Surface Book 2 15-inch review: The ultimate Windows laptop

Microsoft did more than just make the 15-inch Surface Book 2 bigger. It also made it one of the most powerful laptops on the market that can do almost anything. Here is why this may be the best laptop ever. See at Microsoft:

Written Review:

Surface Book 2 13-inch Review:

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Barr Chan says:

What about heavy working situation? Im a designer, usually the laptop running 16~20 hours per day , Im a bit worry the battery aging problem. My laptop m3800 run 2.5 years now just change a battery.

Saad Kidwai says:

Always love your reviews Daniel!!!!!! Thank you so much for both the reviews. I’m pushing more towards the 13 inch model!

UTD _ says:

i got the performance based, im going to wait and see how Surface brand goes and snap up a Surface book 2, 3 or 4 in the future save a bit of money 🙂 Laptop of the future.

BackForwardPunch says:

30 FPS on DOOM, that’s called out as good?

Muesluem Altioglu says:

15 inch makes no sense bei 3:2 Aspect Ratio.

EggyRepublic says:

1) why the fuck was clock speed mentioned before core count?
2) why the fuck is battery life put in the highest position of importance? this is a laptop for performance, not ultrabook usage
3) where the fuck was gt 940m gddr5 on the GPU list?
4) why the fuck was there no mention of the base clock? 4.2 GHz is just single core turbo boost
5) why the fuck do you even need to know the # of hours? as he said, it is dynamic, all you need to know is battery capacity and the fact that a 20 watt CPU and 70 watt GPU is used. go figure for yourself
6) if you are computer illiterate, that is a sign you don’t need this laptop.

pharaohosam says:

I just got a first gen Surface Book i7 at a discounted price and the thing absolutely zips along with nary a stutter. I use a ton of Photoshop and Premier on it. Laptop perfection. So I can’t even imagine how epic this 15″ Surface Book 2’s performance is in real life. Great review from Dan as always.

Michael Kristensen says:

Nice review, awesome giveaway 🙂

Chris Cheng says:

Is there a reason why upgrading the 15 inch model from 252 gb to 512 gb of storage costs an additional $400?

Kevin Ozoria says:

What mouse was that in the intro?


Multiple reviews have confirmed that the SB2 draws more power than the 102-W charger can supply when under mixed load. Worse, MS is claiming this is a ‘feature’. I think that puts the nail in the coffin of this being the ultimate laptop.

Rehan Arshad says:

Great review. Answered all my questions.

I want to get my hands on this device but unfortunately so far it hasn’t been released in Middle East.. 🙁

Jeong-hun Sin says:

He looks like a hobo… On the other hand he has an expensive Surface 2 which I cannot afford.

Tiga says:

I’d imagine you can’t game on this long before it throttles right?

Some Random Guy says:

How does this compare to the XPS 15 9560?

Aiden Hall says:

Yeah if you only made 15″ available outside US…..

Rafal Soboczynski says:

such a shame they use last years i5 processors, for those who are not bothered about i7 version.

Matthew Herrington says:

Good job

Coen says:

Stopped watching when i saw star wars. How to see a movie spoiler free nowadays.

JimmyL Gaming says:

The placement of the headphone jack is ridiculous, put two headphones jacks on it if necessary

Tedahwooga says:

Keep up the great reviews Dan!!

Nikolai Vidal says:

I subscribed

Claudio Cappadona says:

what is the max tdp of gpu? did you measured it? thankss

Joseph Douglas says:

I currently have the Surface Book with a Performance Base at max Specs.. I LOVE this device. Aside from a few pesky bugs (mainly with detachment) – I can’t think of a better machine. All that said, I’m gearing up to sell this one or gift it in order to upgrade to a new 1TB Surface Book 2. I spend a lot of time working on 3D Designs and then presenting designs to partners and clients, so I expect this to be the perfect companion for me. Thanks for the great review, and props to Microsoft for coming out with a strong second iteration of an already best in class laptop.

Christopher Yiwei Liang says:

I would consider this if it is not for the 3:2 aspect ratio. For gaming, 3:2 is just no. And besides better gaming performance, this laptop is not as good as my dell

Bilal Ahmed says:

This is the first time I saw your review and I am very impressed. You covered all the aspects. You got a new subscriber :p

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