MSI GS65 – Their Best Gaming Laptop Yet!

My review the MSI GS65 Stealth gaming laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. The best gaming laptop from MSI I’ve used.
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Gaming laptops are about to get much faster with the latest introduction of 6 cores and one of the products leading the way is the MSI GS65 Stealth. MSI manages to keep this laptop pretty light at 4.14 pounds and 17.53mm thin. The RGB lit keyboard and a glass-coated touchpad are a nice touch. Gaming looks great with the 15.6 inch running at 144Hz with a 7ms response time.

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Brody Cunningham says:

appeal collective you register prize likely change lap.

Miles Prebble says:

1060 version or 1070 version?

Crusuma says:

I am looking for a thin and “silent” gaming notebook. Would you recommend this one?

Simply Vague says:

This or alienware 13 r4?

Rajdeep Singh Hundal says:

144hz but with 7ms latency ?? what’s the point then, I’d rather get 120hz with 3ms latency (msi’s new raider)

Geoffrey Zhang says:

Does this computer run Rocket League well?

omar9654 says:

I’m currently deployed and want to get a gaming laptop, my budget is around 1.5k and I preferably want something relatively light meaning in the 4.5 to 6.5 pound range since I know some can go up to 7. I would like for it to have a good display since I’m most likely going to use it as a day to day when I get back home, during deployment I’ll most likely have it hooked up to a tv or projector instead of using the actuall display. I’ve been shopping the dell 7577, asus rog gl503vm hero edition, the lenovo y720, gigabyte aero 14, and alienware 13r (but refurbished), also the helios 300. I lean more towards laptops that dont look really gamey and I know theres always compromises to be made with performance, size, display, and battery life. Any suggestions or tips I’ll greatly take. I usually want at least 256gb ssd and 16gb ram but if I can get a laptop for a cheaper price and upgrade it myself I’m not opposed to that either.

iTwixer says:

The resolution?

norwayjoker. says:

i have 3200 dollars to use on a laptop, any suggestions?

Ahmed Monis says:

Dev… A review on msi GL63 pleeeeassseeeee

Stéphane Mocan says:

Are you sure about de 97% aRGB? Isn’t more like 79%?

Patrick Bernitz says:

Will there be a 17 inch version?

Saurav panwar says:

Dave do one for the ge73 raider RGB edition

Manish Verma says:


AriomKirato says:

Wait a minute… Does this computer only have access to m.2 storage drive? Meaning you’ll be stuck with only this way of expending the storage or is it loaded with some 2.5 inch bay drive?
Sounds like a deal breaker to me at least…

Nova_Instinct says:

The temps are crazy and there is throttling isn’t there?

Nanda Khoirurrizky says:

How to know level your rgb display.?

Jeff Taylor says:

Dave, can you tell me how much it weighs with the AC adapter?

SpideySound says:

Hey Dave, if im looking to mostly edit 4k footage in Premiere and do some light gaming. Which would you recommend? the Aero15x, or the GS65? is the battery life on the Aero 15x THAT much better?

Priyangshu Kalita says:

Lenovo legion vs msi please

Gazzy says:

Yo, what’s ur overwatch? Do you stream?

Makakencia says:

my dream

Scotti Le says:

hey Dave Lee
coule you do a comparison video between the gtx1060 model an the 1070 Max-Q ? would like to se the numbers , benchmarks of themto see if the 1070 would be a better choice… ?

GaMer SiSu says:

Amazing review man! Have you reviewed the MSI GS73VR 7RF Stealth Pro? Very thin laptop and i really have interest for it. So next question is, can you? I want also say that you are one of the best tech reviewers on youtube… Dave, i mean yo r just awesome man! You do, what you do the best and you are good on it. Keep going and hanks for this review!

SΛM says:

0:58 wtf

Samsam 6071 says:

I want removeble battery….so I can play while in charge…

My Lickity Bottom says:

Binging with Babish?

Alex says:

Hi Dave! great review as usual! i’m looking for a laptop to use with Maya, Zbrush etc , modelling and rendering basically! i found the new MSI GS65 Stealth 8RF-Thin and the new ROG-Zephyrus-M-GM501, also the Asus GL702VI-BA019T! so there are to many laptop and my knowledge are very basic! my budget is around 2000/2500 $! many thanks to everyone who can help me! 🙂

em says:

For premiere pro 2018 do you prefer this over xps 15 and macbook pro?

Max Karbalai says:

This laptop is absolutely beautiful and then there’s the KEYBOARD FONT. Ruined.

Daniel Huang says:

Hi Dave, do you have any problem when gaming on this laptop, in particular, Overwatch?

I’ve only got my hands on the laptop for one day so I test my only game Overwatch but I experience pretty bad FPS drop and stuttering. I tried changing profile to performance in the MSI game centre software and crank up the fan but still experience the same FPS drop and stutter. The game setting is on low for everything, as I play competitively so I don’t care much about graphics for a fast moving game like overwatch. I played on a 240hz Benq monitor connected via HDMI but I can hardly get FPS over 140. When the FPS drop happens it goes down to around 100 and the game stutters.

My previous laptop, an Asus GL502 with GTX 1060, easily runs at 160+FPS albeit I get the occasional thermal throttle due to poor heating design.

I have another issue where the Nivida control panel will only detect the Benq monitor but not the laptop display. Whereas the Intel graphics setting would only detect the laptop display and not the monitor. On the windows display setting, I can see both displays and set to extend to these displays.

Do you have the same issues and suggestions on how to fix it?

Appreciate if anyone can help, I spend a lot of money on this laptop and it’s disappointing that it’s not even close to the performance of my last gen Asus ROG GL502. I know the hardware is more than capable as my friend got the Gigabyte Aero 15x v8 which pretty much have the same hardware but he has only tested on the 144hz laptop display. However compared to the Asus GTX1060 the performance gain isn’t that much, maybe 10%.

For those looking to get this laptop, I agree with a lot of what Dave has said, the build quality is good, very thin, light, portable (relative to my Asus GL502 obviously), and looks great. Screen colour is good, the keyboard feels good although I feel it’s a bit shallow, but that’s just me. However, compared to the Aero 15 the keyboard feels slightly better, the aero 15 feels slightly mushy.

It runs at a much cooler temperature compare to my Asus and similar to Aero 15. The fan can get loud though. The CPU is much faster than the 7th Gen for sure.

Yagyaansh Khaneja says:

Aren’t Dell G series already there??????

Dave Lee says:

Really like this one. I hope this black and gold color scheme spreads to more of their lineup. Thanks for watching!

Strider 10 says:

But can it run roblox?

aparan Nan says:

is it good for content creation 3d animation and cad works

Hirumie Hwang says:

I would love that this lap have a 17.3″ option. 🙁
It’s the best looking one. And slim.
Is out there an option like this one? D:


Is it better than the alienware gtx 1070

dat tri says:

Can i have that wallpaper in the back? Real nice one…

MusaAnarchy says:

Does this have good thermals? Like cpu and gpu wise?

Daniel Platon says:

Is this a good gaming laptop in the long run? Cause mine broke because of gaming too much and now it overheats fast and can’t run demanding games anymore.

Xin-Hong Liu says:

Apart from the keyboard font, this laptop is amazing.

bob belcher says:

What about the battery life

Gray Logsdon says:

Compare to new Alienware 15?

blownonpurp says:

I love that gold!

Javier Moser says:

Wish the microsoft surface book 2 has the same GTX 1070 and same processor. I love that design!

Bugs says:

keyboard layout is terrible

vince aggari says:

How does it handle fortnite

Matthew Bell says:

This looks like an awesome Laptop. I have a 2 year old GS60 and I am impressed with it, but this would be a great upgrade.

Rajat patel says:

Wrost laptop

HammyChez says:

On amazon it says gtx 1060 but he said 1070?

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