Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – A Convertible Laptop with a Soundbar!

The Lenovo Yoga C930 is a 2-in-1 Convertible that has insanely good speakers and a pen that can be stored inside the laptop. Think of it as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 of laptops with really great sound. Watch for the full review!

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PXL BITS says:

Please do a review of new Spectre x360 15 and 13 models

Israel Monica144 says:

Now this is a great laptop!

Charlie says:

Can it play fortnite

GAMMASTAR321 says:

If only it had an integrated gpu perhaps an mx130 would be nice

colin schabel says:

Thanks for talking about the Dolby vision dum dum

mithun tm says:

Hey Matthew,
Do check Samsung Notebook series Ultrabooks. Pen storage within the laptop was first introduced by them.

ScoTT N says:

Great review ! my favorite laptop , u ve done a great job!

C Yue says:

Please review yoga book 2, please

Geek Therapy Radio says:

Watching this I was thinking “I had a laptop with amazing speakers once.” Then I remembered it was a Lenovo as well.

steven teoh says:

A soundbar but no sound test pfft


I just got yoga 730, and i live it in fact I am watching on it rn,this laptop is more expensive compared to the yoga 730, I love the yoga 730

Iron Gate-051 says:

Love the innovation

guri sidhu says:

Which camara r u using matthew?

Andrew Hord says:

Great Review!! I might get this, I was considering the Surface Laptop 2 which I looked at thoroughly at Best Buy, but might go back and check this outoo then make a decision.

Nick Son Jara says:

Hi, can you help me decide if Im gonna buy the HP X360 14-CD0105TU.
Can you make a full review of the full specifications of the model.
The pro’s and con’s of buying this model.
thank you so much

nam tran says:

LENOVO was bought by China, I don’t trust China things. STOP MADE IN CHINA

Mage Kube says:

Whos also watching in 360p?

Meraadj says:

Great video!
How does it compare to the Huawei Matebook X Pro?! Better value?
And soundwise?
Seriously considering this!

Pranav Chhajed says:

Is the hp envy x360 a good laptop especially the and version?

Shawaiz says:

xps 15 2018…

Moaaz A. says:

Why is this video in 360p, am I the only one?

Luc.a Frigato says:

Hi, I’m selling mine 😀 contact me if you are interested (1500 euro). I have the 4k model, mica, 16 gb ram, 512 gb ssd, i7.
I’m Italian

Rifqi Harahap says:

360p only?

Chris Devine says:

Anyone know how many pci-e lanes the Thunderbolt port has?

Yakir Bella says:

Yoga 920 has really sharp edges that make it really hard to type fot a while. You mentioned that the edges here are sharp as well – are they sharp as 920 is?

JCshizle says:

the lack of symmetry makes this laptop look so ugly

Rucolastico says:

man, I think I just fell in love with a laptop

Vanessa Brett says:

Thank you for sharing this video. Hope you post more.

Indian Visions says:

Will it support external GPU ?

Francesco Varrato says:

From the video I can’t tell if there’s a Kensington lock on the right side… Could you please tell me? This might be the go-no-go for my IT dept to buy it for me 🙂 or not 🙁

surfingsuicune says:

Soldered RAM is bullshit.

xWildBlaze7 says:

Nice video! I had been waiting for a good vid on this laptop

TypicalTechLife TTL says:

Should also review the samsung notebook 9. Has an s pen too

לי היימליך says:

wow, that’s a great video!

Triple Zero says:

Please review the new Alienware m15

Shashwat Shukla says:

Hey… Do a review on the new Inspiron 7000 2 in 1…. Especially the battery and display differences from previous generation?

Navid Gharavi says:

I have a yoga 730 but the LCD is so reflective it is almost useless in the day!

Funnygamer22 says:

Finally a good 2 in 1 lap with thunderbolt 3. Jeez I waited to long for this

Tristan Wilson says:

Fan-tactic thermals (bada tss)

Matthew Moniz says:

Here it is! Lenovo Yoga C930. This thing has insane sound and a place to store a pen! Hit me up on discord if you have any questions. discord.gg/mattmoniz

yung weeb says:

Give me the yogabook c930 already

royce fam says:

does this laptop goes well with Lightroom and auto cad ?

Kevin g says:

hey just curious as to why you compared it to the 730 and not its predecessor the yoga 920?

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