MSI GE62 7RE APACHE PRO Gaming Notebook/Laptop Review!

Gaming laptops/notebooks aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination! Can the MSI GE62 7RE APACHE PRO finally offer good performance at a reasonable price?

Buy the MSI GE62 7RE Apache pro.
US: (Older model)

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Faded NCS says:

Hey, amazing video

KingAwol says:

I got the version with a 1060 recently, fucking huge upgrade from my old gt 635m laptop

Jonathan Watson says:

The quality of this video is on point. 🙂

Max Mustermann says:

zis was a Great Video

KoBeR says:

another great vid but……. no info on winner of a gaming mouse… again…

Frank Harper says:

Video didn’t hit my Sub box 🙁

Miguel Barcala says:

if i build a pc that has the same price as that laptop excluding the peripherals would the pc run faster or will have the same speed with that laptop?

EnGeRus says:

Dude where is the noise test? At Idle or while youtube / lightgaming and on high demand games? I want to be able to listen to the devices before I pick one and nearly no one of the reviewers do that or they talk while we are supposed to hear the fan noises and disturb that

Crazy Boys gaming says:

Nice video as usual 🙂

Goodyaka says:

The main man is back with another slick review. When’s the next episode of setup refresh Marcus ?

Rope says:

Hello! Not very familiar with laptops so I had a few questions

-Is Dell or Acer better

-Are these specs good? Intel Quad Core i5-6300HQ/8GB/1TB Hybrid/4 GB/ GTX 960 1080p

-Should I get the computer with the specs above which is the Dell 7559 for 629

-Should I get the Acer Aspire E15 Laptop

Zhihang Liu says:

I like your videos, but i am hopping next time when you do laptop review, please introduce IO. It is important for a laptop.

Shane Vant says:

When is the 1080 ti review coming?

ReAKT - ★ CS:GO Channel ★ says:


The ge62 7re has 16GB ddr4 right?

I also have the ge62 7re but it has 16GB and a 256gb m.2 SSD

Joe says:

Amazing video as expected. Just wondering what was your old desk that you used to have? The desk used in your 144hz test video. Thanks!

HobbyApple says:

Another awesome review 😀

Erik says:

aah man, wish that was my laptop, but yeah, 1.2k for a laptop is above my budget :(. Great video as usual. im still loving the smoke effects!

GreenMachine says:

Great video thank you

DAN George says:

Id love to upgrade my potato notebook to this one over here but i gotta do a lot of savings :)) #studentlife

Finley Lfc says:

I think of either getting this laptop or spending 1200-1300 thousand on a pc what do you think would be better for gaming etc.

TotallySilencedTech says:

Hope you enjoy the video guy’s 🙂

John Carter says:


Aokuzan Kiji says:

Great Review man! also quick question what is the song playing at the end with the benchmarks?

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