Microsoft Surface Laptop: Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and Review of the NEW Microsoft Surface Laptop in Cobalt Blue and Burgundy with an in-depth look at the hardware with performance benchmarks.

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احمد وسام عدنان says:

سعره غالي

Juan Mendoza says:

Stupid ads

Slimey Gamer101 says:

Can you take off the screan?

Kid Video says:

it’s very beautiful

Sukhi Kainth says:

In your vids do a shopping scanner

Vandel Jason Strypper says:

surface pro is better

Tom Hallett says:

speaker system still not as good as macs and the material near the trackpad and keyboard is just asking for trouble

RickP2012 says:

Ooh carpet on the keyboard – fancy!

n228sk says:

Question: If I upgrade to Windows Pro from Windows S, can I then install and run programs not from the Windows store?

Jawad Mukkath Puliyakottu says:

Is there anyway you know the dimensions of the package that the laptop came with? I wanted to fedex this to overseas, and wondered what box type will best suite this..

Jena Root says:

VERY helpful! Thanks.


Why i always watch these Annoying videos while i can’t afford buying these CRAZY THINGS

The Sonic Echo says:

They really just need more ports

Richard Champness says:

Tap that keyboard bitch

Chris Keo says:

Overpriced with these specs.. WTF

Ruben Vatle says:

great review man.
So you said tht wimdows 10s wont allow you to install Google Chorme.
But at 02:50 you have chrome right there. Is that with the upgrade to Windows 10 pro?

Wesley Jordan says:

What an uninspiring, unoriginal, non-innovative and boring name. “Surface Laptop???” Really Microsoft? That’s the best you’ve got for a multi-billion dollar company? I shutter to see all the hate comments had Apple named their MacBooks “Mac Laptop”. lol.

Ethan Hunt says:

The best reviewer after I watched 100 vids on this,detroitborg has the best review

Даниил Бондарев says:

можно пожалуйста субтитры на русском языке? please subtitles in Russian language?

Martin Andersson says:

I really want one 🙂

Christian Luis Quimno says:

Please Review Nokia Smartphones

Judy He says:

question how many inch is this ?

The Sonic Echo says:

Will this charger work with the surface pro?

s ga says:

Like I’m sure you are typing real words

richarddr1234 says:

Mr. Borg, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Mr. Robot?

adeel baig says:

local laptop but I subscribe and like you bro fake laptop

Martin Pekár says:

Why would you even want to open it? If it gets broken, you send it back to Microsoft and they will send you a new one without even looking at it.

Information House says:

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and many more.

голубь и мр 512с says:


Raj sao says:

Love your videos

John Smith says:

These laptops are not serviceable, no way to replace any of the parts.

Muhammad Zeeshan says:

what is Price????

Josh Chastain says:

Plans on a giveaway?

videofilmsrblx says:

A $1299 laptop that can’t play games and it has Windows 10 S? That is crazy. I bought a HP Omen gaming laptop for $1000 after taxes and it can play games and it has the original windows 10.

Luis Dungo says:

Giveaway here in PH

SlothBrah says:

Surface book or surface laptop?

Cedric Tuyau says:

Basically a macbook with alcantara and running windows. Good plagiarism skills Microsoft!

Ayman Alam says:

The blue colour is named Cobalt Blue

Hitarth Dixit says:

Wearing an Watch in a Microsoft Review

Andrew gaming tube HD says:

Lol all triggered Microsoft fanboy s ewww

chiranjeevi vinothkumar says:

How much you spend for a review

Diamond shark503 says:

I always love your vids

DetroitBORG says:

CORRECTION! These are 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPUs, not Sky Lake…apologies for the flub!

haseeb sarfaraz says:

Why microsoft made touch laptop without detachable, panos panay should have made just simple laptop… so every body might have purchased if it was non touch… thats why no body has purchased this laptop.. this must have 2 in 1 laptop

Lovemore Barnabe says:


Tom Tylaer says:

I think it’s not needed for the look

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