Surface Book 2 Review – The Most Powerful 2 in 1 Laptop!

Dave2D review of the new Microsoft Surface Book 2. The best laptop and tablet 2-in-1 of 2017!
13″ Surface Book 2 –
15″ Surface Book 2 –

Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 laptop/tablet is a great looking hybrid device with the perfect hardware for power hungry consumer. The surface book 2 can be purchased with an i7 Intel Core processor, GTX 1050 or GTX 1060, 267 PPI PixelSense Display, 17 hour battery life and up to 16GB of RAM. The flexibility of the laptop and tablet mode can come in handy for many situations and can be the perfect solution for students looking for a lightweight, strong 2 in 1. The lack of a thunderbolt 3 port does limit it’s ability to connect to external GPU’s and multiple 4k displays.

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Francisco Rojas says:

tooo sexy. its a lean, mean machine. i think its worth the price but most joes me included cant make use of its full potential.

Mangocraft says:

First of all, you can just get a laptop with thunderbolt 3 port and connect a gpu there.. And, microsoft can do this since it’s their OS..

Kishen Pankhania says:

Great device, especially the 15 inch one, but there is a reason they refuse to include thunderbolt 3, and its the same reason the surface studio doesn’t have one, both devices have exceptional screens and a touchscreen experience that no one else has, however both also have very weak hardware for the base models and mediocre hardware on the highest end. If it was to have a thunderbolt port, many people would buy it and connect it to an external pc/more powerful laptop which would be significantly cheaper, and that also stops people upgrading when they release newer hardware.

Jad Yammine says:

Hi dave, well in the discussion tab in your channel there is a lot of people asking for yoga 720 15 inch review, can you do it please ? The yoga 720 15 inch has 1050 7700hq and tb3 while it is a convertible with great battery life. THIS IS THE DREAM! What do you think ? Thanks.

Volkan Gok says:

Could you please make a review of the asus rog gd30ci gaming desktop?

MEUProductions says:

Can someone for the love of God review this device from a creative professional’s perspective. I just want to see someone running Photoshop and layer masking on it. Everyone is knocking on this device for the price tag. The difference between this and a MacBook Pro is essentially the price of a Wacom tablet. I just want to know if this is basically a Wacom Cintiq on the go.

Kenneth Chea says:

Are the ones on amazon used?

Controversy Owl says:

It’s expensive because there’s essentially no competition?

Nighty night, I’m not planning on working 7 days a week to throw money away.

Weichuan Xu says:

Still looks like the 1st gen to me. I love my surface book btw, despite of the heating problem.

sherwin betonta says:

That’s indeed the best color. my nextbit robin agrees with that..

CommonTech Sense says:

What do you think about the new hp spectre x360 for video editing instead of Dell xps 13?

Pedro Prego says:

Not having TB3 is a deal breaker. I’d actually ~be willing to pay the 2.5k they ask but no TB3?!? That is just being stubborn (or stupid I don’t know). I’ll most likely go for the Yoga 920 due to this fact. Btw, are you going to review the Yoga 920? That would be really cool.

Samuel On says:

I have the highest end surface book the original and honestly its not that great. Its still glitchy to this day and throttles at random times. Im a windows fan but it bugs me that it was 3.5kcad.

Aditya Sharma says:

Your all videos are so simple and beautiful that i watched more than 25 of them in 2 days

Weiyu Sun says:

Hi, Dave . I have a question . I just bought dell XPS 15 with 4 K screen, because I saw your video. I found 4 k screen makes my eyes sour ! Can you give me some advice ? What should I do ?

FE59FE59 says:

Well I gave you a like but I had to take it back because you don’t understand the meaning of a magnetic power port! If you trip over the cable, that expensive Surface won’t fall on the ground, it snaps loose from the device!!! +Dave Lee

Edmond Kwok says:

Dave, really wanna hear your thoughts on the Aero 15X.

Andgamespace C says:

1:50 I agree

stephen au-yeung says:

should I get the Book2 or Surface Laptop?

Dylan Schultz says:

Hi Dave,

The reason they didn’t include a Thunderbolt 3 port is because the “u” series processors only have 12 PCIe lanes, with only a single 4-lane channel (which is used by the dGPU). You see the Razer Blade, etc. using a dGPU+Thunderbolt 3 because the HQ series processors have 16 lanes, with 2 4-lane channels.

It’s unfortunate, but there’s really nothing they could have done if they still wanted to include a dGPU. I think they made the right choice.

Academic Maniac says:

Hi Dave, I was wondering whether you’d be reviewing the HP Zbook X2 when it comes out? It’s supposed to be a creative workstation so not sure if you will ever get around to it.

Simon Mayer says:

why does no one mention the bad way the keyboards backlight looks? very uneven and somehow cheap?

Rahul Verma says:

that hinge looks so nice

Frank Murphy says:

Could you check out Acer Swift 3 with MX150 inside for 729$? Looks nice

robbyrazzer says:

What is defined as “heavy GPU activity”? would this kaby lake R CPU be good for apps such as CAD, autodesk, adobe illustrator?

Zackery Toler says:

What happens if you already subscribed? Do you subscribe again? Always love these videos.

7MoHaK7 says:

Review the gigabyte Aero 15x, pls……

James Mcintyre says:

Can we have a dell xps 15 vs Surface book 2 smackdown?

Jezza Lenko says:

how can this not be a good choice for gaming… DICK.

Dave Lee says:

Really solid device from Microsoft this year. A bit on the pricey side but an excellent option for the right user. Thanks for watching!
p.s – One of the graphs has a mislabeled CPU. It should be a i7-8650U

Chan Sinyong says:

Could you do a review on MSI PL60 7RD-001? i thinking to buy it, or just give me some advise here will also do

Ant Papillo says:

do a review on Asus Zenbook UX430UQ 14″ FHD i7 512GB SSD 16GB GT 940MX 2GB Gaming Ultrabook, please!!!!!

Risla Naffas says:

Really, really, wanted this – or even surface book itself. But I suppose I wouldnt use that much power – just about 3/4 of it. Bought an Acer Aspire R15 – less storage but thin, light, powerful, cheap, a large screen. And 2 in 1. As much as I hate touching a keyboard on the bottom that almost all convertibles have – except this and Dell XPS 12.5 (which was so cool to have)

The Game Zone says:

Dave just gives off those really nice guy vibes.

Shahriar Dhruvo says:

PLZ pLZ do a video on Xiaomi Mi Notebook pro just do it already……………..

Kerem Yildirimer says:

Hey Dave, Asus Zenbook Flip 14 and 15 have launched, will you make a review?

MrCaffebene says:

Can anyone confirm if this second generation version has a rubber gasket support around the screen corners?

Steve Jobs says:

13’ and 15’
Sounds familiar?

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