MSI GF63 Review – A Super Light Gaming Laptop!

The 2018 MSI GF63 is a light but affordable gaming laptop that can actually game. It’s weight is perfect for those who travel but yet want the power to game while not at home. It comes packed with the 8th Gen i7-8750h and a GTX 1050ti Max-Q. Pretty good stuff from MSI 2018.

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Robin rana magar says:

Bixby button disable video

Xue Tang says:

just get the acer predator with 144 hz screen. this isnt worth it

Matthew Moniz says:

Here it is ! The MSI GF63 Gaming laptop! Finally a budget laptop that’s light and can game! What do you guys think of it? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

SpinningBullet says:

1060 pleasee

ziliang lim says:


Syed syed says:

Gtx 1050ti max q is this a joke MSI

The Smiling Sloth says:

Dhisooom. Dhisooom. Dhisooom. My ears love it.

Diti Diti says:

If it would had 1060 gtx this would have been a killer……


rather buying this ill go for a dell g7

Live Noteworthy says:

WHY IS MY GEEKBENCH SCORE SO LESS WHEN COMPARED TO SAME LAPTOP MODELS even on high performance mode and battery plugged in,laptop is with i5 8300h and my score is only 9k?

debashis panda says:

i am gonna open a channel for students with chemistry classes .. so i need a laptop for video editing. please recomend me a laptop between 500 to 800 dollar.

kurisound says:

I wish it looked more like GS65

Sean Lim says:

I bought a gf63 and I really liked the keyboard?? Hmmm wired

{SDA} eclipse says:

Anyone else feel like they could have easily fitted a second fan like they have in the past?…

Alain Simental says:

does not even get close to the dell G5 or G7 for that price. If you can carry 1.74 lbs more you can have both an SSD and hard drive, and a thunderbolt 3 port. Plus lets not forget about the 1060 Max Q on the dell G series laptops that go for that same price with the same CPU. Oh and no keyboard flex either 😉

Tom Liu says:

$1666 CAD, I will add another $1000 to get the GS or GT series

Nithin Ravi says:

Finally a review !!!! Yay !!

marco fava says:

I was really really interested in this laptop a couple of weeks ago as it was retailing for 900$ on Newegg, however as i live in Italy import taxes would have pushed it up to around 1100-1200$ which was out of my budget, i wanted it mostly because of the I7 8750H, i was a bit miffed to find out that it’s a 1050TI Max-Q which i, like many more i’m sure had no idea even existed (Note the Newegg version has a filled m.2 slot with 16Gb’s of Intel Optane which i’d have replaced with an SSD anyway)

I ended up buying an HP Pavilion Power, i had to settle for the I7 7700HQ (in Europe product refreshes seem to take longer to show up than in the states) and a standard full size 1050 4gb but i also got 256gb of Nvme ssd storage and a 1tb HDD (7200 rpm too which i did not expect), sure screen bezels are not as thin and the lid is not metal (it’s a really nice soft touch plastic a la dell G3-G5-G7) but the keyboard deck is, it has a 70whr battery on which i was able to go around 6 hours and 30 minutes before charging on an above standard workload (i mean around 25 tabs open on opera, spotify music streaming, slack, whatsapp, discord and Steam downloading a game) it also has 2 fans (with a -120mv undervolt i’ve yet to see it throttle even after a couple of hours of fallout 4 and rise of the tomb raider) and it borrows a trick from the Zephyrus line with a lot less flair, the screen lid has 2 plastic feet that protrude out slightly and this lifts the bottom up with the added benefit of making the screen a lot less wobbly than on other laptops since it’s firmly set on the surface it’s resting on. All this i got for 799 Euros (on sale down from 1299 Euros) which is 940$ give or take a handful of dollars depending on the exchange on the day and i really feel like i got my money’s worth.

I’m still sad i was not able to join the dragon crew with an MSI machine but hey i’ve so far only ever owned HP laptops, in fact this MSI would have been the change from the mold alas it was not to be and i’m more than happy with the laptop i have now. It’s a shade heavier 2.1kg ( around 4.3-4.4 pounds) and slightly thicker (by some 10mm) but aside from that i’ve no complains.

Here is the link to HP Italy’s page i’m not sure the sale is still going though ( )

Here is the link for the GF63 on Newegg ( )

PickledGopher says:

Nice work! I’d love to see a review of the new Zephyrus S if you get the chance 🙂

ali hasan says:

What about ASUS
there are a lot of laptops from ASUS
hero II
scar II
TUF fx504
gl 703

saahil says:

Do the MSI g35

Tatsuya Higara says:

is it better than the hp omen 15dc?

Mahmood Muhenned says:

I like the sound of hitting in your videos, it gives your videos a special characteristic fun and dramatic in the same time

Gian Silvermain says:

Hi Mat! I’m just waiting for the Lenovo Y530 i5 to be available on our country but this GF63-i5 suddenly popped-up on our local store. The specs are generally the same, i5-8300H + GTX1050, GF63 only has 1TB available and the Y530 has a 2TB + 16GB SSD. GF63-i5 is $180 cheaper than the Y530-i5. What’s your pick between the two? I’m still worried about the single fan for the GF63. Should I still wait for Y530 or get this GF63 instead? Also, how would I know if the laptop has an intel optane? You didn’t point it out during the live unboxing of GF63, can it be found on the device manager? Thanks again Mat! Awesome review! 🙂

ZRING GT says:

I bought the HP omen 15 for 1,259 and to be honest it’s much better than this when I heard of the GTX 1050 it Max Q I was suppressed why not just add a regular 1050

Westacton Yuki says:

Is anyone buying this?

Khalid Abdi says:

+Matthew Moniz Nice review and I want to ask you about what do you prefer the most the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One or the Laptop/Computer gaming machines???

Mr Rithy says:

Please review asus rog strix gl504 scar ii

Biers Adajew says:

Hey, I bought this laptop a week ago and I really like it. You said the keyboard sucks and the touchpad is good, I think it’s the opposite. The touchbar is the worst I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life, while the keyboard seems really okay. It bends if you press it hard, but other than that it’s fine. I have the ssd+hdd version and it works really well. 4-6 hours of battery life depending what you do is also awesome! I was watching youtube for like 5 hours and generally browsing through the internet with max brightness and it went from 100% to 30% in 5 hours so WOW. You also said not to create content on this laptop due to the screen – again, I think that if one is not a professional yet, it’s really okay to edit videos and photos on this one. I generally think this is a great laptop and I would reccommend it to anyone. Also, great review, I decided to buy this one after I saw your livestream, so thanks for that! If you have any questions guys, just comment and I will try to answer you <3

Czechpete says:

Cant find nowhere if i can run 2 external monitors with this laptop?

Shawrayyeah says:

Great review.

Daniel Sitar says:

1050 ti not really gaming and max Q drops the card performance. i’m not a fan of any 1050 spec for gaming.a 1060 mobile card has 64% higher effective speed and 66% better bench marks. per gpu.userbenchmark

viru100 Singh says:

Yeah…those punching sounds are back… Let me grab my headphones to get full experience.

Miles Prebble says:

If this was a 120hz display it would be soooo much better

Kazi Aftab says:

Should i buy this or the Lenovo legion y530?

Leong Ting Cheung Leong says:

But how do you solve the problem that happened in the live stream??

Jesus McBeth says:

Will it work with optane?

Neon Future II says:

Two things that I don’t like
Design of the keyboard
Absence of the RGB display

Akhyar Rayhka says:

For that killer PowerPoint presentation and to kill that camper that annoys you everytime

The3dsGeek says:

What the hell man, I was really hoping to buy this but the shitty colorspace gamut is a let down

Kamila Nowak says:

I’d prefer Y530 than this, but its’ one fan does good job. But I want to know what about dropping CPU clock frequency under base clocks under full load. It was on the stream on Twitch but you didn’t say about that


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