Razer Blade 2018 Gaming Laptop Review – Worth the price?

The new Razer Blade 2018 is a thin and powerful gaming laptop with impressive specs, but is it worth it for the price? In this review I’ve tested gaming performance, overclocking, temperature tests, undervolting, battery life, system noise levels and more to give you an overall picture of what’s on offer to help you decide if it’s a laptop you should consider buying.

Check pricing and further reviews at Amazon:
1060 Max-Q | 60Hz FHD | 256GB: https://amzn.to/2A90T4H
1060 Max-Q | 144Hz FHD | 512GB: https://amzn.to/2uPoQsF
1070 Max-Q | 144Hz FHD | 256GB: https://amzn.to/2LkfBv0
1070 Max-Q | 144Hz FHD | 512GB (model featured in this video): https://amzn.to/2LNjCUL
1070 Max-Q | 4K Touch | 512GB: https://amzn.to/2A7ItBd

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Amarpreet Brar says:

Please make a video of Microsoft surface book 2

Madherchod Pakistan says:

Jarrod please do p.c build under 1100$

Jim Tan says:

Can you do benchmarks when MH World comes out on Aug 9? Wanna see how good it can run. Nice vid btw 🙂

Ahmed360 says:

Are you going to review Lenovo Y530?

amr al hosainy says:

Great review as always…can you make a benchmark comparison between (8th gen i7/gtx 1070 max q) laptop and a (7th gen i7/gtx 1070) laptop? That would be great…if you can also make the 7th gen msi ge63 that would be a nice bonus as ive just ordered that one but its not here yet

James Pollock says:

Still waiting for the MSI GF63 review, no hate towards u tho i love ur channel

Harshil Sheth says:

Pls… review on lenovo legion y530

blocksterz says:

For much much much less I’ve got the Nitro 5 with also 16gigs and 512ssd ..the 1050ti is just doing great with all given tasks

Adam Michael says:

Temp is too high. Fuck that.

Devansh Arora says:

Hey ! I really loved your review 🙂
just one question , do you think I should buy macbook for $800 more ?
and lastly do you think ips bleed is a deal breaker ?

BY the way I am a pilot trainee and I will be coming to Aus for my Flying so yep I will love to meet you if possible 🙂

Randy Burhan says:

This review is so long yet so interesting to watch because of so much detail, can you review MSI PS42?

Erotus Nguyen says:

Hi Jarod. Great review as always, cheers <3

Would you mind making a video indicating top gaming laptops in budget specifically in Australia ?

Tom T says:

Fantastic review video Jarrod, informative and I really enjoyed it. Excellent tests and analysis, hopefully those subs come fast and furious, you deserve them!

Prophet says:

Why don’t they sell this in aus?

Frank Luo says:

New sub here. Ridiculous Australia prices for $1000usd budget gaming laptops like Dell g7, HP omen 15, for gtx1060 256g ssd, 8750h, 144hz, they are all priced around $2500aud. They make $3000 MSI gs65 thin or gigabyte aero 15 look great value. Or Macbook pro 15. Why is that

Star MC says:

Yo dude I heard razer blade’s laptop have a crap ton of problem like display going out and power adapter problem. Check the razer subreddit, there’s a ton of problems with the customer support too. How is yours ? Have you encountered any problem? I’ve been rooting to buy one for minimal usage mainly on desk like most of the day, I really don’t wanna have any problems at all with it

thomas george says:

Awesome review man :), I’m just wondering if you will include the Zephyrus M in your comparison video?

Hong Sakada says:

Please review the Strix Scar II GTX1070 after this model.

skirmich says:

Nice! another excellent review!! I am noticing how your quality is increasing on each video, I hope you get far!!

Zachary Goterch says:

The lack of storage slots is really going to limit what anyone can do with this laptop, with only one M.2 slot. Unless you don’t play too many games, or don’t care about uninstalling and reinstalling, I really wouldn’t go for this. Upgrading from 512 GB is not cheap either, with 2 TB M.2 SSDs being around $400, even higher if you plan on going the NVMe route; and let’s be honest here, 512 GB really isn’t enough nowadays. Yeah, there’s always external storage solutions, but that’s one extra thing to carry around, and I’m guessing not many people looking at this laptop has a NAS setup in their homes.

Red army says:

my 800$ laptop is alot better than this.

Amait Vikram Bharadwaj says:

HI Jarrod, can you please review lenovo legion 700p

crxtodd16 says:

Dang… I wish they had a non-Max Q gpu available!

M83 Collective says:

Is the one m.2 slot an addition to the base level storage? For some reason I have it in my head that if i want to upgrade the storage I’ll need to see out the m.2 the laptop came with.

Alberto Gomes says:

Hey @Jarrod’sTech, i’m going to buy a laptop in a few weeks and i’ve not decided the best choice yet. I’m an architecture student so i want it mainly for work but i want to be able to play some games as well. what do you recommend? also, my budget goes up to 1500 euros as i am from Portugal

Cheers mate, and thank you for your awesome content

astec23 says:

Great channel bro. Enjoyed these laptop reviews

Connor Hayes says:

Laptops in Aus are stupidly expensive

Eluandar says:

12:55 Shouldn’t the colors of Single and Multi Core be vice versa?


please review on lenovo legion y530

Tiffany Chen says:

can do u alienware 15 review.

Complicatedrage says:

The keyboard’s up arrow key is wedged between ? and shift

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