Surface Laptop 2 Review: Nearly perfect

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The Surface Laptop 2 refines an already solid formula. With sleek design, a great keyboard, and plentiful ports, it’s only held back by a few stubborn design decisions.

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asphyxiafeeling says:

I T ‘ S L I T !

lampini says:

4:33-4:45 someone needs to make a gif of this

Victor Tubandt says:

So, your typing will wake up your neighbors? You live in a cardboard box?

Shashank Saxena says:

All y’all did was go through Chrome and file explorer

Miro Vida says:

OMG, complaining about magsafe type connector? That’s one of it’s best features. Getting power disconnected while bumping/moving may one day save the laptop. Ask Apple users how they feel about losing theirs.

Jonathan Jong says:

i watched this while i was high and it was trippy

Sunandar Adekusumo says:

Hah? Flight from New York to Asia? how racist!

clouds5 says:

It’s a great product all around but I really can’t recommend a device without USB-C in late 2018.

Lucas Velasco says:

JUST LIKE MAGSAFE ALL OVER AGAIN….. what was wrong with magsafe?

tanoli 8 says:

What is it with all the tech reviewers starting their sentences at high excited pitch and then dozing off into quietude towards the end leaving you with a sense of mystery as to how that sentence must’ve ended

VytenisR1 says:

Please try to install Skype on your next laptop review, many thanks

RANDOM says:

use new macbook(if money is not your issue…)

Nikolay Osnach says:

I think it is good that charging cable doesn’t draw the laptop from a table if kids running around pull the cable.
Why don’t you compare it with ThinkPad Carbon X1?

Ary Upadhana says:

Do you never try a thing called Macbook?

L. GT says:

Girl it’s probably better the charger fall off easily so your fatass don’t accidentally pick it up too quickly and damaged the DC jack

Om Shukla says:

Wow this review showed me nothing. Also complaining about lack of a usb C is pointless. The magsafe cable is much safer and I’d rather have that disconnect often than tug on a shitty usb c cable and bend it

Kairat Galiyev says:

And no fingerprint scanner?

Pashlit L says:

I am Apple and I approve this review.

Vinsensius Gracia says:

Is her alcoholic or drug?

Harsh Vaghela says:

I came here just to see comment section…aaand that did’t disappoint me. 😀

DJR says:

Jeez, you guys are so harsh down here.

ibookje says:

What a terrible ‘review’. Still don’t have a clue what this machine does and does not after watching it…

jonathon rosalia says:

so its a windows version of the old MacBook Air with a maybe better cpu and modern screen that runs windows and has a cloth covering that I would ruin in a week?

Andrej Začka says:

she failed to mention repairability score of 0/10 (10 being the best repairability) according to ifixit …
what a weird review.. no tech data just some feelings 😀

Snitch says:

Next time…Less of your face, more of the laptop

John Smith says:

Like a paid advertisement done by a bad actress who’s struggling to imitate her instructor …. the words go in one direction and her character goes in a different one …. bad acting , they’ve done it on the cheap without enough rehearsing

Luis Gochoco says:

wtf? steam? install? wtf? Dave Lee would be proud

pa na says:

I hope they add a usb-c connector (preferably thunderbolt) in the next iteration, because why not, but I hope even more that they keep the power connector. Having a magnetic power connector beats usb-c every day, for me at least. And honestly, I’ve never been in the situation where I missed a usb c connector.

DJR says:

Can someone explain to me who this is for? Like why would you get the Surface Laptop or the SurfaceBook over the regular Surface or SurfacePro? I don’t really get it.

The ZGX says:

To be honest i like Surface Laptop 2 but i hate this video, this is not review !!

constantinos schinas says:

nearly perfect except from alcantara becoming growse from greases dirt in a few months and being practically irepairable and not upgradeable.

Gavin Ellis says:

Super annoying review.

M4st3rm1nd says:

you need to get rid of the mole(s)

Clarissa Claudia says:

In my opinion I think her review quite good in term of detail about pro and cons for Surface Laptop 2 and her sound very pleasant I don’t why many of you guys really hate her so much…

Oh Snap says:

this feels like a laptop review by cnn or smthing

totok gendeng says:

its only a 7 minute review but feels llike 7 years…

Hesitation _US7 says:

“oh it can’t last from new york to asia on a flight” i hope it can’t because that would be insane anyway.

kuna D says:

more more of this.

Mehra Ahsan says:

What’s with the comment section? So much toxic misogyny

bizmonkey007 says:

I might get the 1st Gen. I’m a writer and this seems like a better way to go than a MacBook. For power users it’s kind of a bummer

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