Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? – Book One Review

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The Porsche Design Book One Laptop could be the closest thing to Macbook Pro build quality on a Windows machine. Or it’s a waste, LOL

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Corsair says:

not even remotely worth

Lautaro Paliza says:


TheRACINGLine Gaming says:

Come on Porsche, you need to work on cars, not tablets

Bibasik7 says:

Apple: Our laptops are overpriced.

Porsche: Hold my beer!

erlis ciko says:

That is not how you say Porsche 0:30

Shanboss says:

if a pc doesnt have a gpu, its not worth buying

paul kodankandath says:

I vote for sleepers

Valentin Petlov says:

A $2500 laptop and the screen flickers…

Sergio Díaz Nila says:

from Porsche i’d expect raw horsepower and beauty and i’m not getting any of those, just the average macbook-ish design, for fuck sake with those designers at porsche and you couldn’t came up with something, well worthy of the name Porsche?

Matt Onias says:

Hmmmm.. power or looks… sounds like PC fans and Apple fans would answer differently on this one. Perhaps it is a PC designed for Apple users? (rhetorical)

TheRACINGLine Gaming says:

No wonder there last great car was the 918 spider

Jacob Fleming says:

Bruh its pronounced PorscheA

Indemere says:

Lesson to be learned: “Car manufacturers should just stick to designing and building cars…”

Henry Asbridge says:

Forget these new fangled laptops
I am using a mapbook pro-15 inch 2008 with xubuntu 16.04 found app for graphics switching but not the best graphics card

Cube Fish says:

I know a 2-1 with a bigger screen, dedicated graphics, the same CPU and amount of ram for like half the price. (Dell Inspiron 17-7779 2-1)

darkaiso says:

yeah… not paying 2500 for a gtx 1050 notebook and definitely not a no gpu notebook! next!

William Magoffin says:

Two things Porsche should never make: Laptops and Tanks. They forgot the GPU and they forgot the machine gun.

Jason wong says:

*I’m so fuckig TRIGGERED now*
It’s por-shuh not porsh

Burak Baggins says:

Actually good design choices.

Awful materials and components…

1TL. says:

911K views… lol!

Tadashi Akahori says:

0:18 SUPREME!!!!

made in China

thatdearguy says:


Vadym Dellidis says:

The car jokes are killing me

Apelyn's Entertainment. says:

it’s porsche, not porsch, ma dude

badis hamzaoui says:

its a sexy laptop looks like hp spectre but not as thin as the hp but its still sexy though i love it one of the best designs so far feels so premium i love to have it .

Beau Lear says:

i think they can get away with the lack of gpu only if this is used for work and some light editing. the dual core on the other hand i wouldn’t pay a couple of grand for a dual core and i don’t think anyone should especially with that price tag

Noa Namex says:

Pretty damn good laptop for a rich blogger, that about it.

rio ardian says:

what’s next? lamborghini shampo?

Knock Em Down Airsoft says:

Neither, but if I had to make a choice Surface book 2. Who makes a laptop/tablet without a graphic’s card? WTF? Did I wake up and it’s the 90’s all over again? Even my toaster has a gpu.

Abdul Waajid says:

why you haven’t did the surface book 2 review

Epotheros says:

$2500 for a dual core i7 7200u? Sounds like the same marketing strategy for the anemic Porsche Boxer.

MutoreoCookie says:

I can already tell its shit. Porsche has absolutely 0 experience with designing and manufacturing laptops. it might look nice but a few months of daily use and you will notice flaws and glitches because they haven’t worked them out yet. Porsche is only jumping in to sell their name just like apple. They offer a device that looks clean on the outside with a shiny chrome badge and sell it for a small fortune.

Ian Alvarez says:

Aspect love decline derive apparently mask traditionally retired late example home new Olympics invasion.

Stefan Modigh says:

I have a pencil case with porsche design :p

9EelO StarS says:

plz make a video of new gaming laptop under 1000$ for 2018

Mark Blomquist says:

1:51 ded

Sheng Long says:

wtf man the billionth shitty laptop no one gives a rats ass about coz they stupid expensive

Mats Norway says:

I love touchscreen on my laptop and will never again not have it if i can afford it. Biggest hurdle is me touching everyone elses PC screens 😛

CarbonButtprint says:

I cringed so hard when he said Porsche.


Amean Abdelfattah says:

Device experience depends on the raw horse power. They of all companies should understand that.

Sinthoras says:

And I even work for them, so i know that they Put the AGR cooling unit right above the Engine V (on the New Panamera)

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