Mi Gaming Laptop Review – 2nd Ed Core i7 8750H & GTX 1060

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop review, the new revised model with faster CPU’s, RAM, faster SD card reader and wireless. Where to buy: http://bit.ly/2CQOUsh $1188.16 with coupon DD10DBG
01:24 – Internals
02:56 – Build and design
04:13 – Keyboard & Touchpad
06:29 – Display
07:35 – Webcam
08:42 – Benchmarks
11:56 – Real world use
13:31 – Audio
14:27 – Gaming
16:15 – Fan noise
16:51 – Thermals
17:22 – Recap
19:28 – Pros & Cons

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Hans Christian Thuv says:

Could you please play War Thunder with it? And make a video playing the game?

Karsten Eckhardt says:

Got the same a week ago, its amazing. Undervolting by 0.145V really helped the thermals. Are you planning on repasting? Really curious about the results on that one

Jeremy John says:

Xiaomi got the price wrong with this one. Too high.

Robert T says:

Would you recommend this laptop for video (4k) & photo editing? Are there better options, at around US$1300? I am not interested in gaming.

Nyi Htun says:

Do review for Asus Vivobook S530UN

ccjh0806 says:

Why does it thermal throttle at only 86 degrees? I have a laptop that runs at 85/86 AVG and 99 degrees MAX with no throttling!?

Jesus McBeth says:

Looks like a good macbook pro

amb1hockey says:

Have you got any link to buy the notebook pro gtx i7 16gb?

Wa Eslamah says:

I just got this laptop but in chinese , how do I change it to english without reinstalling another windows because that will make me lose the warranty benefit

Miquel Roura Batlle says:

“We don’t have a super powerful graphics card so the 1080p 60hz is an OK combination”
Me: Looks at my mi notebook air with an mx150 pluged into an old 75hz display with an amazon page of 120hz displays as I’m considering to upgrade.

Now without joking. I really feel that having a refreshrate higher than 60 should be a standard for every single device with a graphics card. I’m still struggling to use it to play non-demanding games like Rocket League because of it as I can get more than 80fps consistently.

Another thing. I really love your channel, I’ve been following it since you actually used to review chinese tablets (very good memories btw), but there’s been something in this video that’s really pissed me off: you can’t say that the 1060 is not a very powerful graphics card. It’s actually quite a beast that runs every game launched until today at playable frame rates and runs all the games that are supposed to be run at higher frame rates due to their competitive value at more than the ammount.

constantinos schinas says:

whatever hinges.

wafemaster says:

Good Laptop but 2 M
main con’s
-No Englisch ( Europe language’s)

sakib sarwat says:

which soundtrack you’re using during gaming the gaming benchmark?i love that music

Floppy Bird says:

the biggest problem is the fact that you dont get a local warranty. Thats a killer for a gaming notebook

John Renz Caballero says:


Jimmy Chan says:

-160 mv undervolting? You’ve got balls to do that. I experienced freezing with just -70 mv undervolting in long term use.

Filipe View says:

The review I was waiting 🙂 thxs m8 from another creator from Portugal

TanuKart says:

Thanks for the complete, fair and thorough review. Exactly what I’m looking for from any review. Very informative.

Lou Loop says:

is the display brighter compared to the previous version?

Jesus McBeth says:

11:25 run together – did u test them in parallel or too or each separately?

Ricardo Brandao says:

Hi. Sorry ask you but the painel is TN or IPS? I did not understood.

paulb4uk says:

I really like it looks well made .

Nick N. says:

Does it have g-sync on the 1060 model?

Ronald Jay Dimayuga says:

Another great review.
Excellent laptop too.
And good job on the msi afterburner overlay meters, really showed every details during gameplay.
Do you have sources/links for those youtube video formats for adobe premiere pro?

man0z says:

Have you a drone with you? can we get drone footage of Auckland?

Slippy Toad says:

16:08 Why are is the minimum frame rate at 99 per second when you can see it getting at 70fps in the video?

Rob Santiago says:

1188 dollars but not Cheap

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