Lenovo Y720 Review – Their Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a GTX 1060!

My review of the Lenovo Legion Y720 with the GTX 1060. The best gaming laptop from Lenovo for around $1000
Lenovo Y720 – http://amzn.to/2xyXCX2
Acer Helios 300 – http://amzn.to/2tb62VF

Acer Helios Review – https://youtu.be/No5RbW1A2Ss

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Radek Szyroki says:

I’ve been using this laptop as my daily driver for the last 4 months. Mine’s pretty high specs (i7, 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD + 256 SSD) and the price was substantially more than 1,000 USD (however, I live in Poland and this was still one of the cheapest laptops with comparable specs). I use it for work (lots of typing) and for playing games and it’s been pretty good. The screen is rather dim, but not horrible. I found the laptop to be really quiet for a gaming machine, even when playing Witcher 3 on high settings. Cooling is definitely its forte. Battery life is very decent for such a high powered laptop.
In general,
– cooling
– sound quality
– performance
– port selection
– display (brightgness, color gamut, BEZELS!)
– keyboard durability (my space bar is really squeaky after just a few months and I ususally type on an external mechanical keyboard…)
– fingerprint magnet (the struggle is real, believe me)
– design in general (I like it when it’s closed, though)
– weight

Cristopher _ says:

3:28 were you even playing the game??? I don’t see you using the mouse unless you used the trackpad are these fake bench markings?



Aziz Nikbin says:

Hey Dave, would be great if you answered my question. Should I get this or wait for the upcoming laptops with the new gen volta gpus? I have no problem with waiting a couple of months as long as the new laptops are priced simillarly (ie a GTX2060 laptop for $1000)

Hassan 2k Whiteside says:

Intro music cant be found. I searched Fili – Up Coast and there is no matches

KosmicHQ says:

Wow cheapest laptop? 1020 dollars FUCK its not cheap ASS HOLD

Mo The Cat says:

I absolutely love this channel. Such good quality, Dave has such an enjoyable speaking style. He’s totally unbiased and tells it straight. It amazes me that he doesn’t have more subs.

Harshal Garg says:

what is 2lane pcie vs 4 lane pcie

j e b says:

This is pretty nice. I have a $1,400 desktop build and it has a 1060 so this laptop must be promising. Good news for the future of laptops I suppose.

Gaurav Dev says:

hey dave … need help .. am confused with legion y520 and y720…i can spend around 1000$ .. any suggestions?

Tristan DaVoulas says:

What’s the best Max-Q laptop out there right now? What would you buy?

C Vyshnav says:

Hey Dave can you do a review on LG Gram..I am looking forward to buy it.

Kasumba Emmanuel says:

what kind of laptop can you recommend to me as an animation student ?

Justin Johnson says:

I know it’s already got a 1060, but is it capable of using an external graphics card with the thunderbolt port?

Anqi Yan says:

shout out to the Chinese subtitle!

Dave Lee says:

Make sure to buy the Y720 on sale. The “regular” price direct from Lenovo can be pretty expensive but amazon has frequent sales for it. Thanks for watching 2d fam!
Also I found out today, I had uploaded 200 videos to youtube. Enjoy #201 =)

BordiRan says:

Amazing…. but can you play with a lapto.. Wait wrong channel

Resha Anindya Rahma says:

Its good, but i had bad experience with Lenovo… Hmmm so nope

Jinan N. Lipdo says:

Do the Acer aspire R15!

Majd Madani says:

Love how the subtitles change into Chinese

Jake G says:

lenovo is fucking trash

Brock Lesnar says:

See this chinese doing paid review

S_Kelloggz says:

Build a PC

Marcin Hradowicz says:

the cheapest in Poland with i5 costs 1400$… this prices United States <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Europe

L1LTwiSted0ne says:

wait wait wait, why a 4k screen with a 1060, hm

Jerrell Cortinas says:

Hey I’m looking for a laptop (my budget is £500) any ideas?

DASA Gad says:

Anybody know how to lower CPU voltage

Ezreality Maximus says:

1K dollars no thanks haha

Weird Bun says:

i bought that laptop inside of my dream

CloudMusic says:

i have this laptop i was asking you to do a review on it for 2 months now i got it 3 months ago it is really good
i got the (
maxed specs)

Wolf Reviewing says:

cool i need a laptop for college and i want one what can run rocket league … not like i only have £310 =(

Sputnik_Spaten /Spaten says:

Why is it Not $1060 ?

Pradeept Gaur says:

I believe both Dave and MKBHD are now showing each other’s video on their channel without mentioning them, I noticed it on new videos of both of them.

CNN says:

GTX 1060, and a 4k screen.


Sharear Shopnil says:

Confused over This and acer predator helios 300

Danny ha says:

1:20 take the L Lenovo Y720


Yusuke Miketsu says:

Why am I even watching these computer reviews when I don’t have the money for it.
Looks like I’m gonna be stuck with my old Acer laptop…for eternity.

David Rocha says:

Please check out the new Razer Blade Pro GTX 1060 addition!!!

Matthew Oates says:

Why do you still have a fidget spinner

shane avlis says:

L battery for Lenovo

TheXtremeClashing says:

At least you could’ve talked about it. If I knew about this laptop i wouldn’t go with the Helios 300.

Awodele Femi says:

Hey Dave, when are you gonna drop a vid on the new zenbook for us

MR. Darknight says:

I build a 1060 6gb, core i5 6500 with 8gig ddr4 ram for only $700 and i can play every AAA games on ultra 1080p (depends on the game if it’s optimized or not) and i get over 60 fps near to 80fps and as go as 140 but like I said it depends on games.

Computer Tricks says:


excellent build quality
nice, distinguished looks
nice keyboard and trackpad
good IO, with Thunderbolt 3 port
solid performance
60 Wh battery and above average battery life
excellent speakers


bulky and heavy for what it is
rather dim and color deficient screen, with a glass coating on top
no SD card reader
slow wireless
check for performance and overheating issues (details in the article)
the Extreme Fan mode helps with the heat, but makes the laptop very noisy

Kazu Fang says:

Hey Dave
Can you have a review of the new MSI GE63vr raider if you have the review unit?
Thanks bro!!!
Big help to me

Gabriel Kagayutan says:

1:34 Is that what I think it is?

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