MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 4K Gaming Laptop Review – Nov 2017

Is a $4000 Laptop Really Worth Your Money?

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Robert Rosenberger says:

this guy handles a heart attack like a bruise he has balls of steel man

Adam York says:

I had a slight heart attack but I’m good. -A badass

Airswag Thom says:

msi kicks ass

tadej pečkaj says:

had a slight heart attack? :O
Hope you are doing better.. take care man!

Apna Mohit says:

very good 🙂 get more subscribe

Emmanuel Thommy says:

take care of yourself! get well soon!

MrKnnthc93 says:

Bro how are you going to slide in your had a heart attack. Kick back man

Hans Wurst says:

Hey elric, isn’t that a thunderbolt 3 port rather than a usb type-c? I know they look the same, but definitely aren’t

foxmulderize says:

I own this computer and the touch pad is also slightly more to the left. you will end up accidentally touching the pad with the palm of your left hand. I don’t know why they did this to a expensive gaming laptop.

timbabs1 says:

when he says at 5:24 that it ships with a full gtx 1080 not the mobile one that sounds a bit off as the mobile gtx 1080 and desktop have the same specs?

r2stik says:

Clevo laptops are the best. with Intel® Core™ i7-7920HQ Processor

strin6w1z4rd says:

for a $4000 worth laptop, that trackpad should be top notch! it’s a big deal-breaker eventhough you can use a separate mouse

Danny Berry says:

Shouldn’t you have said that the laptop is available with EITHER a 1080p 120hz screen or 4k screen? There are barely any 4k external monitors available with over 60hz refresh rate. I guarantee you there is not one in a laptop.

Also, it you are reviewing this laptop in Nov of 2017 why are you reviewing an older model? The new ones come with Kaby Lake i7 7820HK. The one you have is Skylake.

Tech of Tomorrow says:

I had to take a break due to health issues, but we are back, thanks for waiting. Cheers – Elric

Skott62 says:

I was considering buying a MSI laptop (GT73VR Titan Pro-872) but after hearing the new MSI models will probably come out in January I decided to wait and see what they will have in them. Hopefully a 7700k and GTX 1080 combo.

Chemy Torres says:

If money wasn’t a problem, because the touchpad won’t be used and I think the stability problems can be fixed with some updates. But you are right, for less than that you can get better is some points.

Great review as always my friend.

Logan Wolv says:

wait 4k at 120hz?really?

Adrian Loading says:


Miganarchine says:

Thats misleading Titan Pro in title but only a 1080! wtf trading standards out the window.

Hope Hurteau says:

i have msi apache pro and i find the touchpad to be better then other poeples laptops when i use theirs

pumareyes1 says:

God bless you brother. Health before everything. Thanks for the videos.

Blue says:

Stay strong bro.

Also Gs63VR>This fat thing

Spakes says:

Good luck with your heart and health itself.

strin6w1z4rd says:

dude, a slight heart-attack is kind of serious, really nice to know you are doing well now… cheers!

Lovell Rodricks says:

LOL “slight heart attack” Good to see you back ! Wish you good health and looking forward for more amazing videos !

Picasso Pablo says:

I would buy it for $1800, 1801 no

Mortam says:

” a slight heart attack ” – Damn. Hope you are feeling better, thanks for the videos.

Lando Perdana says:

its really 4k and 120hz ?
because i see in internet the msi screen option is
1080p ips panel 60hz, or 1080p tn panel 120hz/5ms, or 4k ips panel 60hz
But if now msi gift new screen 120hz and 4k too, its really incridible

Hope Hurteau says:

be nice to get a 1080 ti in a thinner laptop

Yanick Rochon says:

What do you do with all the stuff you receive for testing? Do you have to send it back? Do you sell it? Giving it away? How does it work?

Jonathan S. PC Gaming says:

“had a slight heart attack” well i am glad you’re ok. take care of yourself man!!

gameflux says:

I would not buy any gaming laptop ! And for that matter any laptop !

MrBratinov says:


the zeddman says:

Seriously, how many you-tubers casually say “i had a slight heart attack” and apoligise, then continue like nothing ever happened, you my friend are awesome, love your channel keep it up !!!

Bad Drivers says:


werner salinas says:

Good review

NytOnPeliAika says:

But my eyes dont hurt when i game i dont have a fancy 120hz monitor its 1920×1200 60hz got it for 20€ and it has been working great for 4 years now and i think its time to upgrade to 1920×1080 144hz

Dirty Dog says:

Speaking of speakers, I have an MSI Gt62VR with Dynaudio speakers and they sound like shit and they dont get loud at all. Not very fitting with the i7 6700HQ and the GTX 1070…

DysphoricSmile says:

Red and Black are the Doritos and Mountain Dew of PC gaming colors, a dead meme that won’t ever die!

Hope Hurteau says:

the reason it doesnt have nvidia optimus is probobly because it has gsync


You gota cut that loose string on your right shirt sleeve 😀 WB

Le Zdek says:


Jordan says:

I STILL SHOW ALL these laptop vids to my buddy who bought a MacBook for 3000 and cant game or do too much

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