from Microsoft and I will be on for buying one …

ReedDevil19 says:

Hey Dave, can you do a review of the ASUS FX502VM? It will help me a lot, thanks!

Patrick Yeh says:

Not that they cant, its just business

Luke Kitchen says:

Let me save you 4 and a half minutes. (still a good vid) no.

Gandhi The Wise says:

Good luck upgrading that plastic soldered “laptop”. Microsoft took Apple’s “limite user repairability” philosophy to a whole new level.

Dave Lee says:

Really wished the surface laptop came with 8gb ram at the base model. Still, it’s one of the prettiest looking windows laptops available. Thanks for watching 2d fam!

Rustom John Ajose says:

dave please review acer predator helios 300 please please thank you!

Mitchel Ancit says:

hey Dave can you please do a review on the Lenovo Yoga 910 4k, please?

Colridge Chestnut says:

Could you please do a review of the Lenovo Yoga 720 15 inch?

Juan Garcia says:

Didn’t you just have 100K subs… 0.o

Jelly Ninja says:

Could you review the hp omen 2017 model? Particularly the 15-ax206na 🙂

Barcelona club says:

for this price , I would get a macbook pro. I had surface pro 4 and I had problems with secreen

Symone says:

still can’t believe the surface book is $2000+. the prices are bs but probably more worth it than anything from Apple

thelbp says:

On a premium priced laptop ? nope not enough in my opinion. Also the lack of a usb-c on premium PORTABLE laptop is unacceptable.


Can you do a review on the asus zenbook ux430uq or ua?

Sina Madani says:

Am I the only one who just doesn’t get the point of these devices? The prices for the specs are insane. You can buy a decent gaming laptop for similar money that would destroy these flagships.

Andrew Lothian says:

It would be great to make a video on the best laptops for a college student that doesn’t bust the bank (1,000>)

octa ocean says:

Hi dave i am looking for a 13 inch laptop gaming between $ 800/1200

João Campanhã says:

Please make a video about the new *Acer Helio 300*!!!
Its amazing

hozzyboy says:

…..Apparently SSD is no longer impressive in 2017.

matt donlan says:

Nice overview like always, but you totally skipped over the port situation bro lol.

Prajwol Tiwari says:

hey dave,
i want to buy Acer Predator Helios 300 but i am just waiting for your review cause only your reviews seems legit
please review it plz

Satwik Singh says:

Review the new Razer Blade Stealth it has a 13.3 in screen now and looks soooo slick

Cliff Truesdell says:

Hey Dave, would getting the surface laptop with the i7 processor increase the write speed or is the best processor for it the i5 as you have? I really like it and am looking at it to replace my Asus ux305ca. Thanks

awesome BLX says:

i have a razor laptop which is not my uncles anymore coz when you start it up, the key board colors come in way like blue green and more colors but but its medium heavy doe! And MR.LEE, keep it up man! 😉

Morris Laurent says:

This stupid chink of an iSheep won’t admit that this device has better build quality than a MacBook.

Lawrence Adjei says:

Great review, I think I may buy the base model for my girlfriend. Perfect fit for her

kimoab 2017 says:

hey david i just wanna tell that the surface pro is better alot anyway i don”t like microsoft laptops ..good luck

Sneakerheadinthebay says:

One plus 3t has 6 gb ram standard .

Ricky Tan says:

Nice review. I check your channel each and everyday. When are you going to review Surface Pro 2017. specially the i5 8G 256?

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