Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: The Best Looking Windows Laptop!

The Surface Laptop is thin, portable, and powerful. With a nice sleek design and a unique approach to a keyboard. It’s Microsofts first laptop completing their Surface lineup. Is this the ultimate Windows Ultrabook? Watch for the full review!

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Tejas Gokhale says:

Can you please review Acer Helios 300? Thanks. 🙂

mikedavonwash says:

Thank you Matt for the awesome review! My wife has been wanting a Surface Book for a while. I am going to help her get this summer. I did have on question, is their a noticeable difference between the i5 and the i7 performance wise?

Sagayogashun Campi says:

Muito lindo esse surface

Andre Cabrera says:

Hey can you do a video on the new Asus zenbook pro laptop that is supposed to be released next month?

Samuel Ventimiglia says:

I’m still rocking my Surface Book. Love it but if I were in the market for a new Surface, if probably go with the Surface Pro. Not because of W10S, but just because I like using the pen and the tilt angle on the Pro is just superior. As always, love the videos and keep up the great work

Peter PB says:

It looks awesome! And yes I looked at it 🙂 . Too bad no thunderbolt 3. EGPU would have made me buy it.
I think alcantara will be fine since they use it in cars and it is fine there.

Ibrahim Elhajj says:

please make Helios 300 budget gaming laptop from acer review.

Dave N says:

can u have one

Erik Michel says:

Please review the Matebook X if you get the chance! 🙂

A New Day says:

Razer Blade Pro looks the best

Bengt-Åke Varg says:

Good review and like it that you added the ifixit part! For me this is a deal breaker as you cannot change the battery and basically makes this laptop a disposable item. Even if i sell the computer it should be able to live on longer than 2-3 years! This new trend with soldered ssd drives is not good as they have limited lifespan. Most other components usually last many years today! Ah well, the matebook x or apple is a better choice for high end laptops if you want another aspect ratio than 16:9 and a computer you easily can change the battery in!

The screen size and aspect ratio is perfect though and makes it almost as big as a 15.6 inch 16:9 screen in height! I really hope more companies adapt this screen ratio!

Faisal Mahmud says:

Actually matthew, Windows 10 S is in fact a bad idea. People already love Windows 10 Home/Pro and it’s the most common OS used worldwide. Microsoft created the S variant just to promote their windows store so that they can perhaps enter the mobile market again, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
Besides, you can do pretty much everything on regular Windows 10 (like creating a customised virtual workspace environment for school) that you can on the S variant, and you can do that much better.

VJ nacionales says:

i think it doesnt have fans though

Mao Hun says:

Who else thought its a macbook review when saw the thumbnail?

Merlyn Lear says:

disappointed with this model
– needs to run EXE
– needs a workable resolution that can half
– needs more then one USB!!!!!
– needs a GPU

work it out microsoft, its pretty simple. at least you can get a surface book. which seems to be more flexible then this!

Aviation Lover says:

can you do a review on Lenovo legion y720 ?

Andreas says:

macbook: i am overpriced af but at least i can drive 2 5k displays at the same time while getting charged and sending data over the same cable.
surface: what is usb-c?

Rinkashime3 TM says:

please review the MSI GE72vr!

richarddr1234 says:

If its like a Chromebook, then isn’t Edge the only app you’re ever going to need?

iMoreno says:

Hint: The best looking windows laptop doesn’t look that good

Drake Dodson says:

Did you find that upgrading to Windows 10 Pro as opposed to Windows 10 S hurt the battery life at all? Would you get more than that 9.5 hours with 10 S? Or is it a negligible difference?

SyntaxByte says:

Appreciate seeing CAD price on screen for those of us in the north.

mlfez says:

What I like about it is the screen ratio the resolution and the touch screen in compared with the xps 13 middle configuration its a solid choice considering student discounts and such for both ;however, the surface lacks usb c which for might not be so important for now but its essential to have for future proof.

Kιиg χ says:

Can you review the lenovo legion y720 please

C Ford says:

Great video, can you upload and link to the demo wallpaper that was on the promotional footage of the device? Please!

LuBano says:

This or a Lenovo x1 carbon for school? I don’t game and I won’t be using any kind of editing software

Ali Elzain says:

You are literally the only YouTuber I’ve noticed that responds to most of his comments. You deserve an award.

Kalpesh Patel says:

Microsoft is the new apple. Beautiful, but overpriced and underpowered.

Мирослав says:

Все хорошо, только она проблема: на нем стоит винда! Дырявая, которая будет засоряться и сильно глючить.

Milos Djeric says:

Yea but ewerything is glued you cant open it blow the dust or replace and fix something.Sorry for not subbing i reach limit.

Raphael says:

They could’ve put a desktop i7 and have a solid cnc copper chassis

Harsh Reddy says:

Microsoft products are always 3rd rate shit

Luc van Driel says:

its 1150 euros for the base model, thats a little bit less than 1300 us dollars.

Danny Berry says:

Have one on the way, but thinking about sending it back before I even open it and getting a Razer Blade Stealth or the Lenovo X1 Yoga 2 in 1 that has an OLED display. The Stealth is waaaaay cheaper than the Surface Laptop with better connectivity. The Lenovo would actually be about $300.00 more than the Surface Laptop, but dat OLED screen tho!!

john sanders says:


SandLeopard003 says:

best review

Rob Thomas says:

Great review, Matt. 😉 Also, it is possible to revert back to Windows 10 S now if you install W10Pro, but you have to wipe your system by installing an MSI Surface Laptop file from Microsoft available on their website. Just FYI! I have a cobalt blue SL and it’s amazing.


TBH HP and DELL have very poor build quality. Specially HP, all the HP laptops I’ve owned have had heating problems. Never again buying HP.

ShionS says:

its funny how this is probably more overpriced than a macbook pro… 4gb? shit ssd? wtf

kishore says:

Great video man.. Finally a Review that I’ve been waiting so for.. plz do a benchmark test comparing with mac book Air.

6644pmr says:

Love the way this looks, just can’t tolerate the lack of ports. Great video though Matt!

timothy alvarado says:

Dose this mean I can’t add files and old projects to this laptop and use them?? Since it might be third soft ware? And since it’s third soft ware dose this mean it’s security good?

aaron wong says:

Microsoft isn’t calling it Alcantara. Alcantara is a brand of synthetic suede that’s commonly used in high end cars.

R2 D2 says:

Microsoft Surface laptop scored a dismal ZERO on the ifixit scale (of 0 to 10). They labeled it a “glue-filled monstrosity”. See for yourself:

Stelios Kapet says:

they should drop the mini display port and give it a USB type C

Abhijeet Daniel says:

am in India. how do I buy one of these?

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