Razer Blade 2017 Gaming Laptop Review

Razer is marketing its latest 14-inch Blade gaming laptop as “Powerful. Portable. Perfect.” After going hands-on with it over the past few days, our responses are: kind of, yes, and definitely no.

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Samuel Gibson says:

great laptop but dear lord their customer service is laughably bad. Buy if you think you’ll never need them.

2nd Generation says:

Only costs an arm and a leg! No really, cut it off and mail it in.

Harleigh19 says:

Who the fuck is stupid enough to pay over 2 THOUSAND dollars for this shit?

Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

I am enjoying the video, but I think you have it wrong, and Razer uses NVME drievs, no way you can get to 1.5Gbs+ without being NVME. what is also true is that in some drives, teh larger the drive the faster it becomes, so I think you are double-counting against teh small drive in teh razer…again, a technicallity, but Razer has nvme drives I think,

Joakim Berg says:

And i’m here with my 72gb harddrive… Spoiled kids.

Croz Raven says:

This is a gaming laptop, not a gaming PC. people could be misguided.

Lil Birdy 2k says:

could I get a sub, I stream 2k?

Give Me A Smile says:

Nice but overpriced as predicted. Build your own PC, Ryzen 5 1600 overclocked, 16gb 3000Mhz+ RAM, SSD & HDD combo, B350 mobo, simple decent PSU & case & a video card you can afford. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

tohaklim says:

Razer has gotten good at charging extortionate prices for chassis. If only it had a 1070

Michael Simpson says:

Will a razer core help and of these problems and what do you think is the best razer laptop

UnbiasedGamer says:

The bezel looks too large. One problem I have with gaming laptops are heating issues; if you’re playing FPS, then the WASD keys get hot sometimes. Also Razer should’ve at least gave it 1TB of storage.

Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

I liked your video, but the intro needs work… you started with three statements, “Powerful, Portable and Perfect” but then gave only two answers, “Yes, and definitely No”. you must mean, not perfect, but you cannot seriously say No to portability. So a better voice over woudl have been, .”Yes…Yes…but definitely No”.
good graphics and editing,

lonewolfreaper21 says:

hey thang! haha you pretty thang. 😉

GameSpot says:

How does the Razer Blade 2017 look to you?

Depressed Electronics says:

Cant wait to sell my kidney for this!

Painmace says:

Its my birthday today, just wanted to inform you all

SoUtH MeMpHiS says:


Michael Simpson says:

Cause I’m looking to buy a razer gaming laptop and I want to know which one is the best

A New Day says:

The people who complain about the price are the ones who can’t afford it

Ali Lawal says:

I feel dizzy after watching this

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