Surface Laptop 2 review one month later: A subtle but surprisingly solid update

With 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs, high-res touch display with pen support, and a premium build, the Surface Laptop 2 is a great choice for anyone who needs a clamshell notebook. See at Microsoft:

Surface Laptop 2 Review:

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Mario I/O says:

No usb C/thunderbolt in 2018 for an high end device? No thanks.

Jay B says:

Most people still don’t need USB-C.

Alex Hein says:

i know this is a stupid question, but my mac desktop from 2011 doesn’t have a good enough graphics card for world of warcraft, is this one good enough for it? my old computer has an intel i5 i believe but i don’t know for sure

Ileri Dosunmu says:

How does this compare to the Matebook X Pro.

Alex McCaffrey says:

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is way better. That’s the laptop to beat. The Surface Pro can get away with few ports as no tablets have many but this is embarrassing for a laptop. Still it’s obvious Microsoft is deliberately holding back for a major refresh next year.

Dennis Smit says:

In the video you mentioned 100% Adobe sRGB?

I think you mean 100% sRGB because AdobeRGB and sRGB are different color spaces. So now raises the question for the creatively / content creation people, how much % is de AdobeRGB color space on the Surface Laptop 2?

피카츄연희동 says:

is the Platinum version going to be that bad? I’m sad already

Ackel Mosely says:

Great review bro

Argus Taveras says:

Why must they have fabric on the keyboard area? Always gets filled with jizz let’s be honest

dominic miller says:

I love keyboard sounds

ChrisMags says:

I bought the surface laptop 2 I7 8g, this is the first laptop I have bought in approx 5 years and I think the laptop is amazing. The laptop is very smooth, very nice to touch and use, it’s user friendly and the keyboard is very comfortable. The USB C doesn’t bother me to much as I don’t use USB C that much but I can understand why it would be a issue for some. Would prefer this over anthing apple!

roy a j says:

Any backlight bleeding or glow? Nice review BTW.

cocoy 09 says:

USB-C for charging and data…. That would make this laptop the “perfect laptop”.

Astarag Mohapatra says:

Y series and U series does not have much difference.

TaeNyFan says:

Great review, pleasant to watch. No cringy acting involved like most of the other reviews haha

bringer of things says:

I wonder if this guy has ever used an apple product, he’s really into the cult of Microsoft, using edge…. smh the fuk

Uchiha Itachi says:

Please please review the new Asus zenbook

Grumpy Robin says:

Huawei Matebook X Pro just wipes the floor with this….

Football Highlights HD says:

Everything is better in black

Kaloyan Stoyanov says:

Does it have coil whine?

Dylan Coffel says:

If you could enunciate your words, that’d be amazing. Thanks.

January Fire says:

NO USB-C..????????????????????? USB-C!?!?!?

Ashreeti Sharma says:

Wait, so will this version’s i5 have more battery life than i7?

Matt Cowles says:

Nobodies complaining about an hdmi. Mini display port still? Really?

Ali C. says:

This video was just a video which made me want to get the Asus zenbook instead

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