MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF Gaming Laptop Review

The MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF is a powerful gaming laptop with a high refresh display. This review will cover the specs of the laptop, show you the features on offer, and cover the performance through a number of gaming benchmarks. I’ll also discuss the battery life, overclocking, temperatures, system fan noise, and more.

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gucioolgierd says:

OK all done! Spent all of today re-padding and re-pasting. Bloody hell, forgot how much time it takes to cut out 20 different pads each of different size… But happily everything is working, installed and fully upgraded. So before I jump into my observations, here is what changed in terms of components from the stock laptop:

a) 16gb CL17 2400mhz upgraded to 32gb CL15 2666mhz (damn this ram is a beast!!!)
b) SATA3 M.2 to PCI NVME M.2 (from 500 read to 3500read, lol)
c) Also, the internals were done with LM and a shit ton of new pads (took me about 4 hours to do this due to a shitty razorblade)
d) Laptop is now on a cooling pad.
e) Windows was re-installed from scratch with newest drivers (some problems were encountered as MSI drivers are outdated)
f) BIOS was updated and EC was flashed

So what are my observations. Total War Warhammer 1 instantly got a FPS bump ranging from 10 to 30 fps depending on the regions of the campaign map. Previously the CPU was thermal throttling now it no longer does so at any given point.

What about the temps? The GPU runs 5 Celsius lower and the CPU 10 Celsius lower! With fans boosted to max (previously did not report that as there was no difference with temps with stock components) I saw a further reduction both on the CPU and GPU by about another 5 Celsius.

So my temps went from 90 on the CPU to 75 (with cooler boost) and from 80 on the GPU to about 72. Remember fool, all while gaining another 15-30 fps!

But you will probably get less of an improvement. The element of RAM which is much quicker now probably contributes a few frames to the outcome, also the game consumes 10gb RAM rather than 8gb like it did when it had only 16gb installed. This is the reason for some of this performance gain.

Would have forgot to mention but I think the laptop runs a smidge quieter now than it did before (without cooler boost obviously) while playing. It also – as of typing this thread – is idling at a temperature low enough on the CPU (and GPU as I’m running a external monitor on it) without the fans needing to spin at all. Now that’s pretty dope! The cooling pad really makes a difference.

I haven’t run XTU and will not be doing so as the temps for me are looking good enough that I don’t care about undervolting anymore. The problem with undervoling is that after a certain amount you are losing the boost performance of your 6 core CPU, which is what happened when I ran XTU last week (lost about 5-8 fps while seeing no real temp difference). So I’ve decided that for now, I’m fine with what I have and will let the CPU have all the juice it wants in the world!. More on udervolting 8750h just watch this:

Perhaps, now its time for an 1070 OC? The temps on the GPU are begging for it…

Nishikant Meshram says:

Thank you so much jarrod. I asked earlier today for which one to in this or zephyrus M. You did say to opt for zephyrus and after watching this in depth review, i think I’m gonna go for the zephyrus. And zephyrus doesn’t have any thermal throttling right?? Also Thank you very much for your detailed videos. Love your content man. Godspeed.

Valnjes says:


matthew evans says:

Excellent video as always, very informative

pablo rdz says:

Huh. I expected with all those pipes it’d be better cooled… not sure where’s the flaw but they don’t look great at all.
(I’m comparing them with a razer blade 14 said to have one of the worst temps management)

Great video as always J, hope to see more machines reviewed

Callum Mcwade says:

Actually picked up the ge73vr 7rf not to long ago and it looks like it’s pulling better frame rates and such compared to the 8th gen equivalent (all other components are the same apart from the CPU which is a i7-7700HQ)which is ur review unit, think it’s better off sticking to 7th gen for now until they can ace the cooling for the chip to prevent throttling

Zachary Goterch says:

Seems like it would be best to just stick to the CPU undervolt to obtain max boost clock speeds, as I feel that would benefit the system the most as opposed to applying both the undervolt and the GPU overclock, especially if the heat pipes are shared between the GPU and CPU.

JTJ says:

Good video

max chebotnikov says:

Tumbs up for comparison.

Rodrick HD says:

i have an aorus X5 V8 and ive repasted the cpu and gpu and got 10c drop, ive unistalled the intel thermal framework and now it doesnt power trod… i can get 3,9ghz pushing prime 95 in small ffts and 3.4ghz running it with furmark and prime 95. New pads and new thermal paste, undervolt and overclock on the GPU, my pc is running faster than ever and the vram doesnt heat that much even pushing 80w into the cpu.

WildWill4 says:

Hey can you check out Eurocom laptops. They are almost 100% upgradable including the gpu and cpu.

augustuslc says:

Why would you buy this laptop when the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501GS performs better with almost the same specs and characteristics?

Abdul Ahad says:

I bought the 17 inch model. Now I’m disappointed.

joe pelik famous says:

I think this is the most highest firestrike score on 1070 Laptop

CrabbyGamerGOD says:

All the way go for zephyrus instead of this.Although performance was good but you are getting a TN panel,no g-sync,bad battery life,Thermal throttling issues even though this laptop had some massive heat sinks??I just can’t imagine the pain in summers.Great video and finally MSI myths of fanboys stopped.

ZeinasoftNetwork says:

I like your honest reviews 🙂

az zahar says:

How does it work compared to the rest of previous Raider series?

James James says:

Can someone who owns this let me know more in depth if the entire chassis is full metal and rigid? I’m considering alienware 15 r4 as well . Heavy video editing performances as well if possible? Much appreciated.

Uttam Pandey says:

please do a comparison video with helios 500

King Ananas says:

hey jarod do you think you could include the fact that whisper mode is in here and show the temps (surface +CPU/GPU) and fan noise ? i want to buy the Aero 15x so i wanted to know how the whisper mode works and if it does it’s job without burning your hands also GREAT REVIEW AS ALWAYS !

Saar Namir says:

Jarrod, will it be possible for you to review “college” laptops? Like Microsoft’s Surface series / premium (thin & light) laptops from Lenovo&Dell?

idanew0 says:

Great video! Any news on msi gl63 8RE-629?

Tech Help says:

Great video again

Tesla Maxwell says:

please do full comparison against helios 500

CMQL says:

Please do a asus x560 and x570 review im planning to buy one

Darshan Reebye says:

Very good and honest review..Would be nice if you could review the 17inch model ge73 8rf(same specs) and see if the same throttling happens despite the larger space..

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