Metabox P960ED Gaming Laptop Review – RTX 2060

UPDATED test results! The Metabox P960ED is the first laptop I’ve had with a 16.1” screen. In this review we’ll find out what this Clevo machine with RTX 2060 graphics is capable of. I’ll be looking at gaming performance, thermals, overclocking, battery life, and everything else to help you see if it’s worth it.

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Acme Ze'En says:

This looks exactly the same as the Aftershock slate 15. I mean they are both from clevo hmm

Saggitalia says:

Something happen to the old video?

Aswin says:

Jarrod, it’s great that you reupload a video just for some minor improvements in fps of few games. Many other people would just comment it.

Also waiting for mobile RTX 2060 comparison video…

DigitalShadow says:

+1 rep for finding a mistake and correcting it 🙂

Srikanth K Kolli says:

The temps are pretty good. Hey Jarrod, Can you name any other gaming laptop which does offer similar temperatures and long battery life.

a Name says:

I don’t know if the rtx 2060 is that good or the CPU,GPU temps were just too cool to boost the performance

Dankey Kang says:


half_empty_soul says:

to be honest battlefield and metro performence with 2060 are the biggest dissapointment, my 7700hq gtx 1070 performes much better in that games

Toshiro alshamary says:

Good morning boi

Isaac Garcia says:


Jeremar Legaspi says:

Wow! Rtx 2060 is really really good. Good performance, good price, and good thermals. Best pick for a casual gamer.

amorettique says:

oooo that’s why, was wondering where the original video went! you’re really thorough^^

9zetsu says:

Hmm 2060 pushes some nice performance comparable with gtx 1070. 2060 laptops are cheaper. Hmm.

Jarrod'sTech says:

This video has been reuploaded with some important fixes. I’ve redone the thermal testing, including temperatures and clock speeds, as well as some game benchmarks, along with the conclusion at the end as a result.

In the original video, I noted a 26 watt CPU TDP limitation under combined CPU and GPU load, however after further testing this appears to be incorrect. After a reset of Windows (a fresh install), the limit instead appeared to be higher at 39 watts, invalidating some of my data, which is why I have taken an extra day to retest and change the video. Most games actually saw the same performance, which was expected as they’re not all CPU heavy, so only results were updated were there were notable differences (eg Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Shadow of the Tomb Raider).

How did this happen? Why the difference in results? I believe this was because when I first got the laptop, I downloaded the control panel software for the Clevo P960ED from another source, and after receiving the correct software/driver packages to use, the original configuration must have remained in place which introduced these lower limits. This explains why after a Windows reset the performance was better than what I reported in the original video.

To summarise, the laptop performs better than I stated in the initial review, I have retested and fixed the video. Sorry for the confusion! This mistake will most likely mean the video will not perform as well due to the YouTube algorithm, however I feel it is more important that the information provided be as accurate as possible, the old video has been deleted which unfortunately also means all previous comments too.

Revanth Krishna says:

Verge should have done the same.

Tony Yang says:

Hi Jarrod! Just wondering what’s the brand for the structure (platform) of this laptop? Since I was wondering if Metabox built the casing themselves or used another company’s casing like the Walmart OP series. Thx!

KishkaGaming says:

nice job mate

Eclipse HS says:

Hey, sorry for question not for topic, what is better for gaming in your opinion? MSI GE63 Raider 8RE (i7-8750H, GTX 1060, 16 RAM, 128 SSD) or Xiaomi Gaming Laptop (i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060, 16 RAM, 256 SSD) prices are equal.

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