Overpowered Laptop Review! Black, Aluminum and Quiet Mechanical Keys!

Here it is! The worlds first review of Walmart’s “Overpowered” branded laptop.

Stay tuned for the i7 1060 model review!

ThrottleStop Tutorial to get you started with 8th gen H CPUs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNt9L3BWOFo&t=596s


ICC color profile for this display https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XexNdBV5K0ilrTYOOsnFLDyRzH9HqPH7


ndepic says:

quiet mechanical keyboard = makes 0 sense

Chadwick EM says:

This is a really nice in depth review of this new product. Really good commentary as well at the end addressing the concerns with this product & I’m guessing it’s 17″ sibling. I was looking at the 17″ earlier today, was $999, so really anticipating your review of that. Not enough details for the components on the website so I appreciate reading/viewing/listening the thorough reviews.

Abdullah Alejel says:

Thank you so much for this video, helps a lot!

Bo Rerun says:

I just got a i5 version of this machine on sale but I can’t seem to know how to control its RGB mode. I press on the F keys and nothing happens?

Wickedd 012 says:

How loud is the fan while taking in office mode

CashAkDude says:

You can get the 1060 on the 799 model

The worms says:

Any way to buy an OEM chassis or nah

LoseFat says:

Op’s logic
Puts 1050ti with 144 hz screen

Perfect! That will totally run at 144 fps on most games even though it rlly only gets that fps in Minecraft! Maybe peopl who don’t a thing about gaming PC will buy this.

Mowcowbell says:

144Hz, Intel i7-8750H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, Mechanical LED Keyboard, 256 SSD, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 is now $899. https://www.walmart.com/ip/OVERPOWERED-Gaming-Laptop-15-2-Year-Warranty-144Hz-Intel-i7-8750H-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1060-Mechanical-LED-Keyboard-256-SSD-1TB-HDD-16GB-RAM-Windows-10/510869060

ghost Unix says:

Sir I don’t mean t troll but inlet is a demonstrable waste of money. I don,t pc anymore but I assure you the competition is getting better.

Divyesh Parikh says:

is laptop performance is same as other brand of laptop with same specs?

Guy Fawkes says:

That’s a rubber dome keyboard if I ever saw one. Definately NOT mechanical switches, just tactile membrane switches. Don’t just repeat manufacturer lies dude.

sharjeel alam says:

Dude amazing job with this. Really appreciate you taking the time and effort to review this laptop. Would love if you can post some updates on it after a month of usage.

ramPage says:

Thanks for the video! That gameplay footage looks great. What method are you using to capture it?

Casey Mills says:

Went to download the software and it says ‘This folder is in the owner’s trash’. Want to test it on the Razer Blade, looks easier to use, and Synapse performance is inconsistent.

Kenneth Briones says:

If you add another stick of ram will the laptop perform better?

Alpha Omega says:

Quick question: Given this ram is a 8gb goldkey 2666MHz stick, can I add another 8gb stick ram that’s of a different brand? I’m unable to find another 8gb goldkey ram stick.

Lyas says:

This is a great laptop, I wish it was a gtx 1050ti 4gb

Vernon Trinh says:

Im so mad this laptop exist. That price point is truly unbeatable right now for both the i5 and the i7 versions.

Michael Pabalan says:

How is the charging port of this laptop? I heard its not good

ShadoWB4MV says:

Does anyone know which chasis is that? I live in europe, so walmart sadly is not an option

Author Tim Cohen says:

Bob, are there any in-built diagnostics on these Walmart OP laptops (e.g., that could be launched from the BIOS or with a Function key at start-up)? I always like to immediately test the hardware of any new system I purchase, and especially since these do not offer ECC memory, I’d like to be able to run full-blown memory and processor diagnostics right out of the box—before I take time to set-up the system for actual use.

sǝɹɐɔou says:

just snagged one for 500

Soziaz says:

How well does this run games like cod bo3 and bo4

Hasan Mohammad says:

Is that battery life with the discrete or integrated graphics?

Mc de Lima says:

Which is cheaper?
Buy the barebone laptop,
then build my own,

Or buy a pre built by other companies ?

microRiZu says:

Instead of those ridiculous RGB light modes and a 144Hz display which is useless with a Gtx 1050 (2GB) they could’ve saved the money for a Gtx 1050Ti or a Gtx 1050 (4GB) option. no let’s just be walmart and waste that money on RGB and a 144Hz which don’t benefit at all, TRASH laptop

Alex James says:

sounds like a good laptop for old school runescape

Nook Cyan says:

Great review Bob! Do you prefer this one or your Dell G3?

Itss Hunter says:

Does it have USB 3.0?

Dakota Woodward says:

Gpu isn’t the problem, the single stick of ram is. Just look at the Gpu usage it’s maxing out at 75% which means there is more to what it can do, especially since you are playing a somewhat optimized game. I would have rather they put 2×4 ram sticks than 1 8 gig ram stick. I also have a 1050 2gb, i5 2400, and 2×4 ram system so I know how well it can do.

Albert Ross says:

Quake Champions is also a great F2P FPS benchmarker for low RAM GPUs – I used to play it on a GT1030 2GB (720p, 75%, Low = 113 FPS cap).

Robert Zamora says:

Lol you get what you pay for , so many bad experiences with walmart brand pc and laptop

Ratchet Rorschach says:

great review, thanks for the hard work put into this

Starks says:

Bob, what battery replacment do you recommend for the 15″ i7 gtx 1060?

Darth Gravid says:


D P says:

Battery life???

Sweaty mooseman says:

So I’ve been wanting to get a gaming laptop for years but just never had the money. I saw this and it looks decent. The only games I’m going to play are strategy games (age of empires, total war games, things like that. NO first person shooters). Would this be good for that? i would want play them on at least medium but preferably high settings with mods. I’m not super tech savvy and am really on the fence of getting one but this sounds like it’s good and especially for the money. For the games I would want to play, is it worth it or should I stay away? P.S great video! helped me out.

Steven Encinas says:

I’m thinking of getting this for my everyday use / gaming starter pack. Later on will just build a my own once I’m more into it. But personally think it’s decent.

Piter Ambrosy says:

How would it run LoL could LoL play max Setting and be able to use the 144hz screen?

Sp3Xial Gaming says:

Bob, They say the laptop includes Intel Game pack. How do you claim it? Also, is there a battery replacement for that chassis?

tipico809 says:

The screen panel is almost same as the msi gs65 stealth thin for 1899 but this overpower is good enough for college students dont need to brake
the bank for 599 is a steal

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