MSI GE72 VR Apache Pro Gaming Laptop Review + Linux Test

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Laika Sir says:

Finally, a laptop befitting my gender.

Mike Goldberg says:

Do me a favor and look at the guy on the right when he’s not talking.
Look closely at his facial expressions, mannerisms, eye movement and blinking patterns.
*He doesn’t have any.*
I am convinced we are either dealing with some type of extraterrestrial or an unidentified serial killer that changed his name and underwent plastique surgery to disguise his face.

Stinky Farts says:

Bought an Asus 6700hq, 16gb ram, and 1070 w/ gsync. The heat kept making it throttle. So much better now that I built an Ryzen 1600, 3200mhz 16gb, and a founders edition 1070. I really want the portability. Cooling is sadly still not there.

Disobeyedtoast says:

I’m still waiting for a ryzen/polaris laptop for linux ,_,

Wheelz Pitch says:

trying to help guys

notsofree_willy says:

doesn’t seem too much work for Linux, but then again I’ve had to deal with a c720 which used to require a custom kernel as well as scripts for the volume keys and stuff

gnarlin says:

Maybe benchmark linux as well

Sarfaraz Ahmad says:

unless i missed out on anything. I think you guys failed to cover the build quality. Build quality is quite important when it comes to laptops.

Optimus Prime says:


Shubham Patankar says:

I can’t get that, what you’ve shown by opening/unscrewing that laptop ?

TastesLikeChicken says:

I’ve noticed half of those gaming laptops won’t work properly unless it’s kicked over the legacy/mbr mode. It’s some real shit, because of the nvme drivers. But their bios’s are just ass aweful. Fucking ACPI bios tables don’t load properly.

Michael Juan says:

what about keyboard backlight on linux

Martin Ducre says:

A overhead camera would help in the review!

Ed says:

You can’t just slap on “Linux Test” and except me to watch an entire video of a gaming laptop. Wait, goddammit.

steinarne79 says:

its a bloody laptop… bah
Thumbs up because its you guys, not because of the product.

Thomas Schmitz says:

how about you ask System76 to send you a laptop for review? could also be a good review

Aberran Fox says:

I had a laptop from 1998 I still use for retro gaming and you have to take the keyboard out to upgrade the harddrive. Modern lappys are so easy to work on.

Jarrod'sTech says:

So this laptop listens on port 80?

fpsintelligence says:


Wolfgangarang says:

I managed to pick up this exact model for £618 when it randomly went clearance at Currys in the UK. Super chuffed with the price and performance!

Yaro Kasear says:

Sounds like Arch Linux users could make good use of that laptop.

cataria pega says:

wait wait, does this laptop have the battery behind the warranty void shroud?
so if u have to swap the battery 1,5 years down the line u’re fucked?
just to swap the battery?
is msi completely insane?
i mean we know those warranty void stickers are bullshit, but u can’t afford fighting the bullshit as a single person.
so they don’t let u exchange your storage ram etc….. and not even the battery without warranty voiding?
so we’re looking at apple here? while at least doesn’t throw the tons and tons of bloatware on it, that msi does according to gamers nexus.
so why in the world would i buy a laptop that i can’t even open? or have an easy removable battery (like every sane company does it)
like thinkpads have???
not saying lenovo is great, those bastards throw rootkits on their systems! and apparently have horrible customer services for many people, but holy shit at least u got yourself a easy removable battery!

007Vergara says:

Still dont beat my IBM thinkpad… its got that pentium 3… i just downloaded more ram for it

SenZjo says:

heh snowflake button.. XD

Ryan Dorman says:

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

ChrisD4335 says:

that music yo, I feel like i’m playing a pornographic visual novel from the 90s

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