“Oryx Pro Linux-powered Laptop Review” – Lunduke Hour – June 5, 2017

In this episode of the Lunduke Hour I review the Oryx Pro laptop from System76. A beefy rig with an i7 and an NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPU — running Linux, naturally. I game with it. I edit videos with it. I… touch it lovingly.

The Oryx Pro Laptop:

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Main Fighter says:

4K is pretty beautiful, been running a 4k screen for awhile now and I love it besides the really shitty scaling in Windows but my eye sight is good so its not a big deal for me. I know this laptop isn’t built for Windows but I’m assuming it would be able to run Windows without any issues? Unless there is another company like these guys that sells Windows based laptops, I just have never liked anyone of the ones from the big guys (Dell, Asus, Acer, etc) they always have issues I don’t like.

Meso Phyl says:

always funny watching Linux people being hypocrite using Nvidia Binaries. LOL
Why not go with AMD OpenGL ? System76 doesnt even provide an AMD option, thats just Strange!

vskye1 says:

Nice computer. I priced out my configuration, (wish) and it came out to $4177.00. Ouch.. but, damn it sure is nice.

Salar Kalantari says:

Install Gentoo Linux on it and tell us about compiling time of softwares like chromium!

ZiisusChrist says:

This is what i would actually like to see more. Hardware reviews for Linux. Maybe is should start up gpu benchmarking on Linux. 😛 It might just be bit too costly.

Dave Rich says:

are you using NVENC hardware encoding? – i use the amd hardware encoding on windows and the perfomance different is incredible. Very much looking forward to that being possble on Linux, but it’s possible today with nvidia.

Thaha Jemni says:

Does it have shitmus (optimus)

Harambe's Ghost says:

I’m curious if Arch will have any problems with any of the hardware.

Tea BlackNoSugar says:

Really nice system, it ticks all of my boxes. As an old timer I’ve never been a fan of thin laptops, they just feel flimsy and disposable. I prefer my laptops to feel like they could be used to beat an attacking pitbull unconscious and still be able to compile without a hiccup. Beautiful keyboard too.

Jesse Perez says:

It’s a shame that laptop doesn’t come with a Radeon RX 580 or better. The AMD Open Source drivers are quite good, or so I’ve heard. They’ve gotten better since last year and benchmarks are looking real good.


Thomas Pütz says:

Great Review… love your show! The hot knife butter metaphore made me “crack” up :D. Would it be possible for you to install and test Manjaro on it?

Michael Juan says:

What’s the difference between buying this and getting a clevo laptop (manufacturer for system 76) other than supporting a linux company.

misium says:

keyboard lock? is it called that?

Youness Fkhach says:

360p? seriously!

CorazinGamer says:

the word of the show is….beefy

Mariusz Kowalski says:

What’s bothering me the most in this laptop is the fact that you can get 4K display only with GTX 1070, and not everyone needs that much GPU power… I’m working in text editor 70% of the time, I do some little graphics stuff, very little video. I don’t play games. I don’t do any massive parallel computations… I don’t need GTX 1070. I need super sharp, clear fonts. And I would appreciate If I could spend $359 (difference between GTX 1060 and 1070) on bigger SSD’s or more RAM. BTW, you can put there 4 drives (2 * m.2 + 2 * 2.5″) and 64GB of RAM… which is awesome… Any way I think this is best machine out there…

KiloSierraAlpha says:

When you need to carry your desktop around, that laptop might come in handy. I just don’t see a point in buying these huge-ass gamer laptops. Just build a cheap desktop if you need it and also have a 13″ thin laptop.

HeadsUpHigh says:

Please when you mention cpus tell the full name of the chip. i7 means nothing. The i7 7500U is almost the same with the i3 7100U. Dual core with a bit higher boost and cache at 15 watt thermal limit. The i7 7700hq is a quad core at 45 watts tdp, so it makes a big difference. Intel has been using their i7 brand name to price gouge garbage, please don’t fall for the trap.

John Peterson says:

Color gamut ? High bit depth display ? Will this be a good machine for image editing ?

Kevin Leers says:

You didn’t install OpenSuse on it?! Whatsa matter with you? It comes with Kidbuntu? Ewww. lol.

Travis Booker says:

I have one of these and I love it!

Nathan Dehnel says:


ZiisusChrist says:

4 cores 8 threads not 8 cores.

Matanya Loewenthal says:

Hey, love your show. the only problem I have is that I usually don’t watch videos. I’m more of a podcast person, and I was wondering if you could turn your podcasts into an Alexa flash briefing. That would make it easy to listen to every installment. Thanks!

wumbology says:

Any new opinions on the Galago Pro? I heard in a Lunduke Hour a while ago that it was sponsored and it might become your day-to-day laptop.

John Smith says:

Seems outdated already after seeing Nvidia’s new Max-Q laptops with a GTX 1080 in half the size and weight.

TheatreOfNoise says:

Gear lust coupled with alcohol . . . my wife is going to kill me. Shopping on the System76 website now. I’m a dead man. The guys at Jupiter Broadcasting had the same opinion. But seriously, great review. Really liking your content.

Luis Diaz says:

breathing man !!!! breathing !!! it’s… just awful listen to you when it’s not scripted … which it’s amazing given you talk a lot…
10 seconds of talking and a big HAAAAHHHHH ( and pass it the oxygen to the poor old man,it’s all I can think …
pretty loud…)
and.. yeah given half of you data isn’t precise… “not sure , I have to double check, I can tell ,maybe ”
c’mon …. c’mon !!!!

John Bedard says:

you have a space war?!?!?…… of course you have a space war…. lol

NaDa says:

Honestly my biggest complaint is the 4K screen auto resizing, it does this weird thing where it stays 4K but scales which is fine, but then the lock screen sizes weird or plugging in and out monitors causing odd behavior. The hardware is great though and is great for me with VMs (I tend to run 2-3 at work).

slipcurve says:

When talking about laptop battery life under heavy loads, it’s bears mentioning that heavy use (high current) murders the battery and you get about half cap after a year if you’re lucky. That’s ok for me, as beefy machines are always plugged in, but yeah, the battery is pretty irrelevant in these types of laptops.

knightshousegames says:

My god, I think the last time I lusted for a machine this hard was the first time I saw a Playstation 2. I was really anticipating this review when you started bringing System76 laptops on this show. I’ve been eyeing one of these up for months, and this review just makes me want it so much worse. I love that it has that high end performance without the whole “gamer” aesthetic, it looks like something I could use around other grownups and not be embarrassed. I did notice that the configuration you have is slightly different than the one on the System76 website, with the Displayport on the back. The website version has a USB 3.0 port on the back.

Dje4321 says:

Glad to see your doing a review. Not many laptop reveiws actually cover what linux is like on the laptop and if they do, its never from a linux person. Great job and keep up the great work

QuakerMan says:

I wonder how much hardware backdoors are stuffed into that thing.

iot-dev.net says:

Is there coreboot bios posible ?

Jason Freeman says:

I bought the 17″ with GeForce GTX 970M and the 512GB SSD, 32GB of memory and 2TB drive. It is a developer’s dream. Zero issues, raw power, and great gaming support to boot. It was expensive. I spent $2,600 but I don’t regret it. I take it with me when I travel and no, you don’t lug this around with you. You put it on the desk in the hotel and work from there.

I felt like your review was on the mark and my experience matched yours. This is a portable workstation so there are some things (brick, battery life, weight, etc.) that you just have to expect. It’s a different kind of “laptop” and it isn’t meant to be the longest lasting, lightest appliance. But it you want to get some serious work done, this machine is a powerful ally.

Fernabi aner says:

Yeah we all know about the fluffieness of too many millions, don’t we 😀

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