MSI GS65 Stealth Thin – Lightest GTX 1070 Max-Q Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin, a very light and thin gaming laptop minus the gamer looks. It has a classy metal chassis and weighs just 4.1 lb. / 1.87 kg. Thanks to our sponsor, Massdrop- check out their cool gear here: . The GS65 starts at $1,799 with an NVIDIA GTX 1060 and the GTX 1070 Max-Q model (used in this review) starts around $2,000. All configs have an Intel 8th gen Core i7-8750H 6 core, 45 watt CPU, a 144Hz matte non-touch IPS display, per key GRB backlit keyboard and an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (except the Best Buy model which has a SATA3 SSD). The gaming and pro apps laptop houses up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, has two SSD slots, an ample battery and Killer WiFI and Ethernet. It competes with the Gigabyte Aero 15X and Asus RG Zephyrus GM501. Computer Upgrade King provided our review loaner and sells a few configs.
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Shini Gamii says:

hope u will be doing a review on the new razerblade 15 🙂

stanislavtihohod says:

why did they cover that chip with kapton tape? ain’t they sure in their soldering quality?

_ NutellaOnMe says:

Hi Lisa! can u review the Dell G7 7588 please? waiting for it!

Zach Cheroff says:

Also the MSI website shows the BB model has the Killer N1550 Combo (2*2 ac).

J O says:

You are a total boss!!! Best laptop reviews!!

Wesley Smith says:

Exact copy of the Aero. wow, so creative MSI :/

SAM MV says:

Big Deal who cares LOL

RockVegasKid1874 says:

Lisa, Great review…
Is MSI getting away from the Titan Pro line??? It’s bulky but I am looking for a machine with a little more durability…

Omar Gould says:

Thank you for the Fan setting tip my Asus GL702vm laptop gets super hot when Im doing 3D modeling in 3DS max or blender I also live in a hot country but I usually have the AC on when Im working on my laptop but it does crash when it gets too hot.

With Style says:

Waiting for affordable laptops with real hdr panel and really bright screen for outdoor usage without compromise… Maybe next year with new cpu and gpu geberation…

John Claiborne II says:

mouthpiece for what? fu Lisa

Ivan Landjev says:

You should also add to the smack down the Razer blade 15,6

Ghulam Abbas says:

Great laptop
But I can’t afford

jack5001ful says:

Do these computers come with a warranty? Because I have seen the tear down for these things and I would rather send it off then deal with the headache. lol

Mateusz says:

I see your channel for the first time, and it’s great, great review. Definitely wanna see more 🙂

Jmrans says:

I would like to upgrade my Dell xps 15 9550, but i’m hesitant if this or aero 15x or XPS 15 9570 is a worth upgrade? right now i’m just doing some light video editing, but mainly i’m an architecture graduate so most probably next year i will go back from 3d modeling, would the said option be enough for my target work? Thank you!

P.S I’m actually considering Dell precision 5520 as an alternative to these gtx video card. (If ever i’m going to get quadro video card)

James H says:

Where do you get all the funny shirts! Lol

Pedro Brazon says:

Smack down between this, the zephyrus m and the aero 15x please 😀 love your channel and videos

Ankesh Shrivastava says:

Do a review for dell xps 15 (9570)

Moe Changavar says:

Now its time to upgrade my bulky Asus rog. Thanx for review

TheGuitar Person says:

Hi Lisa! Your reviews are always great to watch.

I know you’re probably going to do a comparison video for this, the new Razer Blade and the Gigabyte Aero 15X, right? They’re all bezel-less laptops that cater to pc gaming after all.

Denis Ruskin says:

Review the Razer Blade 2018 with GTX 1070 Max Q pls 🙂

Bruno Bedeschi says:

Shut up and take my (starts at 2k?)…. Nevermind

Zach Cheroff says:

The MSI website shows that the Best Buy model as a M.2. Is that correct?

John Doe says:

Rather have Intel than killer. While they’re better than what they were, I’ve never had problems with Intel cards

Hank Pank says:

The intel 9260 is last gen? I felt like it just came out…

Zyzzus Christ says:

I love the way you review. It’s so thorough

iiEixo says:

build quality is a joke lol.. cracking palm, flex worse than a plastic laptop…

philippeback says:

Your reviews are really second to none. Engaging, not over the top, to the point, with the elements that do matter.

Markie Laderas says:

PLEASE MAKE A MSI GS65, Gigabyte Aero 15x and ASUS Zephyrus Smackdown!

Steph w says:

Hey lisa great vid as per usual….do you have any plans to review the new precision dell 2in 1? Wonder how the drawing experience compares in your eyes to sb2 and bob

Rudi D says:

The way you do Reviews ja one of the best I found in YouTube.
Can you please review the Razer Blade 15?

The best music videos on YouTube! says:

Could you also teardown the screen? I am thinking to replace it to UHD.., but not sure how to dissemble it.

Fasih Khan says:

This laptop has thermal throttling issue otherwise it could be the best

Cypher says:

As much as I was set on this laptop a while ago (when you reviewed Aero 15) I’ve changed my mind in favour of the new Razer. MSI’s build quality and low brightness really kill it for me. Yes, Razer is more expensive but being a software developer I prefer paying more for better quality as it’s something that earns me money and I’ll be using it for a few years. Obviously we’re yet to see a direct comparison between these 3 but it looks like Razer could be the better choice at this point, granted it’s cooling is at least on par with these 2.

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