PowerSpec 1510 Laptop Review GTX 1070

What’s up guys, here is my review on the new PowerSpec 1510 laptop from Micro Center. This laptop is almost identical to the Clevo P650. Lets find out and see if it’s worth picking up.

Thanks for watching guys. Sorry for the delay on videos. I’ve been very busy. Stay tuned for more laptop reviews. 😁


15.6″ Full HD IPS with G-Sync @ 60hz
Samsung 250GB 960 EVO NVMe SSD
Intel Core i7-7700HQ
NVIDIA GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5

Retail $1499 but it’s currently on sale for $1299. That’s an incredible price! I will keep this video updated with any sale or promotions. Stay tuned. Thanks 😁



Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

6.5 pounds for 15 inch laptop is insane if you ask me. workstation class laptops like HP Zbook 15, Lenovo P50; Dell Precision 7510 are about 5.6-6 pounds; don’t know what PowerSpec is doing with the additional pound.

Chestnut Pudding says:

Damn, it’s been a long time since your last video.

Race Master says:

review 1070 with overwatch? that’s shit game

Abdelrahman Tarek says:

I think this’s the best laptop for the money you have ever reviewed

Nathan Buffington says:

Can’t thank you enough for this review, it’s extremely well done on a product that hasn’t been covered enough. Just picked it up!

Nick Le says:

What’s the refresh rate? 120hz?

jhmthebest777 says:

Why is the laptop cheaper than the other clevo resellers (xoticpc, hidevolution, etc)? Is the quality of the chassis or screen panel cheaper?

nyc0053 says:

Nice laptop! The web camera is fantastic!

Kujokouklos says:

Excellent review! Please note that your speakers are not deffective. I have an older CLEVO with the same “ONKYO” speakers (the 960m model from two years ago) and the speakers at 100% are very low even for random use. I use the laptop with an external bluetooth speaker however and the problem is solved. I have been buying CLEVO variants from 2008, these machines are beasts, very budget friendly and I have encountered absolutely ZERO problems from all my computers. I am waiting for the next generation of GPUs to replace my current machine and I will for sure look for a CLEVO model again.

Julian Blanco says:

Hey just saying someone stole your video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzp9NeADy1E

Yavor Moskov says:

I have a question. Someone at Micro center told me there are 4 slots for ram in this laptop but when you opened it in the video I see only 2. Can you elaborate? Thanks.

jimmy Scudder says:

i got one yesterday and WOW this bad boy is a freaking beast!!!! i have 0 problems with it and the speed is insane as well as the graphics are so beautiful you almost forget your in a game instead of actually being in the game in real life 🙂 best $1,299 i have ever spent. for the price you can not go wrong with this laptop at all i love it and recommend it to all people looking to get a gaming laptop. for the price it beats all systems with a 1070 gtx hands down from laptops to desktops.

GudJuJu says:

Just got the 1710 model for $1169 at my local MicroCenter! For anyone curious about this laptop, it is an absolute monster. The panel on the 1710 is EASILY overclockable to 100hz. Perfect for any hardcore gamer on the go like myself. On Siege I average over 100fps with absolutely no problems. The laptop is an absolute monster. Although the 1510 will not overclock it’s panel to 100hz, it’s still a great bargain as well. I just felt the extra $ was worth it for the 40+ hz.

Ben Tumbong says:

the best webcam

Bao Pico says:

Like 1st, comment 2nd, watch 3rd.

raphael armando valor says:

should i buy this instead of the dell 7577?

Julian Blanco says:

Only in store pickups!! 🙁 they don’t even have one in florida

რეზი თედორაძე says:

Predator Helios 300 vs PowerSpec 1510???

Ken Richardson says:

That web cam looked and sounded beautiful

Kimchhun Poeung says:

How is your experience now? Is it ok?
Does it has warranty

Chad Bremer says:

Interesting. I have some BTC burning a hole in my pocket. Really looks like the best bang for the buck you can get in its price range.

maxesman0626 says:

Im waiting for him to do a review on the GL702ZC when it lanches

Cody Jackson says:

Please review the Acer Nitro Spin 5. Gamer convertible(touchscreen, 360° hinge) with 8th gen intel i7 8550u cpu 4 gb Nvidia 1050 and promised 10 hour battery life

Osrs Monkey says:

Hey man, can you try AC origins on this laptop? I am thinking about getting one, its going for 1.2k in my microcenter

TechGT General says:

COST OMG!!!!!!

joedotx says:

What did you do specifically in the backlight settings to get 2:26 ?

dwgray77 says:

On the empty m.2 slots what are the number of channels on these ports? On the Powerspec 1710 the extra slot is a 2 channel port.

str1ver777 says:

Why does a 1070 only get 60-70 fps on pub g? I notice a lot of vids showing 100+ fps on ultra setting pubg? is it because of the gsync?

nub Fishin says:

I’m going to check one out next soon. Price is too good and I like the conservative look…..ie no red exhaust ports or some menacing backlit emblem on the lid. Laptop with a 1070 for under 1300? Can’t beat that price.

Mukafa says:

Can you please post a benchmark of this laptop. There are very little videos about itm

Dj Nanak says:

i just got this laptop (2017 version) and ran wow without a problem, i downloaded cod wwii and put settings on high and after one game this laptop was so hot at the top left i couldn’t keep a finger on it for more than 2 seconds. makes me scared to play now… sorry but i’m returning mine. still haven’t found out how to change the rgb lighting from blue

al13326 says:

The chassis was based on Clevo P650HS-G, and Clevo retailers/resellers were rebranded it according to their product names like Sager 8157, Eurocom Sky MX5 R3 and Schenker XMG P507. While others are following Clevo designations (e.g. Eluktronics, EVOC, Metabox).

I’m just hope that Clevo wouldn’t ceased the production of this chassis and update it with Coffeelake/Volta architecture + Thunderbolt 3 next year.

Jaydaytoday Jayjay says:

For anyone having issues with low sound go to sound, in the settings, and click on the speaker properties than speaker enhancements drop down and enable equalizer then make your own custom EQ settings by dragging all the options to max. That solves the low sound from the speakers.

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