MSI GE75 Raider Review – NVIDIA RTX Gaming Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the early 2019 MSI Raider GE75 gaming laptop with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards and moderately slim and light design (5.8 lb/2.64 kg). The GE75 is the 17.3” model with a compact footprint thanks to small display bezels, and there’s the 15.6” GE63 for those who want a smaller laptop. The Raider runs Windows 10 on the 6 core, 45 watt Core i7-8750H processor with your choice of full (NOT Max-Q) NVIDIA RTX 2060, RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 dedicated graphics. We test the model 8SF, with NVIDIA RTX 2070, 512GB NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM. It has a matte full HD 144Hz IPS display, a SteelSeries RGB per key keyboard backlighting, MS Precision trackpad, two M.2 SSD slots, an HDD bay and DDR4 2666MHz RAM. The Raider sits between the GS75 Stealth Thin and GT75 Titan in MSI’s lineup in terms of size.
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o.o says:

I’ve got my eye on a ge63 2060. Can you advise at all on how the thermals and fan noise are going to be on it, please?

swishpronoob says:

Time to add this to my “buy 10 and give to random people” list for when I win the lottery ;).

Kim Zhao says:

I have a GE73VR+1070 model. The build quality is not good. I had issues with keyboard and screen bezel and need major replacements. The performance is not comparable to desktop version as well. Overall not a good choice for gaming laptop.

hotterthanhotmail athotmaildotcom says:

do area 51m !! please

tomoprime says:

Lisa I would love for you to debunk the Aorus 15 scores from the company’s ” [UNBOX] AORUS 15″ youtube video as these seem too good to be true.
FIRE STRIKE – RTX 2060: 16098 | RTX 2070: 21340
3DMark 11 – RTX 2060: 21138 | RTX 2070: 25458

zane says:

Detailed review, but there are better alternatives out there and the cons on this laptop outweighs the pros.

Vish Rk says:

Please review the MSI PS63 modern

Peter Yen says:

Does it support G-sync compatible mode?

Chanpiseth CHEA says:

love your review, but for RTX laptop as my opinion we should not buy yet due to most of the games are only 1080P and it can do just good for GTX series laptops for 1080P game while RTX is beyond to 4k game and is so expensive so better in 2019 buy GTX laptop is cheaper also for 1080P game, but if you’ve got cash is fine to buy RXT laptop. peace!

MobileTechReview says:

I repasted the GE75 with IC Diamond 7 thermal paste and CPU core temps dropped a delightful 9C. The factory paste quality was decent, but there was way too much of it, so the heat sink didn’t interface as close as it should have with the CPU and GPU.

Omer K says:

Really good review, got a new sub here.
6:40 11:00 17:04 for anyone that’s here for the thrmals.
Just bought my 2080 model yesterday and no thermal throttling at all (i played pubg 1080p ultra for an hour at a solid 120 FPS average, 100at the lowest).

Robert Cooper says:

She’s awesome!!! The best reviewer I have seen!! I always watch her videos to get informed

bill says:

I like the thicker chasis

Daniel Hong says:

Can you open it with one hand?

Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice says:

Already looked at many RTX laptop models and brands. I think this is the best pick so far.

Alex Greig says:

Could you run this in raid 0 with the 2 x m.2 slots?

Joe Smith says:

You are such a Godsend to the tech community, thanks. For example, your comment about gsynch: not needed due to the better panels! A lot of people new in the market to mobile computers such as myself do not know that. Lots of flashy marketing terms: including ray tracing, for example, and which games benefit from dual channel memory.

Lunatik says:

I own the GE75 2080 and its a beast! Great review btw.

Fire Strike

Time Spy

4vrceltic says:

Please review the HPXP Specter X360 15″ !!!

Faisal Alsalm says:

gt75 review please ♥

SamBaconUK says:

When do you think you’ll get hands on a Lenovo Y740 and Y540 Lisa?

Kris L says:

How come there is only 1 ram stick? Is this thing dual channel? If it ain’t dual channel it will cut the performance in half

LordRaiden112 says:

Hey Lisa, this is weird, is this guy stealing your vids, and changing the titles? just thought I’d let you know

pacman1408 says:

Lisa, as always another great review! So where can I get that Autodesk long sleeve t-shirt? Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work

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