Microsoft Surface Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the first traditional design notebook computer from Microsoft, the Surface Laptop. This slim 14.5mm Ultrabook has a 13.5” PixelSense IPS display and weighs 2.8 lb/1.28kg. It’s unique looking thanks to the Alcantara keyboard deck that’s available in four colors. The Surface Laptop supports both pen and touch, and the new Surface Pen is sold separately for $99. It’s available with Intel Kaby Lake 7th gen dual core 15 watt Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs with Intel HD 620 or 640 graphics. It has a 720p webcam supporting Windows Hello facial recognition for login, a backlit keyboard and MS Precision keyboard. Pricing starts at $999 for the base Core i5 model, and the Core i7 configurations start at $1,599.

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mvh808 says:

Brilliant review as always. I suggest you add a Patreon reminder at the end to help you out getting more supporters.

The Realist says:

Ok….ok..ok I get it this overpriced toy is meant for the dumb masses. But come on Microsoft even fucking Apple offers more when they overprice there shit.

For example the IO it’s as if they looked at a MacBook Air and said “Hey lets half ass copying that. And also let’s charge more than Apple did.” Fucking genius idea their Microsoft, u greedy half ass working pricks. Like come on u heap bastards at least put a shitty thunderbolt gen 1 port on there. But no they did “fuck it to expensive, we need to cut corners.” So they can make that sweet 70% profit.

Not mad about the IO on this toy, just disappointed that the creators of Windows would release such a toy.

I get it I’m not the ordinary consumer but even the dumbass people that this toy is meant for. Say “it’s an overpriced piece of shit”, and these are words from an idiot of the masses.

Not only is this pile of shit a joke to the more intelligent, by the stupid masses even think it’s shit. Now Microsoft maybe that’s a hint to get your head out of your ass. And make something the people u were supposedly targeting would even like.

ripperx444 says:

This lap top is a big piece of shit! It has a slower i5 than the surface pro. It has the cheapest Toshiba SSD with horrible read wrote speeds!!

Nikka M says:

Seems overpriced for what you get. And that Alcantara looks good now, but I’m not sure how it’ll hold up over the long term.

shamatuu says:


Anthony McNeil says:

I want that shirt…insanely awesome…

Zack Halverson says:

This laptop was such a disappointment to me, their strategies are like apple and anticonsumer. One usb port and proprietary charging docs and stuff. They are charging over $2000 for 16gb or ram, wtf. And then they make up their own resolution again. Why can’t you just use like 2560 x 1600? I’m buying the new razer blade stealth with the 13.3 QHD screen. It’s literally $600 cheaper for the same spec. Just because you have the best build quality and pen does not mean you should charge a $600 premium. And then why does it come with win10 half baked for something that can cost $2200, plus no thunderbolt 3? Literally where would you not need to install applications not on the shitty windows store?

Thomas Huber says:

“This laptop is not meant to be opened or repaired; you can’t get inside without inflicting a lot of damage.” =>

aaron wong says:

At some point we need to account for design and build in the value prop. Particularly when you’re dealing with these types of machines, where like Apple’s MacBook line, someone spent a lot of time and effort to make it beautiful and elegant while still being sturdy. The Dell might be cheaper, but it looks it as well. When I see Surface and Apple products, I want them for their beauty as much as I do for their performance. When I look at a Dell XPS 13, it looks like it’s trying, but just isn’t there, and I don’t have any emotional bond to its design. Computers are no longer about just their internal components, and we should start recognizing that. A Subaru might be just as fast as a BMW, (it might even be faster) but it’s not a BMW, and speed is not the only metric.

man0z says:

Don’t buy this POS. Don’t give Microsoft the satisfaction

JakeAviator says:

Glad you explained the pricing issue – I didn’t understand how this lower-spec machine was going to compete at a higher/same price with the Dell XPS 13, but I guess it’s not supposed to. Thx for the vid

Jason Brown says:

Swing forest merchant camp bad closely African.

Worthless Opinion says:

I’m pretty sure they overprice these things simply because they can, like Apple. They’re going for the prestige brand name. But 4GB of ram for a $1000 laptop is a total joke. And they better extend the “free upgrade” to real Windows indefinitely or a lot of unsuspecting consumers will be very angry in 2018.

#JuanPostea says:

With same price and same specs, what do you choose, Surface Laptop or XPS 13? Why? Thank you.

Simplycoconut says:

I think I am at the point in my life watching YouTube for many years that I don’t get excited for tech reviews anymore…. until now, you’re amazing and so genuine, which is hard to find on YouTube. Keep doing what you do 🙂

이건열 says:

What laptop would you recommend for a college student majoring in Cs?
Love your reviews

HPRshredder says:

I love your videos but PLEASE don’t recommend the SP4 dock. The dock is TERRIBLE

Walter Shwe says:

This laptop is a definite no go for me. IMHO most people should avoid the Surface Laptop. Dell, HP and Lenovo all have better options.

Beljax says:

Thanks for the review, great as alway!
I prefer to go for the Surface Book personnally. Btw will you review the new Surface Pen ?

Rob Thomas says:

Another great review, Lisa. A+ So which of the 4 Surface product lines do you like best (for what you do?) Pro, Laptop, Studio or Book?

Jay Y says:

I don’t get why people don’t just use touchpad taps instead of clicks. It’s so much easier and quicker. Must be Mac users who have the click ingrained in muscle memory.

MET says:

assuming you’re right and Microsot doesn’t want to “tread” on their OEMS like Dell and HP, you could argue that wtf is the alternative for the OEMS? Use chromeOS? Make their own? If microsoft decided to price their products for mass market, their OEMS would be forced to compete.

Dittsboylogan says:

Lisa, could you possible review the GPU capability in the i7 variant of the Surface Laptop? I haven’t seen much on it but would like to know if it would be good for title like The Sims. Any help would be awesome 🙂

Dango Ruiz says:

Lisa hit it on the head with the intro. This is made and priced not to compete with other Windows PC OEMs. I know if I were to switch to a PC laptop I would get some Dell or Lenovo.

Luca Daniels says:

I remember RT…never again.

Robert Serrano says:

That shirt is Fire!!!

Victor R says:


Szymon Nowak says:

no microSD, realtime backup/ synchro only over network… WTF

Anthony Iatropoulos says:

Great review as always Lisa! the message on your shirt is hilarious btw

23caterpie says:

Is the battery life better when using WIndows 10 S?

derekduggins says:

Everyone describes the Alcantara in a way that has nothing to do with how it actually looks or feels in person. (“Fuzzy,” “carpet,” etc.) I’ve never seen such bizarre concern-trolling about any detail of a new product.

Jeeves says:

Love your shirt! 🙂

CF542 says:

A lefty!

Daniel Winter says:

Hey Lisa when do you think you will have the new zenbook pro in for review? Super psyched for that one

Heli Ventura says:

Microsoft Laptop 13″ i5, 256GB SSD Vs MacBook Pro 13″ i5, 128 SSD

Arcana73 says:

Most people don’t care about USB-C . get over it

gc68 says:

you deserve more than just 500k+ subs. i jst can’t believe subpar “tech reviewers” get 1M+ subs more than you, and yet they just go for clickbait most of the time but doesn’t really seem to understand what product they’re reviewing. smh.

keep it up, lisa! 🙂

Phil Abrahams says:

Great video Lisa but why is Microsoft following Apple with such a badly designed laptop that can’t be serviced ie upgrading the memory or hard disk or a faulty display because it is bonded and you’ll need a heat gun to get it off. No I think I will stay with Lenovo.

CodeXploit says:

Why in the love of god did they make this… I have a SP4 and i don’t see why would i buy an overpriced notebook. After 1 – 2 years that keyboard will be dirty as hell.. Like mine was buton the notebook you cant swap it out like on the surface. to much money MS ?

Swastik Patra says:

Thanks. Was waiting for your review.

Gabriel Verde says:

It’s a Premium “Common User” notebook. So 4gb? Enough!

ctk4949 says:

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Why is the power button part of the keyboard?!?!?!?! That is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rien Espiritu says:

As always, great job on the review.

Julio Garcia says:

I saw it in person it’s cool I prefer my surface pro instead 🙂

Ostap Stadnyk says:

Hi guys! Please help to understand what lisa says about alcantara cover at 5:50 – 6:20. I was not able to understand properly as probably my English is not perfect.
For me it is very important to know is it going to be dirty and stained. Thank you.


Too bad I cannot run premier on it

Tristan Antunes says:

“The rug top” – nicely said!

encycl07pedia says:

S = RT + $50 upgrade option.

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