Serious Gaming Laptop for $800 – Dell Inspiron Gaming 15 2017

Dell’s 2017 Inspiron Gaming 15 7000 Series 7567 (OMG) might have a stupid name, but it’s got solid specs and build quality at a fair price!

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Pixel Jake says:

Right now tgat laptop is only $300

Mr_r0073r says:

great video. ma buying this laptop lol

Osazuu says:

I got the one with the 1050, and, its ok. But I have a Vive, and it ran SteamVR just fine for awhile, but now it isn’t working anymore. Ik the minimum is a 1060, but my 1050 was fine for awhile but now it sux for vr. Pls help ;-;

Blade III says:

Best laptop for me and i really dont mind thickness

rstoneelf15 says:

my brother is looking to buy a laptop at around the £800 mark thats how i found this video. But as this video came out last year could you recommend some other laptops that i should get him to have a look at. he has just finished uni and now replacing his old laptop for one just for gaming. any help would be great 🙂

All Tube says:

watching this on the same laptop as in the video.
Buy it straight from the dell website . I got mine from there

TachankaTHICC says:

I actually have this. For some reason, I only get 60FPS.
Jk, I get 60 for Battlefield 1 lmao.
It’s max is at least 120

Depressed K_ngchq says:

I shall get the 999$ one

The Tupolev Tu-160 says:

Is the hard drive bay 2.5 in.?

Aziz Sghaier says:

My cousin is getting this today . Fuck ….

Space Dandy says:

I got a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 with an i7 7700hq, 16GB RAM, GTX 1050ti, IPS display, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $899 on Newegg. Ichose it for the price and appearance. Pretty satisfied with my only real complaint being the panel in mine only having a 52% sRGB accuracy.

Depressi0n says:

I have one of those, the hinge broke within a week lmaoo

Johnny A. says:

I know what I’m going to do on this Dell gaming laptop! Finally I can run Super Mario Sunshine on dolphin emulator…

tachy tech says:

In my dell inspiron 7567 why does it show 8gb of graphic memory when i check display settings???

BullSh!t Gaming says:

I have one of these and I cannot recommend it. It has a horrible battery, it’s heavy af, the screen is dim and bad, the gpu doesn’t even help. It’s not worth it.

Chas4739 says:

I have a more expensive version than this, i7 and 2 hard drives. Served me very well my first year at college 🙂 highly recommend

Stupid Gaming YT says:

i game fine on a dell inspiron 13 ryzen 7

Isaac Hoque says:

But does it run Minecraft?

Scansy says:

Is this laptop still worth it in 2018 ?

ClinaTiC says:

Why is his nails coloured

Nuclear Walnut says:

lol im watching this on one

TheMightyHacker says:

i wish mine was red instead of black. it jus5 stands out more

Liam Ashton says:

That screen is a deal breaker for me. Really bad.

Brian Sharkey says:

I own this computer and do not at all recommend it for the main problem that it cant run a lot of games at max settings.

Nicole Galler says:

Buy me one im poor

Provenom100 says:

Just ordered mine I’m actually so excited I can’t wait the next 3 days

Young Ake says:

I got it for $700 plus $50 tax

Eli The Guy says:

How well dose it run Fortnite

TK Ent. says:

Love it till this day

Ivan Sandev says:

I’m having some serious lag on the 4K version of this laptop. Windows lag is present at all times. Programs run quite slow. If I set the resolution to 1080p and 100% scalling, most of the issues are gone. I think this mostly happens because of the Nvidia Optimus technology. I’ve tried setting the dedicated GPU as default (both on global and application level), updating all drivers, but the issue still remains.

If someone is having the same problem, or has a solution for it, reply down below.

vnc123 says:

Linus, can you please review the one with IPS display?

Joe King says:

should I go for i5 6th gen/8gb ram/1tb hard drive or i5 7th gen/4gb ram/500gb hard drive??? both r dell.

The Legend says:

First this. Then a red iPhone 8

SYFICO • says:

Everyone saying a desktop and a Chromebook is the best solution.. The parts to get a complete desktop setup & a Chromebook will roughly be the same amount of money, if not even more. I am not exaggerating with this.

JEЯRY DAGA Vlogs says:

Sir can you review this following..
• Dell Inspiron 7588 (G7)
• Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018)
• Xiaomi Gaming Laptop (1060 ver.)
• Lenovo Y720

TooRightGaming says:

My Insprion is IPS

Kyuuki says:

This is my laptop
I love it

OωO master says:

My history sub has one of these

SYFICO • says:

Is this the same?

ztheasian says:

Should I get this or an acer aspire 5??

D J says:

Lol I actually got this a few days ago. Great laptop. Not the best of course but it does the job.

vicky kumar says:

It is best in class….to have it.but in 2018 the prices become cheaper because of 8th gen. So go 8th gen instead of 7th.

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