Lenovo Y720 Review: This Gaming Laptop has Amazing Sound!

The Lenovo Legion Y720 is a gaming laptop with a GTX 1060 and really good sound. It’s fast, fairly affordable and comes with a built-in xbox wireless controller! Watch for the full review!

Buy here on Amazon:
Lenovo Legion Y720: http://geni.us/7BdBcud

* If you’re from the US it’s cheaper on Lenovos website.

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Bull66 says:

Design wise i prefer the Y520 more then the Y720

Aadarsha Ghimire says:

Review Dell 7577 please

Sujiro Hitto says:

Dell 7577 please

E U P H O R I A says:

This is like the best purchase I have ever had. And I got the 1080 panel.

Abhishek Gupta says:

Waiting for Dell Inspiron 7577 review

Farhan G says:

I like how you put solitaire in there,a very high demanding game I must say!

RumcajsRozbojnik88 says:

And what about PWM? I’ve read that it uses the flickering when dimming the display…

A.D.Dudes says:

After having a 4k screen laptop for the last year and a half – can’t see myself ever going back. Sure scaling is a bit off in Windows 10, but it’s a game changer when editing in Premiere or creating content in After Effects, PS, etc…this is especially huge when on the road (or when I want to edit on the road…or couch).

Also, in addition – close friend has the previous years Y-series, and it’s been a mess. Plastic breaking, keyboard issues. Does run well though. Sounds like they addressed the keyboard (mushy) issues and the build issues in this iteration. Great review though Matt!

Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος says:

keep up thewool work matthew i just noticed you are working on a new room and presnt your content on it it looks great its bright and cool and your content is enjoyable and informative to watch what are your thoughts about new google pixel?

TRoll you says:

i like that laptop

niheer thakur says:

Matthew can u please review dell inspiron 7577 with gtx1060

Parkis Deuri says:

Solitaire.. Lmao

Bhavin Shah says:

The 1080p display panel is ABSOLUTE trash.

Manoj Manoj says:

Do a review on HP omen laptop 2017

Christian Borromeo says:

Which is better, this or Asus ROG GL702VM? Thanks.

Paul Wolfer says:

I’ve been looking at gaming laptops for work (as well as play), doing CAD and 3d Modeling. Would you suggest 4k monitor in this circumstance. I’ve been leaning towards the Dell 7567 w/ i7, 16gb ram, 512 SSD and 4k Monitor.

Sasi Dhar says:

Compare budget gaming laptop

Fluffy Fuyumi says:

Aaaand of course, it looks like shit.

exposez says:

solitare!? wtf does he mean the card game? 😀

Brye says:

Got the Alienware 15 over this , issa fuckin tank !!!

Bao Pico says:

Omen 2017 is better with build, screen, ports arrangement.

XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes says:

@Matthew Moniz. Haha, Thanks for the upload. Look how short my vis are youtube com/XimerTracks Tell me if you like it

ShadoWB4MV says:

Those temps sounds crazy. I think it’s better to stick with helios 300

D.Carlos Fernado says:

Is it better than acer helios 300

Chris Toft says:

nice video matt!! just sad you didn’t make this video before, cause its my b-day in 4 days…. (the 21’st) and now its too late to wish for it

Mike90321111 says:

How is the hinge ? I had the Lenovo y50-70 and the screen fully came off cause the hinge

Michael Aranda says:

Lenovo is an awesome brand. I am not a fan of the pattern on the laptop. The finger prints on the laptop is ridiculous.

Behizy says:

I had my eye on the predator 17 on newegg for 1100 then it ran out of stock

Fabian Firman says:

you do know you put solitaire on the gaming bench?

Joseph Mcqueen says:

I hate the design. But love it over all , just waiting for some dell 7577 review to see which one to get

Rodrick Explores says:

was that dust on the internals or camera flush? haha great video matt!

E U P H O R I A says:

I bought it. And I love it.

Gabriel Umoh says:

4:51 yeah I play solitaire at over 100 fps on ultra on my system too.

Nikhilesh Isukapatla says:

Matt waiting for Dell Inspiron 7577 review

Kryo Stazis says:

why did they call it y720 and its 15 inches, need a better code number

corvus917 says:

Please review the Dell 7577. I’m eager to see how the GTX 1060 Max-Q compares to the regular 1060, and how you think it compares to the Acer Predator Helios 300.

Dominick D'Ottavio says:

Any clue what the battery life would be like with a 1080p instead of the 4k screen?

Paul Sanchez says:

So how well does this PC handle video editing? or running multiple programs at once like Recording software?

Olivier Héroux says:

Xbox contrôles dont use Bluetooth??

Turdbo Mitch says:

Hi Matt,I really enjoy your channel!I am planning to buy either the Acer preditor Helios 300 or the Lenovo Y720. The Acer is currently $1049 and the Lenovo $1055. Is there any major deciding factor between the two? They are both almost identical in price, but are they identical in stats at this price point? I’d love to see a comparison video between the two. Or maybe just a verdict from you and a reason why. Regards Mitch.

Anon Ymously says:

Can you review the Asus ROG GL503 laptops whenever you get a chance? Specifically the Scar and Hero editions. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Tim Sigler says:

which is targeted for senior citizens im dying!

Rishabh Patel says:

will you review the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro?

Melvin Jr. says:

I don’t know should I get dell Inspiron 15 7577 or Lenovo legion y720…

L3g8nd Gaming says:

Yeahhhh imma stick to my helios 300

Al Alfa says:

Hey Matt!! Would appreciate if you show a little bit of unhoxing!! Im jus curious how the box looks!! Great video btw!!

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