Lenovo Y530 Gaming Laptop Review

The Lenovo Y530 is a well priced gaming laptop for the specs that you get, but how well does it perform? In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, thermals, battery life, undervolting, overclocking and perform a series of game benchmarks to help you see how it performs and if it’s worth buying.

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tofunuggets says:

Exactly the review I needed as I am looking at the same spec Y530. Definitely getting it now, thanks!

cooking with Berke says:

too expensice in the uk

Schum Bhanx says:

So this laptop really thermal throttling even undervolted applied? Unfortunate 🙁

JohnGSilver says:

Thanks for the review! Got one!

Carlos Motta says:

Hi, Jarrod.
A pity it throttles this much. Maybe repasting reduces the issue. Other than this, we have a stilish, well buit machine. It could be cheaper, though.
Have a good one, my friend.

Skull Reaper says:

Nice review

reza sadeghi says:

Pls do hp omen 15

amirbahalegharn365 says:

it’s interesting that desktop cpu i5 8400 65W (faster than i5 8300H 45W),doesn’t throttle but mobile 8th gen Cpus,throttle very badly

Matt Christie says:

Ah nose cam, we meet again! LOL! Next time you are playing Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey, press the F1 key. 1 press will bring up a frame counter, and the next press removes it. But press it again, and there is a much more extensive display including real time frame delivery times from the CPU as well as the GPU, and more. I found it quite by accident, but glad I did. Just something you might find handy. I don’t know if this feature was in Origins, or in other UbiSoft titles, as I don’t have any more installed right now.
Excellent work as always Jarrod! Have a great day!

Jortus Pelatus says:

Such a sleek laptop. Good to see this type of aesthetic trickling down to the lower mid-range. Awesome review!

Joquinlo Jimnez says:

Is the 60hz display also 300 nits?

Guest says:

Watching from my Y530 i7-8750H/1060. CPU peaks 97/98, undervolted to -.100V. NT-H1 repaste yielded no noticeable difference.

4G12 says:

Another thermal throttling thin bodied mess. Sigh…

Bart A. says:

Oof. Cant wait for the y730

4G12 says:

BTW, I wonder when we’ll get a review for the Asus Mothership?

SabolSlayer says:

Review on Walmarts OverPowered Laptop maybe? Andrew Tran did it i would like to see you’re opinions and perspective on it.

BrightSmiley17 says:

Get the hp omen doc something I have it it’s a really good deal

مصطفى قبلاوي says:

But can you do this?

Kingsley Boon says:

Hey can you do Y730?

Jack Lol says:

Why don’t you add mid-roll ads.I would be happy to click on the ads to help.

FeArMe L4wL3s5 says:

Hi bro is the graphics card swappable

Potato says:

Déjà vu

Artem Nesterov says:

Thank you for the nice review! (as always)
I’m deciding now to buy one of the variants like Lenovo Y530, Dell G5 5587 or the earlier 5577 with 1060 Max-Q graphics, Asus FX504GE or Asus FX504GM with 1060 (6Gb) graphics.
How about a comparison video between this Lenovo and Dell G5 that you own?
And I would very like to know, which one from the laptops mentioned above do you prefer in case of the same specs? Which did you like the most from these ones?
And guys, if you have one of them, please share your experience and maybe some disadvantages of the laptop you own, will be very appreciate!

Blue Reino says:

I like this laptop!

Nanorisk says:

I have a Y530 from 2008, it has a chassis that is 3 times as thick as this Y530, a discrete GPU with non-standard connector. It runs Ubuntu now.

Charles Zhu says:

Is the GTX 1050ti worth it in 2019 ? Im currently struggling since i read on news that GTX 1150 & RTX 2050 going to launch. Please your advice…

David Mendez says:

will you ever do a review on the aorus x3?? i haven’t seen any content on this laptop from anyone made in the last year, or is it discontinued?

MasterVolt HD says:

My wallet doesn’t like it

hashem hasanat says:

Hey Jarrod, I got mine before the end of the year..
And specs are i7 8750h ,single 8Gb 2666hz ram stick, Gtx 1050ti,
first the performance of the cpu is phenomenal like in cinebench R15 i got 163 on single, and 1235 on multi task
And the thermals during this test are 90-95 Celsius on stock settings and 85-88 on UV of -.135 , the major issue for me is while playing new games like Forza Horizon 4 which is using so much of the RAM exceed to 97% and that caused major shuttering while playjng and by looking to the clock speeds it’s average of 3.55 while gaming, so another game tested is Wolfenstien 2, on high settings i got average Fps of 55-60 which so nice and smooth, the other factor of this unit that is coming with 5400rpm 1Tb HDD Seagate which is killing the machine speeds since i didnt upgrade it with M.2 SSD for boot drive.
Overall build quality is nice and minimalist
Sound quality is not bad and not loud but its rich in tone.
**And while doing the UV thing i saw a current limit throttle taking place in some tests and Im worried about that in further future use, Btw the power adapter is 135w only,

viru100 Singh says:

How to buy a gaming laptop….It should have enough RGB to make your normie friend vomit at the spot. That’s how you know its Gaming grade material.

Nice review Jarrod. No opinions ….no Biased review….pure facts…just pure FACTS!.
I want you to Clap twice saying “LAPTOP REVIEW” at the start of every video…. That would be very cool.

yosef mohamed says:

hi jordi, what about legion y7000? could you make any review about it?

Lars says:

Really great review Jarrod! Hope you can get your hands on these RTX laptops https://youtu.be/rKcWT1LIH3M
and do them real justice

Kiril Ivanov says:

Are the GPU-s MAX-Q type or the normal desktop-grade?

Luv patel says:


AlphaGamma128 says:

Would you think the thermals, performance etc be the same with the y7000? I just like the y7000’s design better

Dev mister says:

Not worth it i5 8300H GTX 1060 is better

Zayan Khan says:

Im looking to get the i7 but seems like itll throttle really bad

Wei Xin Tan says:

Thanks for the video mate! Really looking forward to receiving my Y530. Considering repasting it if it turns out to run hot, but I am a bit worried as I have never repasted a laptop before, not to mention I could not find any video guide on repasting the Y530 specifically.

Art Lopbri says:

Thanks Jarrod, Im waiting for UPS to bring up to me this laptop next week. Saludos desde Mexico Cabron You re the best ! 😀

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

Only thing I do not understand why they continue to put hard drive in gaming laptops. if they do put a SSD it is 256 gigs which is not enough. A 1tb SSD should be standard for the money they ask for gaming laptops.

foxpants says:

With your GPU overclocking, do you simply add +180mhz on the slider of the main MSI AB window, or do you adjust the voltage curve? 10 series cards are also fantastic for undervolting! easiest way is to set the GPU speed to -400 on the slider, then open the voltage/frequency curve editor and raise only one point to the speed/votlage you’d like to test, hit apply and the rest of the curve will fill in flat afterwards, ensuring it never tries to apply more votlage / clock higher. Many people report max-q level volts at normal clocks or even above! so like the CPU undervolt it seems to be the best of both words decreasing temp/power useage while keeping the clocks high and importantly also very stable, much less variation under load (only drops clocks when the heat rises, and in tiny increments)

Ikram Ramli says:

watching this on my y520 i5 version.. hey look it’s your brother,..

Ivo Esteves says:

it looks really good, i just wish lenovo came out with this model in a white chassi and blue light the design in the back of the screen is really nice !

Vishwa says:

Need a y7000 review… Plss

Guest says:

There were leaks of Y530 with 11 series GPU.

Retrocidal says:

The screen sucks I got one and took it back I was also not happy with a few other tiny things and the screen would do funny thing like say it’s not in 1080p when it was and would just keep saying thatwail playing games non stop and battery life not to great and also played like crap on battery comapured to others like dell

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