NEW 2017 13″ Razer Blade Stealth – The Perfect Laptop?

Dave2D review of the best laptop from Razer. They nailed it!
Skins –
Stealth Here –
Blue SSD Here –

External GPU Video –

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Jamie Hudat says:

hitech gadgets is stealing your videos. Stop him pls

Kishan Patel says:

The 512 version I got came with the PM961

Zee Livermorium says:

at 4:50, it should be 3200 x 1800… not 3800 x 1200

Vorname _ says:

900$?? In Germany it’s sooo expensive!!! 1800€!!!!

Bernd says:

5:21 Feels bad man

Fabien Zaragosa says:

Hi, I looked at it but didn’t find the answer. What is the testing on battery life you’re doing (and get 7 hours for)?
How is performing the Dell xps 13 in the same test?

Marek Rebandel says:

Hey Dave, I just got the 2016 mbp 13inch 3.3gh i7. Considering switching to this. How is the video editing on this compared to my current laptop?


Raz. says:

Does this one come with a sleeve like the gunmetal gray?!

MazzND says:


The pictures of this laptop in link provided look like the bezels are for the 2016 model,

Is the link provided for the model being shown in the video?

Thanks in advance

DirtyFB1 says:

Anyone have an idea how to get this in europe

Miguel Marcano says:

Two questions, where can I buy a ssd for the stealth and how do you remove the ssd?

Cameron Larsen says:

Dave Lee does anyone know why if i want to buy one off amazon it says it usually takes 1-2 months to ship? anyone know why or has anyone tried this?

Nikil Ragav says:

why would you prefer the new screen to the 12.5″ 4k one with AdobeRGB coverage

Parker Allen says:

Hey Dave Lee I have a question I am considering buying a gaming laptop! Now should I buy the Alienware 17 or the razor blade stealth? Please get back to me.

0bviousCaptain says:

Dave do you have the bottom skin on your razer blade stealth? Also would you recommend it?

cheese burger says:

lol youre wasting your time. its better to build a pc. LAME!

Marcin Jezierski says:

looks like something i would finally get, but no availability in Europe, great. ;/

Patrick Kimball says:

Hey Dave, whats availability looking like for the gunmetal color? I can’t find any option for it on Razer’s website

Pablo Ramirez Romero says:

When will I be able to get it? It still says out of stock on the us store. 🙁

Pat Mau says:

which is much better for school use, this or mac book pro 13in 2016? help 😀

Sphamandla Thusi says:

When are they adding RJ45, 4G modem, SD card and add Linux support! 🙂

bat says:

every laptop you review is the perfect laptop

VNE7 says:

BUT… Does it VR??

Assa Laos says:

Hey Dave, long time fan. Great video as usual.

I want to buy the Gunmetal version but I’ve been reading that the stealth has coilwhine issues like a lot of other Kaby Lake laptops. Are you able to confirm if that is the case?


lenni guy says:

Do you Can change The ssd?

Mr.Fortyfour says:

1:12, R-1020/W-270 and u said SSD ist super fast. I am confusied

ILuv Bleach says:


Andi Muhammad Rivaldy says:

should i get this or asus rog ?

ice sicle says:

its nice but not for this price, fuck that you can get a much better mobile device

Dave Lee says:

It’s cool to see razer actually listening to their customers. I really like this stealth! Thanks for watching 2D fam =)

Henru Hy says:

dang it i got the 2016 blade stealth last christmas and now i regret everything

Hannes De Clercq says:

I am going to buy one later in July when it is released in Belgium but also a skin from Dbrand. But do you advice to buy a top and bottom skin or only top?

Jo Jo says:

hi im thinking of buying a razer blade stealth 13 inch or the 12.5 inch 4k. The 12.5 inch has i7 7500u 16 gb ram and 512gb ssd priced at 1299. the 13 inch has i7 7500u 16gb ram and 256gb ssd priced at 1399. which do you think is more worth buying. thanks

DjSuperK says:

Hey Dave! Dell xps or 2017 Razer blade stealth?????

Mitchelll Gale says:

Does it support Windows Hello?

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