Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review – The Perfect Laptop? | The Tech Chap

This is the Microsoft Surface Book 2 – a premium, powerful & VERY expensive 2-in-1 laptop. With Intel 8th Gen chips & GTX 1050 –
is the Surface Book 2 the Perfect Laptop? Buy US: | Buy UK:

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Shaik mohammed Abdullah says:

Microsoft is the new Apple

iMacourey says:

Hate Microsoft. Love the reviewer…

Varun Vesuvala says:

Good video, but the laptop is NOT fanless. True, it doesn’t have a fan on the screen side, but there IS a fan with the GTX 1050.

Jim R says:

compared to Mac pro 2017, which is better, thanks

Diego Hernán says:

Hi! If i want run 3ds max… it´s enough with the 13,5 model or i need the 15 model?


yolo says:

What an ugly piece of shit laptop

Pürgatöry Priest says:

Hello Chap. Do note:

“Users can also recharge the Surface Book 2 with a USB Type-C charger as long as it is powerful enough.”

You’ll need to get a PD or ‘Power Delivery’ compliant USB-C charger. Make sure you get a quality one and that it’s certified. Read the safety manual!

“Devices can be charged from the Surface Book 2, such as a phone using USB Type-C.”


Mahmoud Maguid says:

I have the SB gen 1 and I still love it to this day. Its fantastic and beautiful.

vksrlat says:

Yup would definitely buy it.. Because… For me a computer or a laptop.. Is… Windows or Microsoft!…. Wonderful gadget from Microsoft. Will buy!

Edwin O'Gray says:

The laptop looks stunning but again i’d get it if i had the money to spend and because i watch a ton of movies and shows the tablet mode is something i’d use and probably for some illustrations as well.

321bluff says:

Dude its charger cannot keep up and still the hinge issue what a fail Microsoft.

ripperx444 says:

I wish it had a GTX 1060. It would be perfect then. I feel the GTX 1050 is weak but then again I only played overwatch for 5 min on mine. How were the thermals when you played forza?

glintinthedust says:

Why would anybody buy this when you can make your own laptop or buy one from another brand that’s got better specs and is like half the price

Ankit Panjvani says:

Hi sir I am your subscribers i am from india i want to buy a laptop under 80000 indian rupees please suggest me which one I buy??

Hussein Barakat says:

You can charge with usb-c , just need to buy a separate adapter.

2nix PH says:

I really want one


Obsolete out of the box

Villard says:

finally….. thank you!!

Tsvetomir Ivanov says:

Chap is there ghosting on the screen, you know this effect where you move your mouse too quick in games and you see trailing and motion blur?

OneWordTroll says:

The proprietary charger is a massive deal! That thing is guaranteed to break within 12 months and the replacement is over 80 pounds! and will break even quicker. Don’t beleive me, a five second search will sort that out. The third party chargers are cheap but can brick your surface/surface book. Won’t be buying a Surface or Book until they ditch the charger.

Muntom says:

I have gen.1 Crap/. Sorry MS.

Jorgidan 92 says:

Tablets are pretty much dead tbh… But as a laptop is certainly nice, though I don’t think I’ll be dropping that kind of cash for it.

Max Khon says:

yeah, I wish they  just simplify this chassis make a good laptop!

Guitar Solos says:

Not durable at all. Dropped my SB1 whilst it was in my backpack. Cracked the screen, destroyed the top right corner bezel, and the underside of the keyboard is coming off.

Harry K says:

This or the new Dell XPS 13″?

Ben Karpinski says:

You can charge through usb c port surface connector rules with switchers and stuff man

gogadget go says:

Beautiful kit and specs, but a little pricey Tomo, personally if i had the readies, then I would self indulge!

Chava Lit says:

overprice but great value!

Parker Brooks says:

As someone who needs a laptop to draw and handwrite on for a living and as a hobby, this is my dream computer. But for someone that just needs a computer for typing and using the trackpad, it’s hard to justify the price.

Still, this seems like the perfect computer for me but not for the average laptop user.

Riley Jones says:

A niche product for sure. I have been enjoying it so far.

You think you will you it as your daily driver?

Jaybenns says:

If your gonna get a detachable laptop just get the Surface Pro (lighter and cheaper)

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