Surface Laptop Review (2017) – Best For Students?

Microsoft Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S unboxing is simple, my review of the Surface Laptop in 2017 is here, Worth it for school or gaming? Surface Laptop vs MacBook Pro comparison is coming, but let’s see if the Surface Laptop in blue, red, or silver, is worth the money! Buy it here:

Surface Dock –

Windows 10 Pro for $30 –

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Haksdo2 says:

I think this is a horrible product. The keyboard part gets stained so easily and you get that with all laptops, but here you’ll see it like no other. Also, if there is ever anything wrong with this laptop, you’re either getting a huge repairbill or you can better throw it away. You cannot open this laptop at all without destroying the keyboard and that’s where all the components are. So not only are you unable to say upgrade the RAM or SSD, if the battery dies, the wifi card dies or whatever, you can almost throw this thing away. Absolute non-buy imo.

Top Dawg says:

You should listen to the song Desposito

Alejandro Muñoz says:

This or mackbook pro 13 out touch bar?

Jiahua Wu says:

Where can I get the wallpaper that you are using in the video.

Y M says:

Beautiful but I love my XPS 15

TheGunterCrew says:

I need just a layer of that fabric and cut it out for my surface book

John Doe says:

Yeah. Way over $500. Fuck that

daniel favela says:

review the new arc mouse

Dawnold Deway2 says:

Gimmie dat wallpaper pls

Amwag Channel says:

Great vid!

Just A Person says:

Sacrifice price, hardware and software cuz why not

V i P Reviews says:

I really wish you would consider 1080@60FPS because the content is great but the video is not smooth enough .. keep going bro!

allforapint says:


The Random Viner says:


Samson Zhang says:

Windows 10 S being a bottleneck is bullshit. You can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in literally two and a half minutes. You might as well say that Microsoft Edge is a bottleneck because it takes two and a half minutes to install Chrome.

J Griff says:

dom just wanted you to know when I’ve had a really crap day at work your vids pick me up at home, top stuff brother (from the UK)

Chandler Senior says:

Great Vid Dom! Do you think this would be good for a user who has been on Mac all there life, but wants a Microsoft product experience?

Marco Cousins says:

Rocking that logic tee

Gaell Gallegos says:

Secind 222

Chris Keo says:

Got the blue one…..dam its smooth

Victor says:

So this is a good laptop for browsing the web, watching videos… everything you can do on a cheap laptop and even on your smartphone, and all of this amazing for only $999+

Jay Y says:

The best laptop for students is the Surface Pro. You would have an almost impossible uphill battle to argue otherwise.

Matthew Jardine says:

Awesome laptop, but a perfect example of form over function. iFixit has given it a very poor repairability rating, as you have to actually remove the Alcantera fabric to get int the machine. There is no way to get in from behind.

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