LG Gram Review [2017]: The Lightest Laptop I’ve Tested

The LG Gram 2017 is the first laptop I’ve tested in a long while … and it’s one of the lightest laptops of 2017. In fact, the LG Gram 2017 is the lightest full laptop I’ve ever tested (Chromebooks and Yoga Books don’t count) – and though it’s a little on the flexy side, the durability that comes with that flexibility makes me a little more forgiving than I’d otherwise be. Join me for MrMobile’s LG Gram 2017 review!




LG Gram 2017:


Light Cube: http://mrmobile.tech/1lf

Supernova Sphere: http://mrmobile.tech/228

Light up bluetooth speaker: http://mrmobile.tech/229

Borg cube rug: http://mrmobile.tech/22c

Ganymede plush: http://mrmobile.tech/22b



“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“No Major Delays” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:




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Dreamtears says:

Hey! Some warning please before you drop it! Like in the title or something! I actually yelled at the video when you drop the laptop, while looking at the camera, like a bloody cat disobeying their owner (I actually have a video of that in my head right now, thanks for that :P)

STOP DROPPING IT! This is torture. I hate when ppl drop tech, even if it’s a brand I’m not fond of (like Apple and Samsung), pure torture.

So it’s a great laptop for kids then. Although even my 3 yo niece is quite careful with tech and has always been. More so than her parents and aunt 😛

Chirag Garg says:

thumbs up for the orange socks!

Rodney McKenzie says:

I hear you Michael – every laptop Webcam and selfie camera on phones make me look like a ‘half-melted human gumdrop’!

joseibra says:

just buy a Dell XPS

Sudip Chatterjee says:

Oh yeah ! Waitin’ for this…. Thanks Michael !!

Sh K says:

sorry MRMOBILe Michael Fisher , The LIGHEST ONE is still MacBook 12″ inch

Mohammed Suleman says:

How the hell does MrMobile not have a million or more subs

Kicstar V says:

Hi, can you please take a look at the samsung chromebook pro and plus senpai :3.

Darrin Torgersen says:

Always love your reviews. Can you please review the galaxy book 12. Keep up the great work!

Harman singh rehal says:

one of the best durable laptop in 2017…!!!

Yilmaz Ertas says:

your videos are getting better and better.

Sahil Tiwari says:

3:53 No hope for humanity.

Euroker's Digital Life says:

Now I wanna see a cat push this laptop off a table!

Rory says:

OMFG! SPIT WAD WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just brought some memories flooding back. ILY, Mr Mobile.

Hani Okasheh says:

3:52 my heart jumped out, why did you do this?? If I had one i’ll protect it with my life 🙁 hehe

Kyubey says:


Joao says:

Michael I love your voice and the way you speak.

Ziyaad Juolay says:

Can we use this for editing…

roms tr says:

This or asus Zenbook? I’ve search an affordable ultrabook

Matthew Christopher Yeomans says:

I watch your reviews, even if I’m not interested in the product, simply because they’re so well-produced.

aullik says:

what is 2.07lbs in non retarded units?

GameFreak98 says:

The way you dropped the laptop gave me chest pain!!!

beeroge1020 says:

Any chance you’ll review the new Samsung Notebook 9? I’m looking into getting one, but there’s really only 1 decent video review out there on it. It seems nicer than the gram and it’s lighter.

Sharla Haksuteki says:

I intend to buy this one, but two questions remain for me:
1. Can it able to run Hackintosh? And how to do this?
2. Does the trackpad support multitouch?
Please let me know. Thank you for reading this.

Nihal Ali says:

Seriously Michael, great video.. Loved ur expression wen u dropped the gram from the coffee table…badass.. comprehensive review.. Love all your reviews.. Keep it up.. Looking forward for the next..!!

Two Face says:

The way you direct is amazing

Tie Ran Oh Zore says:

Hey michael, thanks for those bloopers and I hope there will be more cuz you know, everybody love bloopers

Godfrey Ekele says:

Mike, you do reviews so well. PocketNow must really miss you.

Ramis Khan says:

what is pounds? no one knows about it, would be better if told in grams or kilogram.

Omran Terro says:

Great review!

Dag Odenhall says:

Reviews “Gram”; says weight in “pounds”.

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