Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review!

I spent a week reviewing the Surface 2 laptop, check out my thoughts!
Surface Laptop 2:
Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse:

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Melito T says:

$1000 for students to just go on social media and complain about the world’s “injustices” and watch YouTube and porn videos

Mr Man says:

You should review some of the surface peripherals tho. I feel like those always show some promise.

Arixy LFT says:

Congrats on 1 million.
Just sayin it early

isath de silva says:

love the vid

isath de silva says:


Deon Spates says:

Nice Frank!

Michael Fu says:

love the ghost cube!

Rogeet Ghuman says:

It’s SOOOO nice. I got mine on launch day and I’m extremely pleased. I love looking at the screen

Benjamin says:

Compare it vs the Matebook X .

godspeed says:

Possible to hook up a 38″ Ultra Wide Screen?

Wargaming Super Noob says:

A 1.7Ghz quad core? Thats pitiful!

MNA GP says:

0/10 No AMD version

RedGamer says:

Hi you’re awesome

Quinn Cooperstein says:


Tomas L. says:


Rahzelle787 says:


OhMyBot says:

Great for the price my ass.
I got a Dell XPS 13 9370 (i7 8550U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) for 1400€.
Same config for the Surface Laptop 2 costs 2349€.

Iam Social says:

I’m done with school, but if I was I’d go with an Acer or Dell to get the most bang for my buck. The Surface 2 is aesthetically pleasing and light for mobility, but the price is not geared to students IMO.

A Loose Reality says:

Your audio is off.

Cypher901 says:

send me 1 google

Coltbolt Bolt says:

When is the surface book 3 coming out?

ssindr3 says:


He said thot


IHaveAniPhone says:

This laptop is like a Microsoft version of the MacBook Air

Luffy :D says:

£1000 is a students idea of £100000

Daniel Decom says:

Idk frankp there is better options for a students at that price point, even cheaper…

Kronixio says:

I do not see the point of touchscreen on this laptop. Also, no USB C…

_Bob McCoy says:

*c h r o m e b o o k*

Yaoilover Studio says:

Great review but looking at the price….I can’t afford it so I’ll just look at it :/

Serkan Polat says:

A bit late

יואב גולבר says:

Your soo good

surav jeebodh says:

yo frank add me on Overwatch 😉

Em See says:

>For students
Yeah, for starbucks soy latte sipping cosmopolitan socialist types with hipster glasses and rich mummy and daddy.
Oh right, those use macbooks. Whoops.

Facepalm says:

The only people that are going to school and can afford it are rich kids and teachers lol

Taikamuna says:

What kind of student can even afford it?

Valon Jashari says:

Thanks for the good review, you mentioned nearly all points.
I would like to know more about noise and fans. Does the fans kick in during casual work like web browsing, watching movies, word, excel or do they stay off until the cup reach 90% of load as Microsoft said. Is this the case with you Surface Laptop 2. Thanks

Stekkerbox says:

Congratulations Frank! I love your new house

TECH 3 says:

So do you prefer 3:2 or 16:9 or any other for productivity

Wop wop says:

2:57 Why are you concerned about the long term quality? This is the same material as last year. Shouldn’t there be data already, from you or a different reviewer?

Shiromani Wijerathne says:

I loving it so far
I love randomfrankp

Darren5728 says:

4:03 CaseyNeistat laptop transition!

sQDawn says:

Microsoft surface laptop 2? Isnt it Microsoft surface 2 laptop?


I like that you’re basically the only YouTube product reviewer that actually talks about video editing? (Thank you for doing so, since I have to do that a lot) Currently, I am looking for a new laptop and I was considering this, but thanks to your in-depth review, I won’t be buying this device, due to the poor gaming performance.

Be55y Boi says:


James Russo says:

Students buy MacBook Pros, please this is not too expensive people.

Essentials 101 says:

The “soft fabric” is alcantara leather.

Eric Wei says:

2:05 I see what you did there

Kyu Bi says:


Futurez says:

Hi why bother to say hi when i dont mean anything to anyone and always get 1 like and that one like is me☹️

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