ORIGIN EON 17-X (GTX 1080) Review: The Best BIG Gaming Laptop?

Here’s my review of the Origin EON 17-X using the latest 10 series GPUs. It’s powerful beast of a gaming laptop worthy enough to replace some of the fastest gaming PCs. Watch for the full review!

* Correct Price of this unit is $2555 USD. I mention 17-SLX instead of 17-X, however the former is the model with two GPUs instead of one.

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JooJoo Flop says:

plastic shit

Ken says:

Hi Matthew. Do you have a review on 15″ gaming laptops with 1070 or 1080 graphic card?
Which would you recommend. Thanks!

Baleur says:

Did you seriously say 2300 dollars for the 1070 version? I did hear that right? Unbelievably overpriced compared to the quality thats on offer with MSI, Asus, Acer or Alienware in similar intel i7 gtx 1070 laptops. WIth more ram by default..

Baleur says:

What is Origin? The Star Citizen ship manufacturer is now making gaming laptops? Radical, man. xD

Riley Pettiford says:

you have a celcuis option and you dont use it?

Henry De Lesquen says:

wth is this guy saying? the 1080 is a MONSTROUS gpu, it’s even a little overkill for current games

Tindreal says:

Really? You only measure the temperature of the outside components? Yea, maybe that was good , but when if the CPU/GPU was burning inside and throttling ?

Firudin Imanli says:

it’s not a laptop! its pure brick that has GTX 1080 on it

Michael Whitney says:

I’ve recently purchased this laptop but from a UK company as I’m in UK (obviously) so different name but got same specs gtx 1080 with a i7 6700k cpu and 16 gb. I have the older model with a i5 6600k cpu and a gtx 970m gpu. I have only opted for the 1080p monitor as in the UK the 4k panel doesn’t have g-sync yet and I can always buy an external monitor in the future. I will be down sampling 4k though.

Chum Srun says:

nice intro

Life of Unboxorials says:

it’s way too fat, you’ll get sore wrists
i like everything else about it tho

Milky way says:

it mostly look like a mini pc

raghav govind says:

which game is he playing?

James Bradshaw says:

Can you kindly review Alienware 17 r4

xXMrnobodyXx says:

Can everyone just agree that Matt should at least have a million subscribers? He makes like really great quality videos..

Baadal Chaudhary says:

Great into (and even better review). Can you tell me the name of the soundtrack….. Couldn’t find anything on the channel for ‘epidemic sound’ that’s titled ‘Push’ or anything on google either. Thanks 🙂

Rivka Solomon says:

The sickest machine ever built , this laptop is more bad as and more powerful then most desktops !!! Origin , THe Origin of the Alien, yep Origin invented and sold Alienware to Dell , then blew them out of the water with this wicked beast ! hehe

Rob Santiago says:

Local Laptop?

Nico Bellic says:

what is ben affleck doing here

lancsFrogger says:

gtx 1080 in a laptop??? just get one for each room & get rid of ur central heating

Cereal DuDe says:

this thing makes the 1080 razer blade look good

dela vago says:

I may be a man but I enjoy squirting regularly. My 180 year old sister will insert her foot up my anus and begin to kick my insides, after about 5 minutes of this I begin to squirt large quantities of purple fluid out of my anus.

Richard Green says:

nice but what kind of a desktop could you build for that amount of money

Black Star 9 says:

dude great video but that sound when adding the detail to the video is like a digital nails on the chalkboard lol

Dany-69 says:

It would be nice to underline that this laptop is nothing more than a “common” Clevo P775.. 😉

abanoub waheep says:

great review and I need your advice if I am going to spend 500$ for a laptop which one will be the best value for my money ???

Swaran K. says:

Can you run Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on this?

Patrick says:

With the new 10 series laptops, I’m sure these laptop beast sales will decrease dramatically. A 1060 Razer Blade or MSI Stealth are thin laptops capable of plenty of good frame-rates. Desktops are turning into mini ITX portable setups. No need for these bulking things that will attract weird looks.

justin beamon says:

Surely those are NVME, not sata m.2 right?

Psykikk says:

For the 4K model, there is two gtx 1080s crammed in it, if so, where can I get it, and what is your prediction of thr FPS on Battlefield 1

nick187able says:

I can get a DESKTOP with the gtx1080 for 1500$

Richard Servello says:

I consider the battery in a laptop like this an internal UPS.

Arclight Sama says:

a really amazing review and a very big like thats u always deserve on ur informative reviews,,,but i got say sorry origin am already in a beautiful relationship with the msi gt73 vr with gtx 1080 ,,,,,its got the best cooling system for a gtx 1080 i had ever seen on a laptop (( plz no need to mention the asus tank g800 or whatever its name))

Sav says:

Is it just me or is this a guy who blinks ALOT

YummierMussel says:

Can you upgrade the cpu/gpu down the line on this model? Looking for fully upgrade-able system.

Ridha Vadox says:

i want this pc *.* its a monster

Amazing HD says:

The price is great for what you get! I love that its highly custumizable!

Real_Big_Boss says:

Either this or the Razer Blade Pro

Ridha Vadox says:

i always watch your reviews they are the best

Jad Collado says:

it’s thick but I think the Aourus v6 dt is better since its also have a 120ghz sync screen and thinner.

Let Me Kill You Please ! says:

something wrong with my display or the laptop is really that thick ?

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