Razer Blade Pro 2017 120Hz Gaming Laptop Review (1080p with GeForce GTX 1060)

This is a review sample but I put it through some tests in Quake and it came up a little short… you can still be very competitive with it, but it’s more for casual fun so you can easily take your system to friends’ places or wherever you can plug it in (the battery won’t last too long given how much this will drain it).

For that kind of use, this is by far the best laptop I’ve used, and with FL Studio 12 included, it would actually be perfect for me.

Really enjoyed it, wish I could keep it, but sending it back so that’s why the review is a bit less in depth than I’d like.

It’s also available in the 4K model with a 1080 in it, but this is the 120Hz 1080p model.

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MoxTheBoom says:

ohhhh… and on my stupid ASUS laptop that doesn’t even spin fans up a bit i got loke 15fps on QC xD

Nazo says:

That battery life would be a dealbreaker if I was gonna get this, makes sense though considering the 120hz

MarioGamesBg says:

i have a rival 110 and i got 60 ms 1 time. That was…. That was lucky

Savoyer Economics says:

This version doesn’t come with the low-profile mechanical keyboard?

Richárd Miklós says:

They still couldn’t fix the menu in QC 😀 That’s why the laptop is dying.

cynergy says:

Seeing a laptop review by Zy on my notifications was a pleasant surprise 😀
keep up with the good work 🙂

Ruben Sargsyan says:

Will you review the naga trinity? There is only one very mediocre review on youtube

E1M1Phobos says:

Great video! Did you test the fan noice on any other programs, like Chrome. How about during downloads?

UnLoro says:

High latency gaming pc, lick my ass razer

god says:

Damn dude almost 100k..remember finding you on some esreality toic when you had like 200 subs

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

For those interested, here is a picture of the benchmark results: http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/images/razerbladeprobenchmark.jpg

Chuan Sonn says:

I dont know which lefthander would use their left hand for their mouse, because its so impractical because like everything is made for righthanders( im a lefthander myself)

Jonathan Ng says:

Why don’t you go PrO?

Ramin Asd says:

5:03 what is this stutter? lol

ItsToAsT says:


Rain RedFox says:

Which one is good? G502 (wired) or razer basilisk (wired)?
Another comparement, which one is good? Razer Lancehead (wired) or G900?

My main game is FPS then MMORPG as second gaming.
My hand’s length is 18.5 cm, width is 10 cm.
My Priority is sensor, 2nd the shape, 3rd buttons. 4th weight. (For mouse spec)

My current mouse is razer mamba TE (wired) (got abit trouble with sensor when aiming or little swing, and shape just abit uncomfortable also i prefer mouse that big size in the back and then goes small size on the front)

I need your suggestion. Please 🙂 Btw love your videos… very detail.

steven says:

the best gaming laptop review ever !

shadow_wolf21 69 says:

Great videos as always,u da best

OmegaPerfekt says:

can you review the mouse : Asus ROG Spatha ? would be lovely to see some high paste in game action with that mouse, just to see if its possible since of the high weight 😀

Dorianek says:


Jack Wills says:

Not bad for your first laptop review! If you do any more of these in future I think some extra information would need to be added. I think telling us all the specs, how upgradeable it is, the price, and also adding in a cpu benchmark, gpu benchmark, and some thermals would make it a more well rounded review – otherwise it was a good job 🙂

Daniel Maycock says:

Looks a nice laptop. I’ve been umming and arr-ing about getting a new laptop. This sounds pretty good so might look into it further.

Jonathan Ng says:

Mouse pad recommendation videos please

[SD] Criq says:

Laptop reviews cost too much, so I’m not gonna do them – Zy on Discord

then we get this video

LaPtOP rEVieWs cOsT tOO mUCh

jordi church says:

Ayy first laptop review, nice job!

DR4GONCYD3 says:

are you an author?

Ulfsark says:

How do you make your music? It seems interesting to try.

EASperts says:

Zy, are you going to review the Razer phone? Or not

GXSR 1000 says:

half a year and this laptop is dead like any razer device

Noor Hafifi says:

Receiving a demo unit from a company proves that you’re one of the greatest reviewer out there!

Phúc Nguyễn Thế says:

Not see this coming at all !

Richard Hunter says:

I really like the design, but noise and thermals are massive pet peeves for me…

raphaelpapast says:

Almost 100k 😀

Paradoxum says:

Remember your promise of face reveal (present) when you hit 100k Zy!

Mikael Hadad says:

This srsly cant be your First Laptop review … Too good 😀

Saturn 01 says:

Your so close to 100k Subs , congrats man your one of if not the best tech review channel I have ever come across .Thank you for helping the community 🙂

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