Lenovo Yoga C630 Review – Snapdragon Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the slim and light Lenovo Yoga C630, a 13.3” Windows 10 convertible Ultrabook running on an ARM processor- specifically the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 850. It offers very long battery life and a fast 4G LTE wireless connection in addition to the usual WiFi. The Yoga C630 (not to be confused with their similarly named Chromebook) is available with 4 or 8GB RAM and your choice of a 128 or 256GB SSD. The laptop has a pleasing (though very glossy) full HD display supporting touch and optional pen. A fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard and Microsoft Precision trackpad are standard.


Jim Sawyer says:

why tablet pcs’ screen bezels are so bold besides along with blank frames on the screen there is there left just a little of shitty shine screen. that is why mac screens are incomparable to these all-copy others.

Kristy Moore says:

Nothing Lenovo is putting out is impressive by any means except their prices are impressively overpriced for what you get!

Mike Cane says:

Is this the same Snapdragon CPU Qualcomm recently showed off? I thought hardware based on that was coming later in 2019.

kevin says:

Thank you

are vee says:

Great T-Shirt! I wonder what percentage of the general population would get it . . .

Cenot4ph says:

ARM will take over eventually anyway because of the architecture advantage over x86

swishpronoob says:

Why are you not at CES?!

seraph127 says:

I get the part about the product being aimed at the business set who have low performance requirements, but at this price point for the anemic spec? Is it the touch and digitizer capabilities that are driving this price?

Nick Arent says:

Hey Lisa, are you planning a surface laptop 2 review.

sdushdiu says:

Nice review – as always!
This feels like a vanity piece. Significantly more expensive than significantly more capable units – I don’t see any other practical justification for this.

Vaseline says:

I’m digging the shirt.

Jern_ says:

This device should run Chrome OS in my opinion

Bruce says:

Where to buy the tee Lisa?

UnOriginalOne says:

They just pulled the C630 from my Best Buy and it is no longer on Lenovo’s website that I can find. What the heck. I wanted to mess with one of these.

Asindu D. Willfed says:

No place like localhost

Aaron Allison says:

Please review the A series. They run AMD processors but seem to be the same building quality as the T series.

ernest bailey says:

How about the lenovo book

Eric Hope says:

So, basically, there’s no reason for anyone to buy this device, particularly considering that you can get an I5 or I7 machine for roughly the same price. This is really more of a concept device than anything else.

PSYCHO says:


Spyder Webb says:

Oh how I love that shirt! ❤️

Geo Pol says:

+ Battery Life
+ 4G LTE
– Performance
– ARM (bad compatibility)
– Price
– poor I/O
– terrible screen wobble.

I think this would have been a better machine with a i7 Y processor, a sturdier display and a few more ports. Maybe in the future ARM will be viable, but at this point I’d rather stick with X86.

Nerdomat says:

Theres no place like home 😀

hercion says:

I stopped watching the moment I saw those tiny cursor keys. I concluded this laptop is a toy for kids.

Austin Childs says:

i’m exited to see what kinda android solutions will come in the future for something like this

Stereo Typist says:

This device has too many compromises. Who the heck is it for??

DNXM says:

so it is just a toy, why wouldnt we choose a surface pro?

DrekiTech says:

That screen is SUPER glossy, wow.

d3rrial says:

Is the bootloader unlocked? I like the device, but I’d like to run Linux on it, since Windows is entirely useless

BladeoftheImmortal says:

For 1k, i should get a surface pro

Kiki Sidharta Taha says:

I need that shirt like.. NOW

Tito Miguel Marques says:

Lack of lte is easily fixable with a mobile hotspot device

tykszeto says:

Laptop makers need to use up the rest of that screen real estate.. What’s the point of the big black chin? Give us a 3:2 screen ratio like surface laptops

Afro Shit says:

Overpriced TBH! but I am hyped to see the ARM based chips replace the crappy intel chips! Specially the apple’s A series chips!!!

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